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  • Proverb Source: Greek [1] [2] [3]

    Wise Sayings


    Great abilities produce great vices as well as virtues.

    Source: Greek
    Great birth is a very poor dish at table.

    Source: Greek
    He who cannot bear misfortune is truly unfortunate.

    Source: Greek
    He who respects his parents never dies.

    Source: Greek
    He who revealeth his secret maketh himself a slave.

    Source: Greek
    I send thee myrrh, not that thou mayest be by it perfumed, but it perfumed by thee.

    Source: Greek
    If advice will not improve him, neither will the rod.

    Source: Greek
    If all men were just, there would be no need of valour.

    Source: Greek
    Ignorance of one's misfortunes is clear gain.

    Source: Greek
    Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

    Source: Greek
    Ill beef ne'er made gude broo.

    Source: Greek
    Ill-timed laughter is a dangerous evil.

    Source: Greek
    In hospitality, the chief thing is the good will.

    Source: Greek
    It is easier to talk than to hold one's tongue.

    Source: Greek
    Keep no secrets of thyself from thyself.

    Source: Greek
    Kindness begets kindness.

    Source: Greek
    Learn to obey before you command.

    Source: Greek
    Live today, forget the past.

    Source: Greek
    Many a pupil has gained more wealth than his master.

    Source: Greek
    Many men know how to flatter, few men know how to praise.

    Source: Greek
    Many men, many minds.

    Source: Greek
    Men never moan over the opportunities lost to do good, only the opportunities to be bad.

    Source: Greek
    Men prone to tears are good.

    Source: Greek
    No need to teach an eagle to fly.

    Source: Greek
    Observe your enemies, for they first find your faults.

    Source: Greek
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