Dream Dictionary Abuse

Dream Dictionary Abuse


If you are dreaming of abuse, this could be because you have experienced abuse in the past. These types of dreams are very strong and have very strong emotions attached to them. It can often be important to notice the person that is committing the abuse. If the person in the dream that is abusing you is someone that you know, then this usually means that you have feelings of being abused by this person. This could mean that you have literally been physically abused by them in the past, or it could mean that you are feeling as if you have been emotionally or verbally abused by them.

Sometimes physical abuse in dreams is not necessarily indicative of physical abuse in reality, but is a representation of other kinds of abuse such as verbal abuse. Also, it is entirely possible to see someone else being abused by another party while you are merely a witness. If you have witnessed abuse before, then this could be a recollection of those events from so long ago. However it could also be occurring between two parties that you believe are the victims or perpetrators of abuse. Having unsettling thoughts about a couple that you know, or about the attitude of a single person you are acquainted with? This might be a reason for dreams of abuse too.

Taking interpretation of these dream situations outside of the physical and typical means, dreaming of abuse could mean that you are feeling inferior and submissive to someone. This is usually to someone that you do not think that you should have to feel submissive to or someone that you do not actually want to be obligated to follow. A common figure to fill this role may be your boss at work (especially if your boss is much younger than you) which can lead to a lot of feelings of inferiority for you.

If you realize that you are the one that is abusing someone else in a dream then this usually means that you are being too hard on someone in real life. If the person you are being abusive to in the dream is someone you know, seek them out in the waking world and ask them for their honest opinion on the way you've been treating them. If the person in the dream is not someone you know, then you may just be generally abusive. You know that you have been a little too foul to someone in your life, and you are seeing a side of yourself that you did not know existed in your dreams. This is a possibility if you are currently in a situation where you are abusing someone, but these can also occur because of past regret that you may be feeling. It is hard to get rid of these dreams because it means you have unresolved issues from far back in your life, which can be very difficult to deal with in the future when the wounds don't feel as fresh for the other person involved in the situation.

Sometimes seeing yourself as the abuser in your dreams does not mean that you abused someone in the past, but shows more of a general sense of remorse that you are trying to work with. It could be something entirely unrelated to abuse such as theft, or cheating on something. This just may show up as abuse in your dream, because the abuser is a more immediate embodiment of evil.

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... 2021-03-04 02:53:25
I had a dream last night about getting abused if i said "copy" to a certain person. It was a man and when i said it he pushed me agains the wall and punched me in the stomach real hard. And then i said it again for some reason. I have no idea why... if i said anything else without that word to offend him, he did nothing. It was very weird actually and no one tried to help me. Later in the dream my grandma asked me something cuz i was holding my stomach then i showed her the marks. She did nothing. I was also fat in the dream (only when i looked in the mirror tho) which i think could also mean something.

I know this may be very confusing, but if anyone knows or has an idea of what it means, please tell me.

Also i think i should mention that i have been doing some shitty things to my body like:
-sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night
-not eating enough
-drinking 1 to 3 energy drinks (0 sugar) throughout the day
-eating sweets to get me through he day, like cherry suckers (lollipops) and HALLS. And chewing gum so i don't get hungry.
-SH (cutting)

