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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Engagement Ring, Bus, Dolphins, Food, Earthquake, Butterfly, Windows

Dream Dictionary Engagement Ring Dream Dictionary Engagement Ring

Engagement rings symbolise close bonds and forthcoming unions, as well as anxiety and anticipation. They can appear under a number of circumstances in dreams; being given to you or by you or staying just beyond your reach. You may come across an engagement ring while dreaming or find it unexpectedly, and irremovably, on your finger.

Dream Dictionary Bus Dream Dictionary Bus

A bus may provide the setting for a dream, a frame in which other symbols interact, or it may be the object of your attention as you meet others on a bus. Buses symbolize transition, change, dissatisfaction, impatience and the area where your personal and public lives intersect.

Dream Dictionary Dolphins Dream Dictionary Dolphins

If you dream of swimming with dolphins it says something about how you feel about your life and your ability to act independently. These dreams must be interpreted based on the circumstances in which they occur, whether it is in the wild or in captivity, and on how the dolphin acts, is it playful, angry, or does your mind cast it as a saviour who rescues you from drowning.

Dream Dictionary Food Dream Dictionary Food

Food as a dream symbol is known to be debated about in the world of dream interpretation. The dream meaning of food as supplied by a dream dictionary will often be split between the practical and the metaphorical. The meaning of dream about food is easiest to find out when the dreamer knows whether they are really hungry or not, as this is where the practical definition usually stems from. However, there are a host of different dream meanings for food as supplied by experts that all depend on what method of dream interpretation that you work under. If you would like a more concrete understanding of why you are dreaming about food, then this is the place to find it.

Dream Dictionary Earthquake Dream Dictionary Earthquake

As a dream symbol, the earthquake is a special one because of how much meaning it holds. The meaning of dream involving an earthquake is in fact, a pretty general one, but any dream dictionary will tell you that an earthquake means something important. A little bit of amateur dream interpretation might lead you to infer some of the possible dream meanings of earthquakes. Astonishingly, the dream meaning of an earthquake is exactly what you think would be, but the question is, how does it apply to you? Find out using the different dream interpretations for earthquakes that are outlined here.

Dream Dictionary Butterfly Dream Dictionary Butterfly

When you dream about butterflies, you are dreaming about a very strong dream symbol. Because of the positive associations we have with butterflies, the meaning of dream involving butterflies can be a very positive one. However, dream interpretations provided by the dream dictionary have always been known to vary. Thus it is almost impossible to put too much trust in one particular dream interpretation of butterflies. It is for that reason that this collection of dream meanings about butterflies has been gathered. Hopefully with the information provided here, you will be able to understand the dream meaning for your specific dream a little bit better.

Dream Dictionary Windows Dream Dictionary Windows

The window has always held immense value as a dream symbol because of the significance we afford to it in life. Dream interpretations involving windows often prove to be some of the most prophetic interpretations. Finding the meaning of dream about a window using a dream dictionary can often be difficult just because of how many dream meanings a book like this will carry for the window symbol. If you want to find a dream interpretation that applies well to your life, search through this. You may find something that adds to your understanding of the dream meaning.

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