Dream Dictionary Demon girl, Demon child

Dream Dictionary Demon girl, Demon child


If you have a dream about Demon girl or Demon child and are worried about what it might mean, this dream interpretation should help put the mind at ease.
If your life has been rolling along just fine without a hitch then you shouldn't have to worry too much about the dream. The demon aspects of it probably related to your personal demons. Everyone has a personal demon or two. These were just the physical or psychological manifestation of those things. Demons in this sense are not actually creatures, just things that you see as a threat to you, things that you need to escape but you can't. To see a demon girl, a demon child etc just means that you are trying to escape all of your inaccuracies and all of the faults that you see in yourself.

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Allyboo 2021-01-11 08:28:44
😄 . I was worried thank you for telling me
Lez 2020-08-12 02:10:47
Well I had a dream where it took place in my homes outside at night where I was sorta spying of the little evil girl and he was talking to a guy next door and I think his name was Robert and we'll she was telling him to help catch me and why did I feel like somehow he was my soulmate but the girl was small mabey 8 years old short black hair and a white dress on and we'll like he wasnt happy about trying to catch me cuz I think he liked me. But then I went inside my house and my mom was there but she was in some trance like she was being controlled by someone but then I saw this mad there to and I tried running away but he kept reappearing in front of me and I would try to get out but somehow it would be like a maze one minute I would be running towards the door to get out and the next I was running towards some closed room in my house while the guy magically appeared in front of me but yea since I rlly wanted to know what would happen i did something but yea
Mik 2020-06-13 20:21:00
I had a really weird dream where I was helping a mother out with something and she had a really cute daughter with a lazy eye and curly hair, I kept trying to assist the daughter with things and she would say stuff that was very odd, I commented on how smart she was and asked if she was trying to manipulate me and she said yes, then whilst I went over to her mother and attempted to talk to her about this we saw 2 people falling from a window and when I went to investigate it was the little girl, however somehow she was faking and she tried to push me over a cliff instead. Not necessarily a demon dream but I have no idea how else to describe it, she was just a super gorgeous, intelligent, manipulative little girl who had a lazy eye. Any thoughts?
Jen 2019-02-23 22:45:02
I had the creepiest dream that turned into sleep paralysis. I had a dream that I looked out my second floor bedroom window and saw a couple of girls just sitting in the driveway playing. One looked up at me and she had a very white face, almost like she covered it in white paint. Her eyes were black, nothing there. She held hands with one girl and they walked to my apartment. I woke up having sleep paralysis and could hear her walk in my room. I tried waking myself up which I did but was so exhausted I fell right back to sleep immediately. I woke up having sleep paralysis again and someone said if I fall asleep again it will be terrifying so when I woke up I forced myself awake. This was creepy to me bc I saw that girl in two other dreams tonight. She pops up randomly and keeps trying to get me, it’s so creepy.
James 2019-01-03 16:54:27
I had a dream about a kid he was all black with black eyes just staring at me I was in a car and tryed to escape but the kid was at my paste but his legs weren't move he wasn't moving just starting at me strange
Isaac J R 2018-11-15 08:22:17
I woke up around 3ish in the morning from a bad dream. This pale skin girl with long black hair & I can just see her coming out under a bed . She just stood there and open a plain black mouth like if she was screaming but with no sound. I woke up afraid. Couple nights before I felt someone pushing my back and I couldn't move. I been having these bad nightmares since I moved in with my gf and her parents. She said as a kid she will see a little girl. Just like the one I saw in my dream. I don't know how to feel anymore, I haven't been praying either. I just don't feel motivated anymore. All this is very confusing...
Location: Los Angeles, CA
S 2019-02-28 07:05:37
That may be a demon. The only way to fight evil is with Truth and Light and Love- God's love, truth, and light, and even if you may not believe this Jesus is the One who will make the evil leave, and not overcome you. I've had real bad experiences in life with demons in my dreams and in real life (waking world). One key point to remember is hatred, unforgiveness, rage, violence, bitterness, an unhealthy environment (with abuse and drug abuse, and sexual immorality and arguing, fighting, etc.), and evil thoughts may attract the evil spirits/demons as evil is drawn to evil, pain and discord. I am currently homeless, staying with family, and I can tell you I've had some supernatural experiences and dreams about demons during this difficult time as they smell my fear and sorrow during this tragedy. Also, I am staying with an abusive mother who I argue with sometimes, and that only upsets and discourages me further, and is surely not spiritually uplifting. Reading the bible, praying, uplifting music, doing good deeds, forgiving, and telling the evil to leave in the name of Jesus are some ways to help spiritually fight the darkness. If you lose hope and faith, that is when they are stronger and like predators may pounce (demon possession). I am not trying to scare you. I want to educate you and others on this when I can so they can know what to do. I truly hope you get through this hurdle. The same for myself. I hope you will keep the Faith and Hope in God and Jesus. I hope He protects you and brings angels to encourage you of His love. A song that is uplifting for me is called Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong and Nobody Loves Me Like You by Chris Tomlin. Don't give up! Keep Trying! I hope for the best for you. Evil spirits sap spiritual strength, so every bit of you must fight including the mind. Do you hardest to Think pure thoughts such as, "I am glad and grateful I have food to eat." or "What a lovely afternoon with the sound of chirping birds and a nice, mild, cool breeze" and try to take walks in nature with someone you trust or on your own if you feel safe to do that, and try not to isolate inside, and get outdoors even to walk over to the mailbox (whether it's close by or not) or to go to a gas station, etc. Perhaps even going to a cafe or library or art gallery may be uplifting and enjoyable. I hope whatever afflicts or haunts you is defeated.
