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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Breaking, Phone, Hugs, Moon, Scorpions, Bleeding, Swooning

Dream Dictionary Breaking Dream Dictionary Breaking

Breaking can be a serious dream symbol. This does not mean that the meaning of dream will be seriously negative though. Sometimes a dream dictionary will give good news regarding a dream about breaking. Of course it can be important for dream interpretation results, to specify what kind of breaking occurred, but there is usually a list of dream meanings somewhere that will be comprised of general definitions for breaking. If you want to know the dream meaning of your dream about breaking, but can't remember what it is that broke, do not fear. Here is a list of dream interpretations involving breaking to help you figure out what might be going on.

Dream Dictionary Phone Dream Dictionary Phone

As a dream symbol the phone has taken on a very important position. For a long time, the hands and the mouth have been the most important dream interpretations to think about in terms of the meaning of dream involving human communication. However, the phone seems to be giving the mouth a run for its money in terms of dream symbols that show up in communications related dream interpretation. A more modern dream dictionary will put much more significance on the phone as a symbol than in an older edition. This is not because dream meanings have shifted, merely symbols. But the phone now has a much more significant dream meaning than it ever did in the past, and these are a few of those meanings.

Dream Dictionary Hugs Dream Dictionary Hugs

Hugging as a dream symbol actually has a very straightforward dream interpretation. A dream dictionary will usually suggest that one of the many dream interpretations for hugging is as an expression of love or affection. This meaning of dream is usually correct. Dream meanings often correlate well with our perceptions of certain social or cultural objects. Hugging is no exception, and certainly has a dream meaning related to how we perceive hugging culturally. These are just a few examples of interpretations of dream hugging.

Dream Dictionary Moon Dream Dictionary Moon

The moon is a powerful symbol in life just as it is a powerful dream symbol. It is also something that is heavily covered in almost every type of mysticism, making it easy to see why the meaning of dream about the moon is so heavily covered in the dream dictionary. There are so many dream meanings in relation to the moon that have been covered in dream dictionaries. There are literally hundreds of dream meanings that have been prescribed for some people. However, the more general the dream interpretation, the more room the dreamer has to infer once they have understood it .If you would like to find a few general interpretations of the moon in your dreams, then this is the best place to help you understand the dream meaning of the moon.

Dream Dictionary Scorpions Dream Dictionary Scorpions

Scorpions are a dangerous dream symbol because of their correlation with danger and fear in the real world. The meaning of dream about scorpion can send and intense message to people, as it should. A dream dictionary will always have several dream meanings for scorpions, but most every dream meaning mentioned is a negative one. Of course, as always with dream interpretation, it is up to the dreamer to discern which of the dream interpretations listed makes the most sense for their dream and their life specifically. These are just a few different interpretations for what it may meant o dream about scorpions.

Dream Dictionary Bleeding Dream Dictionary Bleeding

Blood is a powerful dream symbol because it has a major significance in real life. The meaning of dream listed under the word blood in a dream dictionary can often be very somber. The dream meanings listed may not always be too serious, but they often call for more scrutiny and greater attention to detail from the people that are having them. Dream interpretation can be fun and silly to some, but a dream meaning involving blood will always have a serious outcome. To see many of the potential dream interpretations for all of your dreams involving blood, continue reading.

Dream Dictionary Swooning Dream Dictionary Swooning

Swooning is a dream symbol that is hard to find in the dream dictionary. This is not because the meaning of dream about swooning is not clear. It is actually because of the fact that swooning is sometimes considered to be a myth invented by the media. Dream interpretations do not include much information on swooning because it is seen as something that only happens in the movies. For dream interpretation about your dream regarding swooning, most dream meanings will be related to romance. For a more specific understanding of the dream meaning of your swooning, this is the best information available.

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