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Chinese Horoscope 2021 Rabbit

The Chinese New Year 2021 will be the Year of the White Metal Ox. Follow links below to find out with the help of Chinese Horoscope 2021 what it would be like for people born in the year of the Rabbit.

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Horoscope 2021 Rabbit, Year of the Ox for Zodiac sign Rabbit

You’ve got to be crazy to think you’re going to get everything done that you want to, Rabbit. Even with a full year ahead of you, you no doubt have a ‘to do’ list that stretches around the block. That’s just part of your nature and the way you do things; no one would dare try to change that. And in 2021 you are going to try and tackle that list, but there’s a key difference to your approach this year. You’re going to accept the fact that you can’t have everything. We’re guessing that’s going to be a hard pill for you to swallow, Rabbit. This is going to be the crux of the biggest challenge you’ll be facing this year.

There’s a celestial creature who is keeping an extra special eye on you this year. That would be the White Metal Ox, which makes sense as it’s his year in 2021. That star-spanning beast has got extra special plans for you, Rabbit, and all of them involve a lot of change in the ways in which you’ve been doing things. This is a great opportunity for you to grow, mature, and explore new ways of doing the things you love to do, all under the watchful guidance of the great beast of the stars.

Knowing you, you've probably created a hefty new year’s resolution list in December. It’s ambitious in scope and will no doubt transform you into an entirely different, better human being. Well, we have some terrible news for you, Rabbit. That list, while ambitious and coming from a good place, is not going to get done. Even if you didn’t make a physical list, we’re betting there’s a mental one you’ve had to keep track of the millions of things that you’d like to change in your life. While you’re not going to want to tear that list up (literally or figuratively), you’re going to not white-knuckle it to your chest, either. There’s a lot of good in your doing that. After all, there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be better. But there’s a lot more good coming from accepting what you are and what you can accomplish realistically. That doesn’t mean settling. That means recognizing where you are and where you’re starting from so you can figure out where you want to get to next. That’s the sign of real maturity. This is your first step of growth, Rabbit, so congratulations.

That means February is going to be full of all sorts of good choices, what with this sudden influx of maturity you have. And this is the time you’re going to put it all to the test. The year’s shortest month is also when you’re going to find yourself challenged in a way you haven’t been before. This could be in any area of your life: romance, career, what have you. Something is going to test you around the middle of the month and you need to make sure you’re ready to face it. What can you do to prepare? Keep your eyes and ears open, but more importantly: don’t treat a challenge as something to avoid. Embrace the opportunity and lean into it. This is your time.

The springtime is going to be an interesting period of transformation for you Rabbit. The nature of that transformation - or even a sense that you’ve even changed - is going to be cryptic and obscure. By the point of comparison, we’re going to point your attention to the now-vanished world of the movie rental store. Did you ever go to the foreign film section? If it was a good store, it had a well-stocked area for these titles and had them organized by country of origin. If it was a REALLY good store, it had some truly deep cuts and a number of films from countries that you might have considered having a motion picture industry (how many films does Luxembourg produce in a year?). Every time you visit a section like that, you can’t help but think of the depths of knowledge and experience that are out there that you haven’t even touched. There are worlds upon worlds that you’ve never experienced. There are directors who have made dozens of films with casts of hundreds and you’ve never seen any of them. What does all this have to do with your transformations? There is more on heaven and Earth than you’ve experienced, Rabbit. You need to open yourself to changing into something that’s already supported in this world but that is alien to you. It’s confusing and probably mysterious, but there’s a whole world out there waiting to support what you’ll become. We know we’re keeping this vague, but just remember this: be open to whatever you find you’re most comfortable being.

By June you’re going to run into some interesting confrontations in places you would least expect to find them. These won’t be your standard spousal spats or even tiffs with good friends. Someone on the periphery of your social life is going to have a major bone to pick with you and be very vocal about it. It’s going to shock you and everyone around. In this situation, like most situations, you’re going to want to take the high ground, Rabbit. Do not fight eye for an eye, do not stoop to name-calling and bullying. As best as you can, listen to this person and what they have to say, no matter how crazed it may appear. This person wants to be heard and you’re going to provide this. No doubt this will cast a shadow on all social interactions you have through the rest of the year.

August is when you’re really going to have to make some decisions about that to-do list of yours. In particular, you’ll need to figure out if you're heading in the career direction that you’d really like to be in. This is the perfect time to ask yourself: is my dream job just a dream or something I would genuinely enjoy waking up in the morning and doing? Can I see myself sticking with this even on those days when it’s getting boring? You need to shine the harsh, extreme light on that dream job of yours and answer those questions. And if the answers you come up with say that it’s not for you, that’s fine. Better you’re learning that now rather than later. In fact, even better that you figure that out before the fall when you’ll be learning a TON about your job. We’ll just leave that thought open-ended like that for now.

This has all sounded like a lot of work, so don’t worry: the universe has some treats for you in September and October. Specifically, you’re going to have some wonderful occurrences in your social and personal life during this time. You’ll be on good terms with the people you already know and love and everyone will be in good spirits for at least most of these two months. But it’s the people you’re going to meet during this time that especially deserve mention. You’re going to have the chance to be introduced to someone you look up to greatly at this time. It might be a little extreme to say you’ll meet a hero, but it’ll certainly be someone that you didn’t expect you’d have the opportunity to interact with. The meeting will go very well and you will stay in touch with this person, dare we say you’ll even become friends. As you can imagine, this will give you a nice boost of confidence to finish off the year. That confidence will come in handy because you’ll be meeting some other people a bit after that. These people will be associates or friends of friends, so on the periphery of your orbit. You’re going to come into contact with this group and instantly feel a wave of warmth and welcoming. It’s going to envelop you in such a way you’ll wonder how you haven’t been around these people before. Enjoy that feeling and trust in it. These are good people who are there for you and benefit from you just as much as you do from them. You’ll all be making some plans together for early next year. By all means, make those plans and follow through on them. They are the force you need in your life moving forward.

You might get through everything on your original to-do list, Rabbit, but you’re going to find that you get everything done that you NEED to do, even if you didn’t see those things in January. That process of learning who you really are is a major part of growing up and you’re going to do a lot of it in 2021. Enjoy that opportunity and look forward to the various directions it’s going to take you in the years to come. You’re a star, Rabbit. Now you’re a much more mature one as well.

Chinese Horoscope 2021 Rabbit
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