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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Acquaintances, Ace, Accuse, Accident, Accelerator, Accent, Abyss

Dream Dictionary Acquaintances Dream Dictionary Acquaintances

Your dreams work off of the template that you give them, so when you need to be in a crowded area such as a theater or a park, or any place where there might be other people, then this would necessitate that the place be populated with people in order to fool your mind into thinking that the dream is real and experiencing the dream as a true experience. How do you fill the place with people? Your mind usually mentally paints a rendering of your acquaintances all over the room so that you can have a more realistic dream experience. But what do these acquaintances mean as symbols, especially when you interact with them? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Ace Dream Dictionary Ace

Because of its prevalence in certain Hollywood fictions, the meaning of an Ace can also carry over into your dreams. The ace can appear as a single card of ambiguous suit, or it can appear as just another card in a deck of cards. The meaning all depends on what is going on in your life at the moment. If you would like more elaboration on this idea, then read on.

Dream Dictionary Accuse Dream Dictionary Accuse

A lot of dream symbols are convoluted in their interpretation and require a great knowledge of the past of the dreamer in order to give off a meaningful interpretation. Yet, accusations are very strong and potent as dream symbols and will only serve to help you more completely understand the total meaning of a dream. If you need to know what your dream about accusations meant, read just a little further, and it will be explained here.

Dream Dictionary Accident Dream Dictionary Accident

The most common dream involving accidents seems to be the car accident, but there are all types of accidents that you may dream about having such as slipping, falling, scrapes and bruises. The definition of the word accident is so broad that it is hard to fit the definition all into one small encapsulated article. However, this article does its best to describe exactly what a dream about a general accident might mean.

Dream Dictionary Accelerator Dream Dictionary Accelerator

Often times a dream will employ a symbol such as a cross or a baby, which will have a complex meaning, or too many meanings at once for someone to understand fully. The accelerator is a well understood device that has one specific function, and thus has one specific connection to the areas of our life that it represents. This means that when you have a dream about an accelerator, all the information you need will be readily available to you here.

Dream Dictionary Accent Dream Dictionary Accent

Dreaming that you have an accent or that someone that you know has an accent can make for extremely funny and silly dream situations, but at the same time these should not be trifled with. You can laugh about it and have fun while it is happening, but once it is over you should definitely check out what it is all about by looking up some different dream definitions. The accent is a fascinating aspect of linguistics, especially amongst dialects that exist for the same language such as the difference between British and American English.

Dream Dictionary Abyss Dream Dictionary Abyss

The abyss is usually pictured in popular media as a large hole in the ground. When a character stares into it, it is impossible to see the bottom. Sometimes a rock will be dropped in it in order to determine how far down it goes. Usually the rock never makes a sound, though in real life, it would have to make a sound at some point unless the abyss had a soft ground that went very far down. Keep reading to find out why the meaning of the abyss in a dream is just as mysterious as a real life abyss.

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