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Chinese Horoscope 2021 Ox

The Chinese New Year 2021 will be the Year of the White Metal Ox. Follow links below to find out with the help of Chinese Horoscope 2021 what it would be like for people born in the year of the Ox.

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Horoscope 2021 Ox, Year of the Ox for Zodiac sign Ox

We’re guessing that people haven’t paid much attention to the creative side of you before, Ox. Or if they have, they’ve gotten it wrong somehow. They’ve seen you and your work in one way when you’ve meant it in a very different one. Or they’ve just assumed there’s nothing creative about you, all brute force and no poetry and daffodils. 2021 is when that’s going to start to change for you. Why? Well, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the Year of the White Metal Ox for one thing. Your namesake is leading the celestial charge and that means a great disruption in all the psychic energies of the universe. You’re going to ride that wave toward great cosmic creativity in all sorts of areas.

And January is exactly when you’re going to seek out those artistic avenues that you’ve never considered before. Even if you currently have a great artistic passion, you’re going to look further afield for something that you might not expect. Don’t think you need to limit yourself to painting, music, or drama (although there’s nothing wrong with running with one of those). You might find that you are a master of the art of Facebook post writing, or you’re the mistress of sack lunch packing. The point is: open your eyes to see where you excel and follow that path. This soul-searching is going to be a big part of January going into February and the fruits of this will shape your actions for the rest of the year and beyond.

Ah, love... In all its forms, it gets severely tested by the winter months. No matter what climate you inhabit, it can be brutal and your personal connections crucial. February is the perfect time to improve your connections with your loved ones, near or far. There are probably one or two people you can think of that symbolize long-distance connections to you. Maybe they’re people that you grew apart from, or maybe there was a rift of some sort. Or maybe Real Life just got in the way and, next thing you know, ten years have passed. It’s very easy to have happened, but also very easy to do something about it. Whoever is the first person you think of in this category - the person you feel some pangs about having lost touch with - you’re going to put some effort into finding them and making the first move. Yes, we know it feels awkward as hell, but guess what? That person you’re contacting doesn’t think it’s awkward in the slightest. They’ll think no less of you for having bridged the gap. This is exactly the sort of mending you need to do in February. The ramifications it will have for the rest of your personal relationships is huge.

Spring is bringing with it all sorts of surprises for you, Ox. Most interestingly will be what it does for you financially. There are great treasures available for you at this time, but you’re either going to have to hunt for them or they will find you. Sounds easy, right? But it’s the treasures you’re hunting for that are going to be much more rewarding in the long run. Nothing wrong with fleeting treasure, but if you have a choice between that and something that’s going to pay off dividends for a long time, go for the latter when you can. So what forms will all of these treasures take? They will vary widely. Yes, there will be bits of money coming your way, but nothing huge and yacht-buying in level. These are going to be nice amounts of money (and really, is there any other kind?) that will make your week just a little bit sweeter and easier. Enjoy these for what they are, Ox, and don’t bemoan that they’re not more money. The other treasures will be more personal and intangible. You might be discovering some items belonging to your family, friends, or other loved ones. These will be previously unknown to you but will become new-found treasures. You could also come across a previously undiscovered delight near your home. This one is a little more cryptic, so we’ll try to elaborate. Have you ever ducked down a side street you don’t usually go down and found a delightful cafe or restaurant that you can’t believe you’ve missed before? You know the kind: it’ll have a pleasant set of outdoor seating, a quaint interior, and a menu that just makes you feel warm inside. It’s the sort of place where you just want to curl up and stay for ages, watching the rainfall on the windows. We’re not saying you’re going to find that restaurant hidden in the block next to your house. But you’re going to find something comparable to it near your home. Take some walks around and keep your eyes open. It’s there for you to discover.

Beginning in the mid summertime you’re going to have some interesting developments on the job front. This is going to be a complex journey that will last through the middle of autumn, so buckle up, Ox. If you are currently employed, your job is going to go through the wringer. It’s possible the company you work for is going through a merger or some other transformative process that has great repercussions for its employees. You see, people aren’t the only ones who go through great, chaotic changes. Even organizations do, and when they do, great things often emerge from the wreckage. This is an important thing for you to pay attention to, Ox. Look at what emerges when larger systems collapse. In fact, look at what happens when ANY system collapses. This doesn’t have to be on the scale of nations or major corporations. Look what happens when a couple breaks up. There’s a ripple effect that cascades through everyone that they have a connection to, but it’s not entirely a negative thing. That’s the force you’re going to look for at your job: the energy that pulses out from any big changes at your company. Maybe someone leaves, someone new comes in, even someone decides to move where the coffeemaker sits and you have to take a new route to get to it. All of these things have an effect and you’re going to keep your eyes open for it.

And if you’re NOT currently working, those changing energies are going to pay off for you big time, Ox. While everything around you is shaking to its foundations, you’re going to be a bit mercenary and see where you can insert yourself. You know what your spirit animal is going to be, Ox? (And yes, we recognize that you’re already a spirit animal). It’s the vine. (And yes, we recognize that that’s not an animal). The vine works its way into any crevice or cracks it can find, growing and twisting to survive. It’s not a parasite and is in fact, quite beautiful. That’s who you’re going to be in the job market for the second half of 2021. You’re going to be a gorgeous creature working its way through the financial wreckage around you. See a business starting to fold? Make contact with the owners to talk about whatever their next plans are. Mass firings happening in your area? Talk to those who are being laid off and work together as a group. Businesses moving to another town? Check out what’s happening with the spaces they vacated. You’re not mercenary in the sense of taking advantage of those who have lost something. But you are making yourself available in those times and places where sudden, drastic change has occurred.

As you wind down the year, Ox. Look back at the solutions you’ve arrived at when the world throws obstacles in your way. We’ll bet you’ll see a lot of creativity in those answers you’ve come up with. That creativity has worked its way into everything you’ll do in 2021, whether it’s an actual art project or the ways in which you pay the bills. Take notice of that mode of thinking. It’s going to be a useful one for you to utilize in the years to come, another tool for the toolbelt. You might not have thought of yourself as an artist before, but there’s no ignoring that power now. In the last week of December, consider what your next medium will be.

You’re a poet and you’re finally starting to know it, Ox. 2021 is the year in which you finally acknowledge the side of your brain that flows a little freer and thinks outside of the box. Best of all, the world around you is starting to recognize that as well. That’s going to mean some changes in your life as it starts to steer in a different direction. That new direction is going to take you to some interesting places in the next few years. Everyone in the cosmos is very eager to see what you come up with.

Chinese Horoscope 2021 Ox
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