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March 2017 Horoscope

Gemini March 2017 Monthly Horoscope.

Gemini March 2017

In March 2017 Geminis could get really lucky, because their primary celestial benefactor, Saturn, will take up a strong positive position. Unfortunately, as a sign of the element of Air, Geminis will not be able to have additional support, but the available advantages will be enough for them. In the first spring month they will defeat their adversaries, and all other
things being equal, they will easily be able to take their own business to the next level. Those who work for somebody else, and not for themselves, will also receive certain advantages, which we will look at below. It is hard to say which side of life it is logical for Geminis to focus their attention on. Those born under this
sign will experience quite a balanced stage, devoid of clear negativity, but possessing certain energetic impulses which indicate possible prospects in a practical sense. It will be necessary to make an effort, to work by the sweat of your brow, as they say, but you will be able to achieve what you want many times faster than you planned, in spite
of competition and opposition. It is true that you will have to be careful in some areas, due to the position of Mars and the moon. This combination will not be the most positive, and thus in the second half of the month risks will appear, connected to the making of agreements, contracts and the forming of alliances. You must approach
these matters with the highest degree of caution, and consequently, without haste.

In this way the work front in March 2017 will allow Geminis to implement what they intended, but it will require significant exertion. In the first ten-day period of the month it is logical to look closely at the possibilities, but the time has come to store up resources. Introduce
something new gradually, and carefully, without sharp jumps, otherwise you will destabilize yourself. At the dawn of the second ten-day period, the activity of the surrounding environment will grow, and you will have to follow its example. In this sense, the third ten-day period will become an apotheosis, especially for those who work for themselves. The level of your responsibility will
grow, but with it your income will also grow, at least your potential income. However, in order to make it real, you will have to act in accordance with changing circumstances. In this regard adaptability and a "big mouth" will be useful. Those who have their own business will keep up with competitors the whole month, but in its second half,
as already said, it will be necessary to increase vigilance. If you are not planning an expansion, the danger will be minimal, but this is a good time for development, so it would be better not to stay in the same place. Just don't forget about the planetary combination of Mars and the moon. Don't let your feelings get the upper
hand, don't get caught in projects which you have not had time to do the necessary learning for. If your time is limited, take a break and think it over, but don't make a risky jump. In this way the result will be the most favorable for you.

In March 2017 the sphere of feelings and emotions will surprise Geminis with its
fickleness. The dynamic period will not depart from the basic trends, but from one ten-day period to another the situation around you could change in a radical way. In the first ten days of the month you could be extremely sought after by the opposite sex, and then the "passion" will die abruptly, but at the dawn of the third ten-day
period it will go back to its initial positions. It could also go the other way around, but this will not have any special significance. Don't try to make an impression on those around you, especially on those who you don't know (more accurately, those from who you don't know what to expect!). At this stage "showing off" will kill any
relationship in its infancy, whereas sincerity will help you to overcome negative obstacles made by the moon. Everything will not necessarily be subject to rational analysis, but don't lose your head, otherwise you risk being in an awkward position.

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