I thing those are the most important ones that need to be mentioned
Jorja 2020-04-01 05:13:33
last night I had a dream that I went to a friends house after school. in real life her parents are so loving and it’s weird that I had this dream. I was stood in my friends kitchen yet when i wanted to walk out of the kitchen her hallway looked like the school corridors. It was so weird anyways I wanted to leave and use the bathroom but I couldn’t because an unknown man was blocking the door , I didn’t need the bathroom that much so I just walked back into the kitchen , me and my friend were just on our phones when her dad shouted for her to come to him , again in real life her parents are soooooo nice but I followed after her to see if she could get out of the kitchen and she could so I walked out and used the restroom and she went to her dad. When I came out of using the bathroom she looked shocked very shocked and almost traumatised. however in this dream me and her hadn’t exchanged any words which was weird to me aswell. anyways when she came out of the room she just walked away , I looked through the door which was slightly open and saw that her mum was on the bed, yet in the dream she had short hair and it’s quite long in real life, she was naked whilst her dad was continually pushing her head back. he was shouting things at her and abusing her saying things like don’t you realise that you have a family you want and deserve and she responded yes . at this point in the dream she got off the bed whilst her dad was getting really angry and when she stood up she had pink and orange outfit on with matching tutu, weird. my friends dad continued to scream at her and I turned to see my friend with a blank expression, I said “I’m just gonna go” and she didn’t move or say anything. When I got to the front door my phone started to blow up with notifications that the area my friend lived in had some people robbing people who were alone on the streets and a boy in my group chat said that all the trains were full, I messaged back saying I’m still gonna have to get the train home because it’s my only way and checked my other messages one of my other friends had said for me to be careful and to watch out because she had seen where I am on the map and because I hadn’t seen these messages she had sent me many more like, hello, are you okay, convenient you don’t reply now, I’m worried, text me and I just said I’m okay and then when I opened the door I woke up. I didn’t realise how much detail I went into on the first half of the dream haha but the main thing is seeing someone else’s parents in an abusive relationship.
Lydia 2018-10-08 10:11:42
I had such a weird dream last night.
I dreamt i was going out with Harry Styles, and that he was a pastor or vicar or some big part of the church. Then this man that i didn't recognise at all said "I will Kill your precious Harry if you don't break up with him and go out with me"
So i did just that. But then this guy would abuse me. He would be constantly Angry, and he would hit me over and over. He also raped me at some points.
The abuse part of my dream was very vague, i don't really remember what he did, i just remember that he did it.
Anyway, he wanted us to get married. Of course i didn't, but he made me. He would threaten me over and over. I felt worthless. It was the day of the wedding, i didn't even have a dress. But then, Harry was the Vicar at the wedding! It was really weird.
My "boyfriend" tied me to this bridge, and was about to push me off, but then Harry Styles pushes him off and saves me!
The abuser ends up dead and me and Harry go out again.
If someone can explain this dream, i will be so grateful.
Thanks, Lydia x
Bridget 2018-08-29 20:44:15
I had a dream last night about my abusive ex husband. He abused me mentally physically and verbally throughout 11 yr marriage. Anyway, last night I drempt I walked into a room full of men all sitting at long tables. He was there. I walked up to him and started screaming and slapping and punching him in his face. Later in the dream his daughter was talking fresh and he slapped her in the face. I have no idea what this means. I have been continually dreaming about him and its been almost 20 yrs since we divorced. He and his children and his family and his ex were horrible to me. So why am I giving them so much thought?
LF 2018-08-15 11:45:32
I just woke up completely sobbing.
I dreamt I was visiting my dad and it was fine until he came in violating my privacy while I was naked and wanted to make sure I was going to dress. I asked politely for him to leave then again and again until I yelled at him to leave for me to dress in privacy. He stormed out, I put my clothes on and came out wondering why the hell he was acting this way. Then he started to curse and scream at me, then spit in my face THEN I saw he had been working on the house all day. Working while I was sleeping and that I was useless. I tried to explain I just got back from traveling and was exhausted so I must have slept in by mistake. He grabbed the circular saw and turned it on and threatened to saw my leg, put it close to me as I tried to back away, I was yelling back at him to stop. He threated to rape and cut me up. I called him crazy and what the hell was his problem. He cornered me and I wrestled the saw out of his hands and turned it back on him, put it so close to his leg while it was running at full speed, threatened to saw his ass if he didn't stop, and "see, that doesn't feel good right!" I dropped the saw and went back to my room. I called my girlfriend and best friend who were on a phone call already, and asked if I could stay over at my bffs parent's house. Without question they said yes. I packed my stuff and my dad came back in to ask what the hell I was doing. I said I'm leaving. He said I couldn't leave. So I walked out and he followed me, I screamed curses at him, telling him to go fuck himself. I made a decision I would never speak or see him again. My gf and friends came over to help me get my stuff and he hovered around, being nice ish until he started to really nastily hit on them. They ignored/laughed it off and I couldn't get out of there any sooner. I got a present for my girlfriend while shaking in tears. She said "Aww, that's very sweet of you but we need to finish this up now"

