Wise Sayings: Letter B

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    Wise Sayings


    Bad tidings always come too soon.

    Source: German
    Bad ware is never cheap.

    Source: French
    Bad ware must be cried up.

    Source: German
    Bad watch often feeds the wolf.

    Source: French
    Bare is brotherless back.

    Source: Darkovan
    Bargains are costly.

    Source: German
    Bargains are dear.

    Source: Spanish
    Bashfulness is of no use to the needy.

    Source: Dutch
    Bashfulness will not avail a beggar.

    Source: Latin
    Baskets after the vintage.

    Source: Portuguese
    Bathe early every day and sickness will avoid you.

    Source: Hindustani
    Be a custom good or bad, a peasant will have it continue in force.

    Source: Spanish
    Be a horse ever so well shod, he may slip.

    Source: French
    Be a lion at home and a fox abroad.

    Source: Persian
    Be angry with a murderer, but keep your compassion for his victim.

    Source: Latin
    Be as hard as the world requires you to be, and as soft as the world allows you to be.

    Source: Okinawian
    Be as you would seem to be.

    Source: German
    Be brave, not ferocious.

    Source: Latin
    Be careful what you ask for; you may get it.
    Category: Wish Author: Unknown
    Be careful what you wish for.
    Category: Wish Author: Unknown
    Be ever vigilant but never suspicious.
    Category: Vigilance Source: English
    Be gracious in defeat.
    Author: Unknown
    Be happy while you're living, For you're a long time dead.

    Source: Scottish
    Be honorable yourself if you wish to associate with honorable people.

    Source: Welsh
    Be in readiness for favorable winds.

    Source: Chinese
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