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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Whales, Sharks, Elevator, Marriage, Ocean, Birth, Giving Birth

Dream Dictionary Whales Dream Dictionary Whales

Whales are often seen as majestic creatures in life and as a dream symbol. When you look up different dream interpretations for whales, you may find lots of different information about them because of how differently they are perceived in various cultures. From one dream dictionary to the next you may get different answers but you probably want to know the meaning of dream that you had specifically. For a comprehensive list of dream meanings regarding whales, look no further than this article. The dream meaning of a whale will be different from one source to the next, but this attempts to put together one large dream interpretation incorporating multiple popular interpretations for whales.

Dream Dictionary Sharks Dream Dictionary Sharks

Sharks are traditionally characterized as being dangerous or vicious creatures, in common knowledge and in the dream dictionary. The dream meanings of sharks usually have to do with their associations with human perception. The meaning of dream regarding a shark usually does not have more than one or two dream interpretations because of their singular meaning in society. While sharks are actually multifaceted creatures, for some reason they are commonly understood as being scary. Thus, a dream meaning will usually cite them as evidence of evil. It is not unusual for a dream interpretation of a shark to be a very negative one, but why are they so negative? What does the dream symbol of a shark actually mean about your life? Stick around to find out.

Dream Dictionary Elevator Dream Dictionary Elevator

When you have a dream about an elevator, you might be intimidated to even look in a dream dictionary. After all, an elevator seems like a very specific dream symbol and not something that has had many dream interpretations written about it. The fact is, the elevator is actually one of the most covered symbols in terms of dream meanings. The meaning of dream about elevators actually has several different interpretations. This does not necessarily mean that dreaming about elevators is common, but it definitely means that we have strong views on the elevator in a cultural sense, leaving itself open to more than just one dream interpretation. If you would like to know the dream meaning of your personal dream about an elevator, then this is all you need to read.

Dream Dictionary Marriage Dream Dictionary Marriage

Dreams about marriage can have some of the most interesting dream meanings. The dream meaning of a marriage can be anything from anxiousness about actual marriage or it can mean something simple, like a vague unification of life's events, but the dream interpretation found in a standard dream dictionary will usually have to do with the idea of unification. Marriage is a dream symbol that is widely regarded as important because of how widely regarded the actual process of marriage is in waking life. The meaning of dream about marriage is always fun to search for, especially if you are the one in your dream that is getting married, but if you ever wanted a more in depth dream interpretation, or the dream interpretations that you have read in the past were not comprehensive enough, then this may be the guide for you.

Dream Dictionary Ocean Dream Dictionary Ocean

There are many different dream meanings associated with the ocean. The ocean is a vast and limitless body of water that seems to go on forever, making it a powerful dream symbol as acknowledged by any dream dictionary, but there are more than just a few dream interpretations for dreams involving water. The meaning of dream about the ocean can have a dream interpretation speaking about your feelings and about what you see ahead of you in life, or a dream meaning involving the state of your emotions. But perhaps you need more detail; well this is what this guide is for.

Dream Dictionary Birth Dream Dictionary Birth

Many people dream about giving birth, some of them may even be men, but information in the dream dictionary can often be conflicting. This is because there are multiple dream meanings of the dream symbol of birth. Standard dream interpretations of birth indicate that the meaning of dream about birth is that you are pregnant and excited about having a baby. This is a more psychological dream interpretation than a spiritual one and also more direct rather than abstract. For those that are looking for a more comprehensive list of dream meanings regarding giving birth, this is what this overview attempts to do. Dreams about giving birth don't always mean you are having a baby, so calm down and have a look at this overview.

Dream Dictionary Giving Birth Dream Dictionary Giving Birth

The meaning of dream regarding birth can be very different depending on what kind of dream dictionary you are looking at. The truth is a dream interpretation of birth can mean so many different things that it would be hard to include them all in one simple dictionary. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be pregnant to dream about birth, and the dream meaning can be different based on whether you are pregnant or not. Birth as a dream symbol has a diverse array of different dream interpretations, and the best way to determine what it meant in your dream is to search through several mediums for dream meanings. This summary attempts to describe all of the dream meanings for giving birth in one source.

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