2019 Horoscope for Rat Zodiac Sign

2019 Horoscope Rat

Chinese 2019 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rat, for the 2019 Yellow Earth PIG Year

The year of a Pig for a Rat (1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

A Rat (aka Mouse) represents the energy of Yang and the element of Water. In 2019, representatives of this Chinese Zodiac sign will enjoy special privileges because the Pig, the patron of this cycle, also belongs to the Water element. Moreover, the Pig is in the fourth triangle of the eastern Zodiac and is directly opposite the Rat belonging to the first triangle. Such an outrageous dualism plays in the favor of your Zodiacal sign and will result in active developments in such things as thoughts, deeds, intentions and in their embodiment.

The intelligence and idealism which characterize Rats will come in handy during 2019. Representatives of your Zodiac sign will have to solve many interesting puzzles, mainly in relation to the scope of work and self-realization. This is especially important for Rats who do not own their own business. In this context, the Pig does not recommend leaving things just after starting, but to finish everything. The results are guaranteed to surprise Rat if it does not surrender to the difficulties. If we are talking about a person who has his own business (regardless of the field), 2019 you require you to work hard, especially on yourself. There will not be any difficulties because the circumstances themselves will prompt you to the points to be reviewed first. But regarding the discipline among employees and working infrastructure, there is no need to change anything in radical ways, at least not immediately. Otherwise, you may easily stumble upon unwanted consequences.

In general, from the point of view of finance, the year 2019 will be exceptionally successful for the Rat. This success will be primarily explained by the fact that Rat is a hardworking, sociable and insightful sign. These three qualities should be taken into consideration when concluding contracts and transactions of any scale - from buying a new thing in the store to the decision to merge companies. Stubbornness will also bring some benefits as well as the inherent ability to win any undercover battles. In this sense, the year 2019 will be a very interesting period for the Rat.

From the perspective of the sphere of love, Rat should wait for something new in 2019. It is hard to define the exact event as a lot depends on a person's individual characteristics. There is no doubt that the Rat will have enough strength for everything and everyone: for their loved ones, for their friends and for their better halves. Moreover, the most amazing thing is that you will have a little left for yourself as well! Pig recommends radiating joy and positive emotions without restriction; the more positive emotions the Rat exudes, the better it is. It is not necessary to start digging deeper into yourself or reconsidering certain life choices, as you may end up suffering from a severe depression. If something does not work out, you can definitely find another option in the year of Pig.

In 2019, many Rats will make an important step. Some of you will finally attract the attention of the object of your interests, some of you will finally propose to their better halves, and some of you should expect an addition to the family. The most popular outcome is a wedding! You should not concentrate on tendencies or on anything related to someone else's desires. The Rat should be guided only by its own motives, whatever they may be (but those motives, let us be honest, do not consider other people's interests at all). It is only necessary to pay special attention to one's health as this is something that cannot be neglected. The most likely risks are all kinds of colds, but quality footwear and warm clothing will help you cope with them. In addition, the Pig recommends keeping the windows shut during the coldest weeks of the seasons. If the Rat doubts something (especially in the second half of the year), then let him remind himself that he has qualities as important as charisma. Many situations can be resolved in 2019 with the power of a smile!

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