We left and I told my friend and girlfriend I felt so betrayed and I don't know what the fuck happened to my dad to act like that. To actually attack me on every level like that. I told them, that it was so hard because I loved and trusted him so much, but that I would never see him again. I made the choice to fight back, ask for help and remove myself from the situation permanently. I woke up sobbing. It was dreadful. The interesting thing. My dad is the most caring, understanding and empathetic person I know. He has NEVER, ever abused or threatened me in real life. He is my safe place. But what I saw in my dream was not my father. It was like he was possessed. He would never do any of that and we have a very close bond. In fact, in most dreams my dad is the one I seek out to help me and save me from a bad situation or dream. This is the first time I've dreamt of him like that. It has shaken me. I had an uncle who was verbally, emotionally and physically toward me in real life but I stood up to him in real life. It forever damaged his relationship with myself and my mom. He refuses to acknowledge my existence and blames my mom for saying all the things I said to him, the things no one else dare say to him in the family. I don't know what this means fully, but I know that recently I've heard of some abusive behavior in real life, not toward me but toward others and it's been giving me pause. Almost second hand abuse I feel. And though it's not directly toward me, I feel it through them. I refuse to be around the abuser. I won't subject myself to that but there will be some moments where I will have to be around them. I'll just have to keep my guard up around them and realize they have the problems, not me or anyone else around them. Unfortunately it is professional situation so it's dicey. Can I do anything about it? Not until I find better employment. In the mean time. I have to just hunker down and prevent being a target by keeping a distance and my head down. But I'm reconsidering just leaving the damn place if I'm going to be enduring these stupid ass nightmares. I don't have time to feel this way in real life or conscious life. Especially if my subconscious "taints" or hijacks my real, wonderful real relationships and twists them so much that it caused me all sorts of pain. Anyway. I don't know why my dad was the abuser. I hate that because he's literally the best father a person could ask for. I'm stumped on that one.
Alaina 2018-07-19 17:02:48
I had a confusing dream overall. I was in school, and I could see peoples faces clearly. Random people. I was in a class with this teacher that I've never seen before in my life. He was indeed a creepy looking fellow. After class, I just exited the classroom. I noticed I forgot my phone. In this dream my phone was a well kept orange flip-phone. I went back into class and asked the teacher for my phone. The class was still in session. What was weirder was all the kids were sitting on a bed when I walked in. They all ignored me when I walked in. My knees and legs felt very weak as I entered the room. Then I was on the floor because my legs gave out. I tried to get up multiple times, but failed. The teacher then proceeded to come around the bed and handed me a random phone. I gave him the random phone back and asked him for my phone for a second time. He cucked my phone harshly directly in my face, then walked around and started kicking me while the whole class was watching with cold eyes. He then stomped on my feet, hit my face, and my body multiple times. This happened way too quick. I just got up with the little strength in my legs, and left the classroom in disbelief. I felt the pain of being beaten, my body was sore. I pulled out what seemed like eyeshadow, specifically brown and orange, with a mirror and looked at my self. I had bruises on my face, and my hair was straightened. My hair is naturally extremely curly, more like frizzy. So that wasn't the end of my dream, but since this forum is specifically for abuse in dreams, I thought I would share this. I have no idea what this means.
Leena 2018-04-14 18:19:16
I had a dream that some guy was abusing me but I didn't recognize him he slapped me accross the face two times the first time I went home from school and we filled a police report and then he came to the school again and hit me there and tried to rape me I started running and hitting all the cubicals I could lucky me the lady opened both her doors she closed one I was gonna close the other one but he was coming in the cubical and I hid under a desk he started looking for me he didn't find me luckily and I told the teacher everything that happend and we added on too the police report help me p.s I have not been abused or anything
Daylight 2017-09-22 10:28:25
I had a dream last night that I abused a young girl. It was brutal. I don't want to get into specifics because it hurts just thinking about it. In waking life I could never hurt anybody. I don't even have the guts to kill a bug. In my dream I was struggling so hard to tell my sister what I had done. I felt overwhelmingly guilty and ashamed of myself but I felt like if I didn't tell her the truth would come out and I would look bad. She found out what I did because the young girl eventually woke up and told on me. I was devastated and felt like my life was over. Anybody know what this means? I woke up startled and shaken by my dream. I've never felt anything like that before and I would never abuse anyone. I have a feeling it has a lot to do with my past. I was mentally abused by a family member before and occasionally dream of her abusing me again but nothing like this where I was the abuser.
Angelina 2017-09-07 21:16:23
I had a dream where my older brother threaten my mom and saying mean things to her. I came downstairs and I want them to stop fighting. I said to my brother "Stop saying mean things to her! You're being mean to her!" My brother said something mean to me back as I sat next to my mother. I gave him a dirty look and he gave me the finger. I was mad at my brother and I put up the middle finger to my mouth and sucked it to tell him to go suck dick. He got mad and yelling "NO! NO! NO! NO!" and got up and kicked me. I yelp and started to cry. Rob Lowe came to the room and yelled at my brother and my mom was crying this whole time. The reason why Rob Lowe is in my dream is because I'm a fan of course and he was my stepfather. My mom broke up with my dad because he kept yelling at her and my dad as today is super grumpy and mean sometimes. My mom and dad are okay with each other until today but the only person that is mean is my dad and my older sister is very strict to me.
Daeielle 2017-07-31 19:50:57
I had a dream Saturday morning about my boyfriend who just recently visted. He was on a couch playing with my godson under a white blanket I walked over already on guard. And underneath both were pantless and my godson ran away. My boyfriend gasped loud. I attempted to grab his genitalia to rip it off with my left hand then grabbed his neck to break his wind pipe with that same hand. Went to sleep. Had another dream of him naked with another man. I woke up angry and scared. I am very spiritual and jummped to the idea that these accusations are true. But I have also been abused in my youth and am on constant guard. Please help me gey further prespective.
Gee 2017-01-26 01:52:28
I dreamt that I was in some type of military facility / basement. Where I was given the opportunity to "beat the crap out of the guy that molested me when I was a young boy." With a metal chair. As I was finishing up and walking away. I picked up the chair and throw it at him again. I said, I just remembered again!

