October 2020 Horoscope Libra

October 2020 Horoscope Libra

October 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Libra

Last month ended on a positive note thanks to logical dedicated energy in your second and fourth houses. October asks you to apply these critical thinking skills and perseverance to difficult subjects, even in the midst of infamous Mercury retrograde.

Few people would characterize this month’s energy as fun or enjoyable, but you’ll find your spirits on the upswing toward the end of the month with beneficial transits in your own sign.

The 1st of October kicks off the month with a fiery Full Moon in your opposite sign Aries and your seventh house of partnerships. Right out of the gate, there is a partnership or contract that requires your enthusiastic attention. Instead of focusing solely on yourself, try to strike a balance with “the Other” this first week of the month. Negotiation and compromise are the names of the game, but as a Libran, this shouldn’t be something you have too much trouble with.

That doesn’t mean you won’t need to walk away from a situation where you don’t feel equal, though. In fact, if that’s what it takes to restore balance in your one-on-one relationships, go for it. Just try to see things from both sides as usual first.

The day after the full moon, your ruling planet Venus ingresses into Virgo and your mysterious twelfth house. This signals a few weeks of “hibernation” where you are more inclined to seek privacy and alone time. Right now you value the beauty and harmony found in analyzing your deepest secrets, so don’t be afraid to go there. You need to keep an eye on your tendency to sacrifice your own needs however; being selfless is not the same as self-deprivation or self-denial.

Be aware that this Venus transit may bring disappointment in your personal relationships. That being said, it does open you up to spiritual opportunities and a higher understanding of meaning.

The entire world will feel Pluto coming to a standstill on October 4th. For you, this happens in your fourth house of family and ancestors. This is a long, slow transit (Pluto has been here for you since 2008), but it does bring profound transformation especially on the days it stations.

Your truth will be put the test throughout the rest of the year, but you’re well-equipped to handle any surfacing wounds to make the necessary changes. Indeed, you are completely overhauling your roots and reclaiming your sense of authority. This could produce parental power struggles or rebellion against someone you once saw as a provider, but it is ultimately leading you to a significant change in the family dynamic. This week is an especially good time to connect with or honor your ancestors.

While you’re at it, give a financial review a try around the 13th. Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio and your second house of resources this day, but this re-assessment energy is something you’ll need to make a priority for at least the next three weeks.

At some point, you need to take a good hard look at what resources you do have versus what you’re lacking, especially when it comes to financial matters and feelings of self-worth.

The New Moon in your own sign on the 16th could act as the perfect springboard for creating an overhaul plan or jotting down some ideas that would take you from Point A to Point B. It’s best not to make any serious decisions until Mercury stations direct next month, but revisiting your goals and values is sure to be productive under this new lunar cycle.

Emphasizing your second house of earned income and self-worth yet again, the Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd. This planet provides the brightest light of all, so it’s impossible to miss the highlighted material affairs and security issues over the next few weeks. It’s worth noting that this could lead you down a treacherous path of accumulating more and more possessions to make up for feeling insecure. While this may work temporarily, extravagant spending on material items is a band-aid at best and a disastrous habit of unnecessary spending at worst.

This last week of October, it might be time to take a time out and reconsider who you want to be as well as where you want to go. A review of your expectations is basically mandatory around the 27th as retrograde Mercury and your ruling planet Venus simultaneously enter your first house of identity. More than other times this year, this is an opportune time to practice introspection and to find out how you really feel about yourself.

Instead of looking at this internal work as a chore, try seeing it as an art project or makeover instead. The end result of such attention is enhanced confidence, attraction, and even luck – all of which will happily follow you into November.

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