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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

August 2017 Horoscope

Capricorn August 2017 Monthly Horoscope.

Capricorn August 2017

Channeled Message - There is a romantic energy working with you this month that you just cannot shake! For some of you this might be the chance of lifetime. You are being asked to look at what love is on a fundamental level. You have much to sort out, and in some of your lives this might mean an additional family
member. Pay attention to fertility cycles at this time. Venus in Cancer is in a harmonious position for most of you throughout the earlier and mid-portions of the month. For Capricorns this can be a bit trickier, especially those born in the middle of your sign. You are being asked to let love transform you with little or no control. That
is hard for the Earth signs. Letting yourself surrender to all of life's possibility might be tough, but it is meant to take you to a higher place here! This might be a romance or partnership of a lifetime. The same goes for business and career. The guidance is in the heart space. That's why these eclipses are dealing with the
sign of Leo. For some of you heart space healing might be the exact focus. Healing bodywork and excellent nutrition will help at this time. You might turn to natural remedies. Some that can help with this energy include - Rose and Flower oils, Berry Teas, and Aromatherapy. The Mercury retrograde between Virgo and Leo is asking the Earth signs to
assess your mind, BODY, and spirit connection. Spiritual and physical routine are linked at this time. (Also take Virgo into consideration)

Career/Work - Your sign is never afraid of hard, tough, and grueling work! You are prepared for anything and have a great deal of stamina to process through the rough patches. This might be a time in your life where you
are being asked to take a leap. You might weigh out a situation that is quite tempting for you, and might even require you to change your own life path. You might need to move to create a new opportunity for yourself, or you might move for a friend/partner's career. Business opportunities present themselves that might have you working interdependently, or
solo at times.

Love/Spirituality - You might be in a place you have not been in for many years when it comes to love. You might feel like you are lost at sea a bit, or out on a limb, or at the mercy of someone else's decisions. You might feel you are being changed through a love relationship or an
infatuation. The truth is people come into your life to help you move onto the next steps in your own life. Part of this is to awaken you to the new possibilities in your own life. You might be in search of something that you cannot pinpoint at this time. This might be a slower process to be revealed. Your intuitive
nature is knocking at the door!

Abundance/Finances - You might find yourself in a new position at this time. You might be taking a step towards a new position. You might actually take a financial loss at this time, or take a job that fulfills you but is a less than the paycheck than you would prefer. You are being asked
to make a decision from your soul this month, but you will soon climb back to the top of that mountain, and get the hang of things in no time!

Health/Wellness - If you are prone to arthritis or muscle aches you might be feeling it a bit this month. Nutrition is great for the most part, but you might need
to add in some additional healthy oils to keep up with your bone and joint health. The eclipses might kick up some fire in your own body, so any healing work is most beneficial for you. Any low impact cardio with resistance is a great decision for you in the long-run!

Asteroids/Fixed Stars - Relationships might be unraveling or unveiling pieces
of your own personality and deepest longings. There is a true partnership in your life as Juno moves through your sign this month. Juno is all about marriage, and commitments in your own romantic sector. Kaali the feminine destroyer is moving alongside this portion, adding a bit of stress if you do not allow yourself to transform. Resistance is not your
friend this month. Surrendering to a new version of yourself is the ultimate way.

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