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February 2021 Gemini Horoscope

Okay, get comfortable Gemini. Let’s get into what February 2021 has in store for you. There will be a lot of action in your 9th and 10th Houses. The month starts with a number of planets in your solar 9th House, so your focus will be on broad topics and you will likely be seeking something.

The 9th House is expansive and invites you to go deep into subjects that you naturally have an affinity for. As a Gemini, you tend to have a natural flair for communication, whether that is a conversation, writing, or some other medium. You also likely enjoy learning and travel, even if it’s just for short distances. The 9th House takes all of these things further. Get ready to enjoy some much-needed contemplation on profound subjects. Give higher education some thought. Maybe you’ve been thinking about going back to school. Also, you might have a vacation planned to somewhere far-flung. No matter what it is that’s calling you, your solar 9th House in Aquarius will help you take a fresh look at it. Aquarius tends to be intellectual, helps you work well with others, and knows exactly what it wants, even if that is not what would be considered normal. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all gathered together here, take this time to think about what you want in terms of education, your philosophy on life, or your long-term travel goals. Aquarius will help you innovate and find a new way to reach your goals even if they seemed like a dead-end in the past.

Mars will be in Taurus in your solar 12th House all month. Aggressive Mars is generally not extremely happy in steadfast, slow-moving Taurus. In addition, this is in your 12th House, which lends itself to secrecy and turning things inward. Because of this, your energy levels might be hard to predict this month. It might also be difficult to work up the energy you need to get things done. Try to take time to yourself to get clear on what you want to accomplish. Taurus is slow-moving but dedicated, so if you make a plan, and give yourself some time to rest, you will be able to accomplish your goals.

The Sun will conjunct your ruling planet, Mercury, on February 8th. This will lend itself to stubbornness and possible pig-headedness. You might be very reluctant to bend to other people’s opinions.

On February 10th, Mercury squares Mars making us all somewhat upset and likely to say things. we don’t mean.

Luckily, February 11th brings us the New Moon in Aquarius in your solar 9th House. The New Moon is a wonderful time to reset and start things over. Take a fresh look at something or start something completely new. With the combination of Aquarius and the 9th House, your focus will most likely fall in the areas of higher education, profound subject matter, or long-term travel. Aquarius will help you consider these things objectively and intellectually, while also helping you innovate. Enjoy this New Moon and let it help you start a new chapter.

On February 13th, Mercury will conjunct Venus, bringing out your natural charm and putting your focus on both intellectual and artistic pursuits.

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter on February 14th, helping you lean into your cleverness, upbeat attitude, and generous tendencies.

On February 18th, the Sun will enter Pisces in your solar 10th House. We discuss this more below, but this will help you start to create plans around your career and public image, especially if you lean into your wonderful imagination and take some time for introspection. With the Sun sitting in the 10th House, your identity and career will likely feel aligned at this time. Make plans, make connections, and work on moving things forward to lay a good groundwork for the future.

On February 21st, Mercury will begin moving direct again. Your ruling planet will be going forward, likely helping you put plans in motion and get back on track with relatives, neighbors, and things relating to communication. Mercury also influences short trips, so if you’ve had car trouble or commuting trouble, hopefully that will be at an end. Enjoy this time when your ruling planet helping to boost your natural gifts of adaptability and gregariousness.

Venus will enter Pisces in your ambitious 10th House on February 25th. The solar combination of Pisces and the 10th House is an interesting aspect of the Gemini solar chart. Pisces tends to be introspective, imaginative, and somewhat easy-going. The 10th House, on the other hand, focuses on your career and public image. It tends to bring out the hard-driving ambitious, long-term planning part of people. However, there’s no reason why this can’t be a wonderful combination. Pisces naturally lends itself to introspection which can be very useful for long-term goals (something the 10th House encourages). In addition, imagination when thinking about your career and the way others see you can be extremely helpful. When Venus enters into this, you get a dose of charm, passion, and possibly gracefulness to help you handle matters related to your career and image. Take the time to remember why you love what you do and where your long-term passion lies.

The Full Moon falls in Virgo, in your solar 4th House on February 27th. This will allow you to wrap up the month with a focus on your home life. This could range anywhere from your physical home to your emotional home or safe place. The 4th House covers everything from practical homeownership to abstract emotional security. Wherever and however you feel at home, that is what this Full Moon will shed light on. With organized, straight-shooting Virgo in your 4th House, you likely are generally fairly put together in terms of your home. And if not, you’re probably working to get back there, to have a sense of practical security. The Full Moon presents a good opportunity to take stock of plans, pare down the excess, and see things in a new light. Maybe you are planning to move, revamping your space, or trying to simplify domestic matters. You might also be leaning into the more abstract matters of the 4th House by trying meditation, yoga, or something that helps you get centered and feel safe emotionally. Take this opportunity to get clear on what you want your home to be like.

Overall, this month will be a good opportunity for you to contemplate continuing education, travel, your career, and many other life-altering subjects. Take time to rest and things will work out well.

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