Sherbaz 2018-11-15 04:36:47
So yesterday night when it was around 2aor almost 3 am as i remeber i went to sleep and i dream about me being somewhere unknown place but im sire it was a city i have been before and my dream was about a girl who every one calls a devil but the point was the girl didnt want any harm to me like she ws my lover and some how i was also her lover and in my dream i was being forced to run away from her and suddenly she found me and didnt harm me just asked me to go with her and as i remember after a few secs or mins i was attacked by someone and after that i woke up and now im confused because i have seen resent activities happening around me plz i would like to know what does it all means im confused thank you
CR 2018-09-23 05:45:38
I had a dream today. I was home alone, I don't know where my parents went. But somehow I remember opening wattpad and seeing the supernatural/horror section and clicking on the 3rd best. It was a story about a girl who comes to your house and more which I never read. So, I was sitting and doing Instagram and then I heard the gate open, i quickly ran to our living room and saw a redhead girl coming towards my house. I suddenly remembered this was totally like that wattpad book. I got scared and then i went to our backdoor to open it so I can flee but when i was about to open it, someone was pulling it from the other side. And then from a gap between the door l, i saw her. She was a redhead and was wearing a baby pink dress with denim jacket. She smiled at me, i was very stupid to growl at her to scare her away. But her force became stronger, i locked the doors and ran to the front door which led to our porch and then opened only to have heard that she broke through and is chasing me. I forgot to take the keys of our grill and there she was, with black undereyes and pupils of pale blue colour, lauging like a maniac. I attempted to throw a pot on her but she opened her arms and was trying to possess me i think. And then i woke up, all sweaty and with a rapid heartbeat. I swear it felt so real and I'm never going to stay alone at home and never going to read wattpad again. This may sound stupid to y'all but it was really scary.
DJ 2018-08-30 16:21:07
I've had 2 dream with in 2 or 3 weeks. The only reason I feel like it was a demonic dream is the feeling it put off while I was in it. 1st dream I was talking to a girl that lived in the woods by a lake. I've never really seen this girl in real life the face the body nothing. She didn't put off a harmful feeling but I could tell she wasn't a saint. She gave me comfort kinda. But what she was doing in the dreams as we had many conversations is what made me know she wasn't human. She cremated dead solders, she looked as I'd she liked it. Not like she is doing the right thing, but as if she is glad they are dead. The room looked abandon or old like and old test experiment room from the 50's. She always wanted me to come over to where she lived in my dream felt like I was in it for 3days but it was only 7 hours. I woke up before my alarm. Went to work and got some gas with my dad and brother. But the gas pump stop at $66.60 as I was telling my brother the story. None of us was holding the pump we was all in the car letting it fill up by its self.
Ensang 2018-08-15 08:33:04
I was closing the back door when I saw this full black kid with a red aura and no visible eyes or other facial features.I immediately tried to close the door but the kid tried to get so I grabbed the broom which was behind the door and hit it before it finally give up.
I woke up at 3:38am totally freaked out. I wrote it down in my journal before going back to bed.
Mariah 2018-08-01 18:39:16
I was taking an afternoon nap when i had this dream.i dont remember most of it but i was with my family. When suddenly i felt myself back in my room lying down on the floor. I couldnt move and the room was dark. Then suddenly there is this little girl around 4 to 5 years old with her black hair covering her face, sitting right next to me. It was dark but i could see her smiling. Then she came close to me and screamed in a heavy voice. I woke up suddenly and looked around no one was there in the room and it was dark just like in my dream.
Gabby 2018-07-18 18:10:07
Last night I had a dream I was in a shed I believe, the inside was decorated just like a bedroom but small. I don’t have any children, but there was a boy and a girl I was speaking with and it’s like the little girl was odd in a way like sinister. The boy, he was quiet but well behaved and listened to whatever I was saying. I could t hear the conversation I was having with the kids. But the boy left the room so did me and the girl, I somehow end up back in the room sitting in the bed and I heard a voice as if my dream was being narrated; the voice said, “ what if children had enough of there mother” ??? Still asleep In my dream I look over and there’s the little girl, she had black hair white collared shirt I think a black dress over it or a skirt... she started throwing things at me that I knew I had inside of my closet(in reality). That threw me off... I knew it wasn’t a tantrum I was dealing with when she threw a glass candle at me, then picked up two weights off the top shelf in the closet and threw one by one. She missed the first time, I believe she got even more angry and ran and attacked me instead of choking me though she held my wrist down. She was extremely strong but only looked 7 or 8 yrs old. Very small, I didn’t understand until I looked in her face she looked possessed. I woke up heavily breathing. My Fiance woke up and told me a similar dream but it was on the outside of a shed..???? I couldn’t get out from the inside nor him and the people in his dream could get in he said something about a child being in there but everyone looked worried like something bad is happening, the people were there first he arrived last. It scared me so much what does this possessed girl mean?