My interruption is; I being freed from the thing that bounded me for years?
The sad part is, I knew who was my molester. There is another part of the dream. We were in bed together. And seem like the dream could have gone either way. I could have wanted to have sex with him or I could get revenge? From the dream, I choose revenge!
Courtney 2016-12-18 12:38:32
My dream had my twin sister in it and she passed away almost 5years ago. I was the abuser and I was smacking her head off the floor and caused a seizure. Like WTF. I had an amazing relationship with my sister, never abusive. I have had dreams like this before, but this is the worst one. I'm disgusted with myself, am I angry that she left me alone without my twin, my other half? It's eating me up inside.
Nina 2017-08-01 10:31:07
Courtney...Your dream has nothing to do with the kind of person you are..it is just the way your sub-conscience is dealing with loss of your sister..it sounds like deep down you are angry at her for leaving you..it has nothing to do with your conscious relationship you had with your sister..your sub-conscience is just working out the sense of loss you feel.

No one needs to know my name 2016-11-19 12:55:43
My dream was My brother was in the hospital and This guy named Matthew I met in real life started abusing me and Yesterday on Friday at school when I was leaving I saw him in the car when he smiled at me not one of his Evil I'm going to kill you someday snicker but A nice friendly smile and it creeped me out and that's how this whole dream started of him abusing me.
Dulce ceballos 2016-07-05 01:55:09
I had a dream last night that a guy was about to abuse me i luckly ran away , that had to walk home alone in the night everyday and started making weapons to protect me. I was walking and some of them worked there was a guy in a car that i apperantly thought he was gonna rape me but i had this one camera with me at all times so he just parked and ahead of me there was so many guys giving me a perve look so i ran back to the guy with the car amd he kidly took me home 🙁 I honestly dont know who to trust anymore
Alicia 2016-06-05 12:52:49
I had a dream about my daughter... It was a horrific ordeal for me I literally woke up crying feeling lost. The beginning of the dream my mom was conversing with my relatives and saying you can't tell her we have to get there to see what's going on she will lose it. I started to eavesdrop in the conversations. I heard an outcry from my family of a video of my child. They decided to let me know what was going on. She said to me you need to get dress we have to go to the hospital and showed me the horrific video... My daughter is 7 years old now and in the video she was being restrained by older teenagers her body was curled up in an upright fetal position as the young ladies plummeted her with punches... She wouldn't cry out she kept her head buried but a mom knows her child.. In the dream I knew it was her. There was one young lady in particular sitting amongst the girls and I can vaguely remember her face but no one I knew personally and she began to join the group of girls of all the punches she endured her punches made her fall flat onto her stomach and clinch up but she still refused to scream out in anguish... At that moment of seeing the video I let out a cry of anguish and heard. We made it to the hospital and my sister said they said a girl named "Angel" gave her the pills that caused an overdose which is why she's here but when they took off her clothes to examine her they saw bruises and knots that covered her body that was unexplainable... When the young ladies were questioned they said we beat her for hours but it was "Angel" who hurt her the worst and forced her to overdose on her medication. Now I wake up in a trance I actually had tears streaming down my face looking for her room until my dog barked and I could help but to feel hopeless and cry... Now I'm going through a custody battle right now my child isn't in my care and I reside in a totally different state... What does this dream mean? Help me please!!!
Leslie 2016-09-19 12:39:02
I'm not an expert on any of this but, first and foremost, whenever you have a dream that your mother is in, it's because you are concerned about yourself as a mother and stressing over weather you are a good one. I've read that when you dream of a child being abused then it is a strong indication that you were as a child. If you felt that the abusers had bad manners as well as their actions it means that you're more likely to have a disagreement with someone over a love affair. If you feel offended by the abuse it means you are going to attempt to justify yourself to others every detail in your dream can mean something that ties to your feeling about current situations that you may not even know you've had.
Samantha 2016-05-29 05:28:23
I had a dream about my dad really beating up my mom and you can hear her scream "STOP PUNCHING AND CHOKING ME". I have kind of heard abuse when they argue but sometimes when they argue they just talk it out. But other times me nd my sister can hear our dad hurting our mom. 😭 😭
Christina 2016-05-07 08:47:29
I can't stop having dreams about being abused verbally and physically by my brother.
Kristina 2016-03-14 20:31:04
I had a dream that my friends left me and these guards came and began beating me and stuff the next day I had a dream and in the dream my friends turned on me and beat me and pointed out all my flaws and then left...
Mag 2016-01-16 04:40:37
I had a dream I was in an abusive relationship...At first I was scared of my abuser because he raped me (I have never had this happen before) but then it felt like I could not live without him. Later in the dream, I recognized the guy and it has a guy that goes to my school and I have never talked to him. I had very strong emotions in this deream and it startled me.
Maine 2016-01-07 04:11:48
Had a dream that my husband was molesting our kids.
Emma 2015-10-27 05:13:28
I'm only 13 but last night I had a dream about being molested by my father!! He has abused me in the past but never sexually... So now I'm nervous to visit him. 😭
Annie 2016-04-21 11:24:23
I had a dream I got kidnapped by a molester. He tried to have sex with me where he took me. I'm only 13 too and have no idea why I'm having disturbing dreams like this!
Taylah 2015-10-16 09:06:30
I had a dream that my friend, or boyfriend (i don't quite remember what relation he was to me) was just following me around, i was scared walking in and out of this gym- and when i was in this car, i was covering my ears cause i could hear him, and he comes up to the window, smashes it, and then rubs the glass into my leg so it digs further in.

