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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Pools, Hands, Bugs, Crying, Bathroom, Stabbing, Wedding Dress

Dream Dictionary Pools Dream Dictionary Pools

Water is a very important dream symbol, so it is to be imagined that the meaning of dream regarding a pool will also be a very important one. The dream dictionary will usually indicate the power of water in dreams, but will not always relate that dream meaning specifically to pools. Sometimes it is not just the power of water that matters, but the dream meanings of all of the symbols, including the pool that the water is contained in. You would imagine that a pool, having to deal with confinement and water at the same time has an important dream interpretation and you would be right. These are the most important dream interpretations regarding pools.

Dream Dictionary Hands Dream Dictionary Hands

The hands are an important dream symbol, and are a symbol that has been defined in just about every dream dictionary because of how prevalent they are in dreams. Because we are not so fixated on hands, you may not have the urge to immediately look up the meaning of dream about hands, but the truth is, they are actually very significant in life as they are in dreams. Dream meanings exist everywhere for hands because of how common they are, and sometimes these dream interpretations go very in depth into the psyche of the dreamer. The dream interpretation of the human hand is a very important one. If you have had a dream involving hands, you would be wise to look here for the dream meaning.

Dream Dictionary Bugs Dream Dictionary Bugs

Bugs have always stood chiefly as dream symbol for anxiety. However, dream meanings about bugs can often change greatly depending on the type of bug. A dream interpretation of seeing a swarm of flies will not have the same dream meaning as a cloud of locusts. However, if you can't remember the specific type of bug in order the find the meaning of dream, then there are a few different general dream interpretations that a dream dictionary might give in regards to bugs. This comprises a generous sample of those interpretations.

Dream Dictionary Crying Dream Dictionary Crying

Whether awake or asleep, a dream dictionary will confirm that crying is a sign of repression. This is exactly what it means in terms of a dream symbol too. However, the meaning of dream involving crying can be much worse than you would normally imagine it to be. The dream meaning of crying is not necessarily the same as the real meaning of crying. In reality, crying is seen as a form of release of negative emotions, but dream interpretation suggests that this is not so in dreams. Some dream meanings are different than others regarding crying because the subject is so emotionally charged, but for the most part, dream interpretations will be negative. These are a few of the most prominent ones.

Dream Dictionary Bathroom Dream Dictionary Bathroom

The weight of a dream symbol usually depends on how that symbol is culturally perceived. However, bathrooms are a complex issue in dream interpretation because of the variety of ways in which they are perceived. Some people see the meaning of dream about bathroom to be dirty or bad, while others see it as a type of freedom. Still others have dream interpretations for bathrooms having to do with even more positive emotions. It is one of the few items that will have a different dream meaning from one dream dictionary to the next. Hopefully this will help you sort through some of the most popular dream meanings for the bathroom to find out what your particular dream was about.

Dream Dictionary Stabbing Dream Dictionary Stabbing

The meaning of dream that you have been stabbed can be very serious or not so serious at all, depending on the circumstances. The dream symbol of stabbing can mean a variety of things depending on the things that are going on in your waking life when you have the dream. Many dream interpretations of stabbing are negative. Ignoring the severity of these dreams, a normal dream interpretation will still suggest some negativity. Dream meanings for stabbing found in a dream dictionary relate stabbing to turmoil in your social life, but what is the particular dream meaning of your dream of stabbing? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Wedding Dress Dream Dictionary Wedding Dress

Having dreams about marriage is relatively common since it is an often mentioned theme in the dream dictionary. Dream interpretations of marriage usually suggest unity of your inner masculine and feminine characteristics, but this is just one dream meaning. Other dream meanings are much clearer cut, and instead choose to talk about the significance that it has on your relationship. One dream interpretation that is not often discussed though is that of the wedding dress as a dream symbol. It turns out that the meaning of dream about wedding dresses is just as important as one about a wedding in general.

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