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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

March 2017 Horoscope

Virgo March 2017 Monthly Horoscope.

Virgo March 2017

In March 2017 people born under the sign of Virgo will not encounter situations which they will be unable to resolve. At the current stage of life, victory will be the natural outcome of competent and timely work, although, of course, this doesn't mean that the "cornucopia" will open wide for you. Well, you will agree, it wouldn't be interesting otherwise.
A permanent increase in profit is now foreseen in the work sphere, or the most radical change in direction, which will result in a more promising position. Below we will dwell on this point in more detail, but in the broadest outlines it is important to understand the following: be guided by your own progressive reasoning, don't be afraid to act
in the most proactive way; even risking everything at certain moments, you will be able to achieve the results you want. What's more, these results will really go beyond your expectations, and this also concerns the "romantic sphere", where the principal deviations from the work sphere will only consist in the fact that it is right to put emphasis on less
confrontational methods of resolving problematic situations. That is, you must act more calmly and not so recklessly. Mercury will be wholeheartedly on your side, which is very good, but Neptune in combination with the negative position of Mars could mess it up, so to speak. There is no point in leaving room for chance, even risks, so plan retreat options, otherwise
you could stumble, and then you will have to reap completely different "fruit".

In the work sphere, as already pointed out above, in March 2017 Virgo needs to put special emphasis on purely mechanical elements. We are talking about moderation of production, about opening new branches, basically about expansion, but by means of staff. With a heightened intensity of knowledge in your
business, you will enter into coherence with the positions of your celestial benefactors and the Red Rooster itself, who now controls the whole of the year 2017. This doesn't only concern those Virgos who work for themselves. Those who do not have their own business can also achieve equal results, it is a question of where you direct your strength. For
such people a slightly different option will be the most favorable: initiative. Make an effort to convey to the management the importance of your projects, as now you will have a good chance of receiving additional "bonuses", some grants or something along these lines. Just be careful in the process of implementing your plans. The influence of Neptune could easily ruin
your plans and cause you to lose your balance. In order to prevent this, under no circumstances should you simply take anyone's word; check anything you are uncertain of yourself, otherwise you risk losing your position.

At the dawn of the spring phase, it is highly likely that Virgo will gain the attention of a person on whom they have focused their
emotional orientation for a long time. That is to say, single Virgos will have a good chance of a bright and successful romance with the next (and possible also the most recent) object of their adoration. For this you will just be required to be your normal self. When it comes to family issues, those Virgos who already have a "better
half" can relax and have fun. In March 2017 no particular difficulties are foreseen in this regard. The only thing worth elaborating on is how this will be for several personal aspects. That is, your individual dislike for one of your relatives had better be kept somewhere deep down. The influence of the moon could be quite destructive now, but only
if you let it. And there is only one way to let such things happen: lowering your "emotional shield", that is, losing your temper, shouting at someone without a clear reason, expressing "everything you think" to a person who is actually very important to you. Be careful in such moments.

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