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February 2021 Capricorn Horoscope

Here we go, Capricorn. February 2021 is all about getting clear on your money matters. Later in the month you’ll shift your focus and get introspective about communication, relatives, neighbors, and possibly short trips. With a lot of activity in your 2nd House this month, you will have the opportunity to find new ways to make money or work with material possessions.

You’re going to have a lot of activity in your 2nd House during the beginning of February. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be congregated in Aquarius, which matches up with your solar 2nd House. Because of this, you’ll likely have a forward-thinking, progressive attitude when it comes to your money and material possessions. Maybe you’ll think of a new way to organize your space or come up with a fresh way to earn income.

Remember that Mercury will be in retrograde until February 21st, so if you have anything you need to take care of relating to communication around your money and material possessions it might be best to wait.

In addition, Mars will be in Taurus in your 5th House for the whole month of February. This might make it more difficult than normal to have passion around things that involve creativity. On the other hand, you will likely have a lot of staying power around 5th House matters like children, artistic creativity, practical creativity, and more. Sometimes, Mars in Taurus can make it feel like things aren’t happening fast enough, but things will move along steadily.

On February 6th, Venus will conjunct your ruling planet, Saturn, making you have an even stronger sense of duty in love relationships. Likely, your partners are already used to you being a reliable and steady provider. This aspect will simply bring out your natural gifts even more strongly.

On February 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius will fall in your solar 2nd House, allowing space for a fresh start around matters of money and material possessions. Take advantage of this chance to start anew. Maybe you’ve been thinking of implementing a new budget, starting a new side job, creating a new source of income, or organizing your stuff! Whatever it happens to be, the new moon will help you out.

On February 18th, the Sun will enter Pisces in your solar 3rd House. Some of your focus will shift from money matters to connections with your relatives and neighbors. You will probably find yourself shifting focus on communication or short travel excursions. Pisces lends itself to introspection and imaginative thought. Let yourself sit back and think about these things without pressure. You tend to be a go-getter and you are generally working on your next big goal. Let Pisces give you a moment to think about yourself and how you feel.

Mercury will go back direct on February 21st. In your solar 2nd House, this might help you with matters relating to communication, short trips, relatives, or neighbors, in relation to your money and possessions. Maybe you’ve been having trouble traveling to work or communicating well about your money. Things might turn around on the 21st.

On February 25th, Venus will enter Pisces in your solar 3rd House. This will invite you to be introspective about things like communication, relationships with relatives, and short trips. It can be difficult for you to kick back and relax, Capricorn. Pisces invites you to relax and be imaginative and introspective.

The month wraps up with a Full Moon in Virgo in the solar 9th House. The full moon will shed light on matters of the 9th House such as long-term travel, higher education, and profound subjects. Use Virgo’s influence, which should mesh nicely with your natural instincts, to get organized around these kinds of things. Maybe you’ve been trying to start school or take a vacation abroad. Let Virgo help you remove the excess and get things on track.

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