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Gemini May 2017 Monthly Horoscope.

Gemini May 2017

For people born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini, May 2017 will present itself as a bright and truly festive time. That's why at the end of spring it's good to plan some large-scale celebrations. In fact, if you won't do this planning yourself, everything will work out for the best even without you, you can be sure. The patronage of
Saturn will be as strong as ever now. This is a good start, which will enable you to realize the most ambitious projects in the work sphere. In the sphere of personal relationships you can act quite freely, but don't be harsh in your judgment of people for whom things are not working out as well as for you. Altruistic trends
must quite naturally prevail, otherwise you could literally lose your prospects. Gather yourself together and focus on total success. The higher you set the bar, the higher you will jump - this needs to become your motto now. Most importantly - don't lower the bar. Aspiring to success and moving forward whatever it takes are two different things. Don't lose confidence
and self-confidence either, otherwise Mercury, who will be your primary antagonist now, will punish you with problems which will take you a long time to disentangle yourself from.

In May 2017 the work area won't give Geminis any fundamentally new opportunities. Sounds menacing, doesn't it? And it seems like nothing bodes well. In actual fact your prospects will hide in the positions
which you have already attained. For Geminis who have their own business, this means that the situation will work to your advantage in any event, mere attentiveness and timely actions will enable you to significantly improve the profitability of the enterprise. You have enough funds to keep moving forward, but wouldn't it be better to invest resources into advances which have
had higher quality developmental work? Think about this. As for Geminis who don't work for themselves, the stars advise them to adopt another strategy, that is, to charge forward, headfirst. The more you overcome now, the easier it will be later. But don't be fooled in this regard, you will still have to think, and a lot. Fortunately, circumstances will be
on your side. But only so long as you don't fall into blatant egoism. Self-seeking and hypocrisy will strengthen Mercury's position, and you could lose all your savings, so remember: it's also profitable to be good

For Geminis in May 2017 the "romantic front" could be bright or mild, and this depends on how well you envisage your near future. You will
be asked this question often now, even if it's not directly. Don't rush to get angry and accuse the world around of intrusion. Think realistically about where you are going. Now you can expect developments which will fundamentally change your life (more accurately - could change), and it's very important to realize what lens you're going to perceive them through. Single
Geminis could make a big decision, some of them really could find their fate. Married Geminis will be more affectionate and will treat those who are dear to them with more warmth. Such developments will serve as a motivator for you, a secondary issue, as the only really important thing in this regard will be the ending, the result you come
to. Don't rush to make a decision regarding people you hardly know. All other things being equal, give precedence to your family members, even if their positions are less attractive. You'll make the right choice, and you'll be happy, the stars have no doubt about this. The most important thing is not to allow external factors to cloud your perception. Mercury
is unlikely to be able to interfere with you directly, but at a certain moment it will try to destabilize you with some attractive but absolutely illusory alternatives. Be attentive, and don't give in!

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