Wise Sayings: Letter L

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    Wise Sayings


    Laughter is the hiccup of a fool.

    Source: Japanese
    Laughter makes good blood.

    Source: Italian
    Law helps the waking, luck may come to the sleeping.

    Source: Danish
    Law is a flag and gold is the wind that makes it wave.

    Source: Russian
    Laws are silent in time of war.

    Source: Russian
    Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.-
    Category: Justice Source: Scottish
    Laws control the lesser man; right conduct controls the greater one.

    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
    Laws go the way kings direct.

    Source: Spanish
    Laws go where dollars please.

    Source: Portuguese
    Laws go where money pleases.

    Source: Portuguese
    Laws have wax noses.
    Source: French
    Laws were made for rogues.

    Source: Italian
    Laws, like the spider's webs, catch the flies and let the hawk go free.

    Source: Spanish
    Lawyers and painters can soon change white to black.

    Source: Danish
    Lawyers are bad Christians.

    Source: German
    Lawyers' gowns are lined with the wilfulness of their clients.

    Source: German
    Lawyers' houses are built of fools' heads.

    Source: French
    Lawyers' robes are lined with the obstinacy of suitors.

    Source: Italian
    Lawyers\' houses are built on the heads of fools.

    Source: French
    Lay it on thick and some of it will stick.

    Source: Italian
    Lay on more wood; ashes give money.

    Source: Italian
    Lay your hand on your bosom and you will not speak ill of another.

    Source: Portuguese
    Layovers for meddlers.

    Source: Portuguese
    Laziness is often mistaken for patience.

    Source: French
    Lazybones take all day to get started.

    Source: German
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