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today August 11, 2017 horoscope

Sun sign Horoscope for today Friday August 11, 2017.

Horoscope for today August 11, 2017

Today's astrology has the Moon moving through the fiery sign of Aries stepping forward into a new realm, and then having a bit of a fight later on in the evening with Venus in Cancer. Romance might take on a life of its own today! There might be an unavoidable decision going on in your own life!

August 11, 2017 Horoscope

Aries Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

A great day for your sign. The Moon's energy is providing you with a boost and spark of inspiration. Try not to be too hasty, although this could be unavoidable for you. You might want one thing, and a friend or partner might want another of you at this time. Try to think of other's when making a final decision. Yellow is your power color today!

Taurus Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

A little bit of salt and a little bit of vinegar! That's how it feels for you today. A sultry sense of fire and passion. You could have the best of this, and it's a nice time to spend with a loved one or ask someone out on a date! Enjoy a night out, or in!

Gemini Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

This is a nice day for you to appreciate all kinds of social activities. You are in true form and possibly driving others crazy with your silliness. You are a true comedian, and you might have several invitations on your events calendar!

Cancer Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

You might be at odds with a partner today as the moon squares Venus in your sign today. Or you might feel as though a door has closed in your own life towards your own emotions, that is alright. A great time to ask someone close to you for help on a matter.

Leo Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

You might be feeling the love at this time. There's a lot to be grateful for, and to embrace. Appreciate friendships of all sorts. You are at a great moment in time especially for your own skills to be displayed. You are being asked to step-up to a new time and space in your own life. Open your mind! Lime Green is your power color!

Virgo Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

Your romantic style might be very nicely complemented today. Link up with a loved one, or enjoy a lovely outing possibly in nature or close to your own heart's desires. Get in touch with a friend that might need a laugh or two. This is a day for connection, and checking up.

Libra Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

The Moon is nicely opposite your own sign asking you to look at a matter or situation from the opposite perspective. Give yourself this time to take action. Do not be afraid to take a step forward. It's action for a reason. There are no mistakes when you make a decision. Anything can be sorted out! Pink is your power color today!

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

Hold onto your hat! You might feel like the ground around you is shaking! The foundation is moving for a reason. Find your own plot or ground, anything that you can claim as your own, and focus on what you see in the present. You speak words of truth to others, now look in the mirror and be honest about your own happiness! Purple is your power color today! You might feel incredibly intuitive at this time!

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

This is a day when you might stretch the boundaries simply due to all of the fire in the sky. Let yourself soar and enjoy a journey. You might need to go on a long walk or hike, or spend time learning something completely new. Keep your mind engaged and make a new discovery! Orange is your power color today!

Capricorn Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

You might feel a sense of duty or responsibility to another person. It is alright to honor their needs, but do not forget your own sense of value here. You do not need to give up your own power to anyone. It is true that people enter your life for a great purpose, and at times it's to show you who you really are!

Aquarius Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

Are you in the midst of a new life? Changing housing? Moving on? Moving in? Moving is the keyword today. Tons of movement inspiring your chart and getting you ready for something brilliant. Trust your own self-awareness here. Enjoy a social event or get yourself out there today! Networking is totally welcome here! Pink and Orange Daisies are your power flower!

Pisces Daily Horoscope
August 11, 2017

Imagination gets you to the levels of your own present existence that you never thought possible. For those in the communications field, this is a perfect day to present yourself! Talk the talk! You've got it all going on, and you've got a great mind to do it! They asked you for a reason! Blue is your power color today. Roses are your power scent!

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