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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Apple, Adultery, Adoption, Admire, Address, Acting, Actor/Actress

Dream Dictionary Apple Dream Dictionary Apple

If you are not familiar with the story of Adam and Eve for whatever reason, then for a quick summary, the two of them were the first man and woman allegedly according to the Christian religion. God left Adam and Even in a beautiful garden with every kind of fruit and vegetable and told them they could partake of everything except the apples because it would lead to more knowledge than they needed. The evil snake convinced Eve to eat the apple, thus causing god to take Adam and Eve out of the garden forever banishing them. This apple still has strong cultural significance because of this and thus, has a meaning related to wisdom when it appears in our dreams.

Dream Dictionary Adultery Dream Dictionary Adultery

Though this is the concrete definition, in usage and in practice it has come to mean any time that someone in any kind of relationship has sex with someone outside the scope of their typical two-person relationship. This type of behavior usually has disastrous results for everyone involved and is known to rend relationships asunder and destroy all hope of salvaging them. This surely implies that the meaning of the dream will be a very powerful one.

Dream Dictionary Adoption Dream Dictionary Adoption

Adoption had been going on long before that though. It takes a lot of guts to adopt and makes parenting significantly more difficult for you later in life, especially when it comes down to explaining what it means to love your child, and telling them that they are adopted and what that means as well. It follows that as complex as adoption is, it would serve to be just as complex in the dream world. What does adoption mean in your dreams? Here is where you can find out.

Dream Dictionary Admire Dream Dictionary Admire

This is a powerful feeling when it comes from you, but even more powerful when you are the one that is experiencing it. When you feel respected in this fashion or feel loved in this way then it can really change the way that you view yourself and the way that you view the world around you. Can your perspective really change all that greatly though if the same sense of admiration is transposed into the dream world? What does it really mean when you are admiring someone in your dreams? Find out below.

Dream Dictionary Address Dream Dictionary Address

There are many reasons that you might see your own address and many dream interpreters would probably attribute that to the simple fact that it is where you live. Of course you are used to seeing your address; it is where you live and where you spend a good majority of your time. What other reason would you have for dreaming about your address? This is all well and good, but what happens when you are dreaming of another address. What does this mean? It is all explained here.

Dream Dictionary Acting Dream Dictionary Acting

Whether it is the size of the paychecks or the glamour of the lifestyle, for some reason, many people want to be actors these days. So many people hold the position in high esteem that it seems to be the most highly regarded position in the world next to possibly being the CEO of a corporation, because not only do you get tons of money for doing it, but you get a chance to really make your mark and became an enduring part of human history as well as a cultural role model to many. With that being the case, who wouldn't want to be an actor? The notoriety of acting can lead people to dream of acting. This is not dreaming in the sense of daydreaming, but dreaming in the sense of images that come to us when we fall to sleep. But what does it mean when you dream of acting? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Actor Actress Dream Dictionary Actor/Actress

Not only do people wish that they were famous and think about what would happen if they were famous on numerous occasions, but this lust for fame can also find its way into their real dreams, populating their sleep. Sometimes they dream that they are a famous actor/actress, but other times it can be a dream about a specific famous actor or actress that they can't get out of their minds. This does not necessarily mean that they are obsessed or that they have issues with realism. Keep on reading to find out what it does mean though.

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