Lereijchke 2018-07-11 08:00:21
I had a very disturbing dream last night:

In my dream I walked into a dark room and on the other side of the door there was a possessed girl on her hands and knees wearing some sort of white clothing and she had black hair covering most of her face. I started screaming out for my fiance but the more I scream his name the more my voice somehow goes away. She moves closer to me till I eventually just curl into a ball and I keep repeating the name: "Jesus Christ".

Then I woke up.

Please can someone help me understand what this means. I woke up crying and I'm still very freaked out??
Julia 2020-01-10 19:15:35
I have a dream where this little girl hurts me and when i wake up i have her marks on my arm Its horrifying.
Eric 2018-10-17 15:10:58
It mean that a demon wants you ,and knows your not into god . You should be careful ,it might come by many ways i suggest that you stop doing what u doing everything bad and speak with a pastor .
Noah 2018-05-16 09:37:50
Hello guys this is the next dream I had about that demon girl Josephine and she’s real she’s in my grade but I don’t know if she’s a demon anyway there was only about 2 minutes of some scary stuff about her so I was on the bus where everyone was getting dropped off but Josephine was sitting in front of my seat and I was talking to her and she replyed in a very every creepy demonic way she didn’t say anything weird but just the way her voice sounded gave me chills when I woke up and by the way I woke up around 3am which is the devils hour and one last thing a little while later like 10 minutes later my brother was really freaking out and he said he could smell a match burning like about about 10 times and I smelled it too but it wasn’t a match I don’t know what he smelled well hope you enjoyed my story
Noah 2018-05-16 09:31:01
Hello people I’d just like to tell you about my dream so there’s this girl i like named Josephine and along long long time later I had a dream where she was in my lunchroom but she’s in seventh grade which is weird and I talked to her and she said I’m a ghost and a demon so don’t mess with me that was creepy and she was wearing all black and for some reason I was in an elevator later in the dream it was suppose to go up to floor 5 but it said 156 157 and a few seconds later the elevator was about to crash and I hit the panic button and the alarms were going off but then I got off the elevator safely if you liked this story please reply and I’ll tell you more stories like this next time

Mommabear 2018-04-19 19:18:10
I would like to share my dream.
I was in a house and was in the bathroom and I heard a baby whining. I knew I just dropped the kids to school and I was home alone. I looked out the door an I seen my baby son walking towards me with his jammies on. He was whining and saying hi mommy. I couldn’t breathe. I grabbed my phone and tried to record him but my phone was blurry. I then tried to hit him with the phone but I really didn’t want to hurt him.

