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February 2021 Libra Horoscope

Libra, we start February 2021 still in Aquarius season, with lots of planets in your solar 5th House. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in the 5th House, aligning your Self, thoughts, and passion around matters of creativity, fun, and affection. With your natural creativity and artistic gifts, plus your charismatic nature, this is a wonderful time to indulge in the things you enjoy. Aquarius season will be all about having fun, looking to the future, and thinking about things in new ways. If you have children, your focus will be drawn to them more than usual. Maybe you have a fun project in mind that you can do together. Draw, paint, play games, have a good time. That’s what the 5th House invites you to do.

Mars will be in Taurus in your solar 8th House for the whole month. Mars in Taurus is complicated. It can help you earn money, but also lends itself to risk-taking behaviors. It can make you feel tired or low on energy but also lends a stalwart quality to your pursuits. With this combination in your 8th House of life force, spirit, soul, and regeneration, this could mean that things will slow down around matters of spiritual transformation. Maybe you have found a new way to embrace your spirituality. Things might cool off a little while Mars is in Taurus. The 8th House also concerns practical things like money that you owe. Debts might need to be addressed during this time.

Venus, your ruling planet, will conjunct Saturn on February 6th, increasing your feelings of dedication and responsibility in intimate relationships.

Then, on February 7th, Venus will square Uranus, making it easy to make ill-informed choices in matters of love.

On February 11th, Venus will conjunct Jupiter, giving you an extra dose of popularity and attractiveness, not that solar Librans generally need any help in that area.

February 11th will also see the New Moon fall in Aquarius in your solar 5th House. This New Moon will help you start over in all matters of fun, creativity, and affection. Maybe you’ll even be starting a new relationship (or giving some extra energy and fun to your current one). Aquarius will help you think of new ideas and try new things, all while staying intellectual and innovative. Take this time to try something new with your current creative projects. You tend to be very creative, Libra, so lean into that. Maybe your passion is visual art, music, writing, or acting – whatever it is, the New Moon is a great time to start something over that feels stale. It also might be the opening you need to come at something from a new angle. Enjoy this opportunity to let your creativity and joy shine.

February 13th brings Mercury conjunct with Venus. You will find yourself able to charm when you express your thoughts and will have a nice balance between intellectual and artistic pursuits.

On February 18th, the Sun will enter Pisces in your solar 6th House. With the combination of Pisces in your solar 6th House, you are likely quite easy-going and well-liked by your coworkers and employers. Pisces lends an imaginative, kind, introspective air to matters of the 6th House for you. This is related to your emotional health and everyday work. In terms of your emotional health, you are likely quite sensitive. This is not a bad thing by any means, it simply means that you might need to remember to be kind to yourself. Rest and give yourself a break when you need it. With the Sun entering into the equation, you will likely feel your focus shift to how your day job and relationships with those you work with influences how you think about yourself. Maybe you need to realign your sense of Self with your everyday work. Do what you need to do to reestablish purpose. Lean into Pisces by getting introspective and imaginative. Express yourself creatively and take some time for yourself to think about things.

Venus will square Mars on February 19th, making us all feel somewhat angry or upset. We might be prone to picking a fight.

On February 21st, Mercury will return direct and start moving forward again. Communication, short trips, and relationships with neighbors and relatives will hopefully become smoother. If you’ve had a hard time expressing yourself or completing daily trips (like a commute), hopefully, things will get a little easier now.

Venus will enter Pisces in your solar 6th House on February 25th. With Venus combining with soft Pisces and the dutiful 6th House, your focus might become stronger on work relationships. You might also seek out beautiful things to keep your spirits up. Venus will likely ask you to make sure you still have a passion for your work and give you the tools you need to make it more in line with your views of beauty and art. You have an artistic soul, Libra. It will only benefit you to incorporate that into matters of your everyday work.

On February 27th, the Full Moon will fall in Virgo in your solar 12th House. This might feel quite uncomfortable for you, Libra, because the 12th House does not like to be illuminated. You might be forced to think about difficult subjects or secrets that you have been keeping. If this feels upsetting or like it’s too much, try to plan some time to be away from others so you can experience these feelings alone. The 12th House will appreciate the solitude. In addition, Virgo will help you clear out the clutter and excess, so this might be a wonderful time to work through problems you’ve been internalizing. Let Virgo’s straight-shooting nature lead you to a place of clarity.

Overall, this month will be quite fun for you during the Aquarius season. When we hit the Pisces season, you might need to take some time to relax.

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