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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Abuse, Absorb, Abroad, Abortion, Aborigine, Turtles, Flower

Dream Dictionary Abuse Dream Dictionary Abuse

Having abuse memories or experiences could easily mean that they will be manifested in your dreams in some form in the future. If you want to avoid this, there is little that you can do if you have already been a victim or witness of abuse, but there are other reasons that you might have dreams about abuse that are not specifically related to the ones just mentioned. If you want a list of the reasons that you might dream of abuse along with interpretations for each of those instances that you do, then continue reading.

Dream Dictionary Absorb Dream Dictionary Absorb

If you feel that you are too absorbed in something, and dream that you are completely stuck in a certain thing, then this would have a completely different meaning from dreaming that you are being absorbed by a creature, or that you are absorbing something else. Both of these meanings will be discussed here, so if you have dreams about being absorbed, continue reading now to find out what they mean.

Dream Dictionary Abroad Dream Dictionary Abroad

The land abroad is seen as a place of wonder or mystery. Whether it is Germany, Japan, Mexico, or the USA, there is always some element in these situations that you do not possess in your own life that you would probably like to have. There is a certain mystique to countries that lie outside of your own. Whether this mystique exists or not is debatable. This usually varies from person to person. Someone might be very interested in visiting the UK, and hate the idea of France, while someone else might love the French countryside and be totally bored with the UK. Whatever the situation though, if you are dreaming about it, then it probably has meaning to you and this is what some of those meanings may be.

Dream Dictionary Abortion Dream Dictionary Abortion

Abortion is usually considered one of the hardest experiences that a person can go through on life. Not only does it take an immense amount of courage to make a decision one way or the other on the issue of abortion, but it takes a whole new level of courage to actually go through it. Abortion is a difficult experience to deal with, so it is no wonder that it is also a difficult experience in the dream world. In order to help yourself get through the dream and deal with it, it might help to look up the definition of a dream about abortion here.

Dream Dictionary Aborigine Dream Dictionary Aborigine

Culturally aboriginal people are still looked down upon in some ways. This denigration could be seen as a result of racism or just lack of actual knowledge of their culture. They have refused to assimilate into the more mainstream areas of Australian culture, giving them a status as outcasts. When you dream about aboriginal people, the things that you may be feeling or going through in your own life probably mirror the struggles that the Aboriginals go through, which is what connects them to you and explains why you are dreaming of them.

Dream Dictionary Turtles Dream Dictionary Turtles

There are a number of different types of turtles, each of which might appear to you in a dream and each of which conveys a separate meaning. Dreaming about a turtle generally conveys information about the status and health of your interpersonal and intellectual life, and should be construed based on the circumstances.

Dream Dictionary Flower Dream Dictionary Flower

Flowers of every sort, roses, lilies, carnations, tulips, violets and more each carry their own meaning and each may be given, received or found in a dream in such a way as to suggest a wide variety of things about your life and your innermost thoughts and feelings. Most important to note is the type of flower that is being given, as that well generally shed light on your relationship with that person.

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