Alot happened to myself when i was younger, but i really don't recognise the man in my dream?
t 2015-08-12 19:11:49
I had a dream my abuser was still alive. He was in his 60's when I was a teen. These 2 guys were like what is wrong with him because he was just standing in a yard saying random things. I was like what's going on and went over to the yard. When I saw him I freaked out and screamed HE IS A CHILD MOLESTER! I woke up at that point. My partner said I was making low screaming noise. If that's possible...lol. anyway...yea that rattled me a bit.
Kim 2015-06-04 19:28:53
This is my first time dreaming about being abused by my mum and her bf. ( my parents ain't spilt yet) and she started to believe in what he said about. He started pulling me into the car but I ran . He started hitting me Nd my mum doesn't care.

Hannah 2015-05-27 00:14:58
I've been having dreams where I've been getting beat up by different people, sometimes it's my ex (we recently broke up) and sometimes it's by someone I can't see, or I just can't see at all. When I was younger my step dad hit my mom, and my mom was verbally abusive, but I haven't had a single dream about either of them. My ex never hit me or abused me in any way. I'm only sixteen.
YaYa 2015-04-07 10:37:52
I had a dream about my boyfriend and he has never been abusive in any way physically mentally or verbally and all these articles say something about being in a past abusive relationship with someone or just in general being abused by someone in the past but there has been no abuse from anyone at all in my life but it's always my boyfriend in the dreams trying to hurt me idk why bc in real life he lives me very much and would never hurt a woman or me and it's so scary waking up and thinking about him being violent towards me and it's been really bothering me I just wanna know why I'm having these dreams i want them to stop. I just don't know how to help with that
Yeee 2016-01-03 06:53:19
I'm in the same situation. I've never been abused I my life but I've had three dreams about people abusing me and me escaping and one was my mom.
Kawaii 2015-01-16 05:16:26
I dreamt of my mom beating me and sticking these long wooden toothpicks through my skin and my gums lodging them deep into my mouth and I was coughing up blood and crying softly and I turned to her wondering she did it and she laughed and smiled and I took the toothpicks out one by one I'm not sure what that means but I woke up very concerned. ((My kik :Kawaiispiritual))
anonymous 2014-08-22 01:41:03
This paged helped, thank you
Alicia 2014-04-01 18:51:54
In my dream I was the one being abused at first I was having a se*ual fun relationship with this person then he became very jealous he threatened me and I ran from him crying then he turned very angry and continued in abusive behavior I'm in a relationship but the man in my dreams was not the man I am currently with I believe this dream is telling me that I feel mentally and emotionally abused I recently discovered valentines day 2014 I was cheated on .... I've cried every night since and this article is right I feel emotionally and mentally abused
leanne 2013-04-13 05:34:16
i have a very complicated family life. such as my mom had two kids (i being one of them). my sibling and i both have different dads.
i now dont talk much to either my sibling dad or my dad, and in just over a wk i've had dreams of my siblings dad and his wife and then my dad all abusing me. what does it mean???

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