July 2020 Horoscope Leo

July 2020 Horoscope Leo

July 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Leo

Health and social matters are on the upswing for you in July, Leo! Although your independence is at a yearly peak, your newfound confidence draws others to you like a moth to a flame. Burning brighter than ever, you’re taking changes as they come instead of holding on to what’s not working. These abrupt changes could prove problematic though if you fail to focus on the opportunities they bring. This month, you’re testing your ability to ignore drama and disruptions in favor of shining on the center stage. While others are floundering and your work is undergoing drastic changes, you hold onto your infectious optimism. In fact, you’re finding it easier to alter your routine and your attitude in light of the uncertainty. This is about rooting your philosophical beliefs and bringing them to life in the outer world by simply being yourself. One thing is certain: you’ll exit July with an empowered new outlook on how you serve yourself and others.

Thanks to Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn from July 1st onwards, you’re clear on what’s clogging up your schedule. Saturn backtracks through your sixth house of work and service, showing you what you can release to bring more organization and efficiency to your daily life. You might feel like your schedule is up in the air, but this is just a call to look at your need for achievement and approval.

Expect a rude awakening concerning health and habits around the 5th. You’ll surely feel the finality of the last full moon lunar eclipse on the Capricorn-Cancer axis as this ends a cycle that began in January of 2019. You’re letting go of something now (at least until 2027) related to work, your routine, or your habits. Maybe you’re finally ready to quit your job or quit a bad habit cold turkey. Be careful though; you’ll want to have a plan in place. Your desire for change is more pronounced than ever, but you do need some order in your life.

Around the 11th, something may trigger unhealed childhood identity wounds surrounding education or even religion. The Wounded Healer Chiron stations retrograde now in your ninth house, reminding you of all the times you believed you weren’t smart enough or faithful enough. These memories are coming up for a reason, Leo. It’s time to lay your insecurities to rest, no matter the time it takes.

With asteroid Ceres stationing retrograde just a few days prior in your eighth house, your partner could be the one who triggers these wounds. Not everyone is out to get you through. Are you smothering someone for the support you should be getting from yourself?

You have a better sense of what changes need to be made once Mercury stations direct on the 12th. For the rest of July, you can communicate your fears with ease though you’ll need to mindful of how this happens. Come from a place of openness, not rigidity.

From the 12th through the 20th, balance is key. If you spend too much time trapped in your own mind, you’ll miss out on the opportunities out there! On the other hand, distracting yourself from your thoughts by avoiding alone time could be just as disastrous. You don’t have to whip out a planner unless you feel you need it, but you’ll want to get your to-do list in front of you somehow. Pay close attention to time as it’s easy for you to lose track of it now. You’re likely to find holes in your plans you didn’t see at the beginning of the month, so adjust your agenda accordingly.

You might not be clear on what you want before the 20th, but the New Moon in Cancer pushes you into a new cycle anyway. You’re exploring deep within yourself to find what you need to do to vanquish your fears. With your independence and courage, no one is better suited for the job.

Finally, the highlight of your month comes on the 22nd. Your ruler the Sun moves into your own sign and your first house. Your energy is restored – supercharged even. If you can, schedule some time to get outside and enjoy some Vitamin-D. You’re confident in your ability to lead the charge, even if that means taking a path others prefer to avoid.

From now until the end of next month, you’re blessed with energy you won’t see again all year, so take advantage of this strength. That shouldn’t be hard to do with the uplifting Jupiter Neptune sextile that closes out July. If you find yourself craving encouragement, extend a compliment to a partner or friend, and enjoy the energy that is returned.

Although July triggers some painful feelings, you come out of the month a champion in every sense of the word. You’re moving into August with all the tools you need.

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