He then reached for my hand and said let’s go play mommy. I said ok let’s go and grabbed his hand. I was trembling. I then walked with him and went into the basement threw him in the floor and ran up stairs, locked the door and turned off the light. I was running to the front door when I tried to open it, there was the slide lock on it.

I turned around and my son was there laughing and walking towards me. I tried to grab my phone off the table and open the door but was to scared so I just flew the door open and ran down the stairs.

He threw the phone at me and it fell and broke and I looked up the steps and he was just standing there.

Then I suddenly woke up.

I was terrified this morning. The fact it was my sons actually body and face and his actual pj’s.

What do you guys think?
Jake 2018-02-28 01:47:10
like black water. I then see her get snatched by a complete mirror like reflection of herself and dart into a room.

I then rip off the creaking boards and enter the house. There’s no furniture and or appliances but the carpet it wet and black covered in black ash. I run into the room to save the girl and I see her cowered into the corner and pick her up to try and escape but then the demonic girl grabs her out of my arms and takes her. (Everything goes black) then I’m right where I started looking at the house. (Repeatedly try to save the girl. I get closer each time then she gets taken.)
Carmen 2018-02-20 10:53:59
I had a dream I was in a place full of different rooms and I enter one of them to seeing a girl on the floor possessed and screaming for the other girl who was sitting in front of her to not leave her and I look at the other girl and tell her to do something but she just stays there with a bit of a smile and after a while the possessed girl calmed down and went back to normal
Avi 2018-01-10 19:56:35
My dream occurred last night. Started out "normal", I was in a business building, going throughout the floors, I came to the lobby. At the lobby, I started realizing this was a dream but as the elevator door opened, a little girl with black eyes stared at me. I knew it was a dream so I was confused and terrified. She ran out into another room of the lobby, as I chased her, the walls started colliding together. I looked to my right and another girl stood, black eyes, smiling with blood pouring out her mouth. She reached in my chest, laughing. I woke up and my ribs hurt.
Michelle 2018-01-10 02:24:43
I had a dream last night about a small boy, who was standing in a patch of grass with bush be hide him, beside a road, I was in a ute I think..with someone else driving (never seen the driver) I had driven past him once and notice him standing quietly, after a little time pasted in the dream ( don't remember ) I drove past him again looking out the window and ended up stopping to talk to him, he had short sandy blonde hair with the same kind coloured clothes on, as I approached him he started yelling at me saying something at me in a demon voice, It frecked me out so much, the next minute I woke up.
Does anyone know what this means..?
Cameron 2018-01-06 15:58:07
I had a dream early this morning my great aunt and uncle had came in to visit for it was my grandfather's birthday and so forth but anyways my dream occurred at 6A.M in my dream me and my friend where sitting there watching videos when in the video there was a life like statue (being alive with flesh) the statue felt almost pagan like it was a male with a pig head for a body with short arched horns (not as a goat but almost Satan like) with red eyes in the video a man turned a corner and the statue turned it's head following the camera almost and as soon as the man stopped to look at the statue the eyes glowed and I heard the most demonic scream ever as soon as the eyes glowed the man in the video dropped to the floor and my entire body tensed up almost possessed like I turned to my friend for he was horrified and I tried mouthing out "help me" over and over he said no and then finally I mouthed "please" and he finally comforted me (non homosexual way I along with my friend are straight and have never once have I felt any attraction to him or any other man we both are in high school with girlfriend's I woke up with tears in my eyes and a spam email on my phone about a chapter scripture from the Bible reading about the story of lot and sodem as I said before i am not homosexual and I rarely have dreams and I along with my other friend who is highly intrigued by dreams are puzzled any thoughts? This dream has really frightened me and u normally enjoy nightmares for the feeling of relief after I wake up please let me know what you think
Chase Parker 2017-12-10 15:26:57
Okay, just to make it clear, if you really had this “demon girl” or “demon child” in you’re dream, there is absolutely no way you saw their eyes or face unless it’s a familiar face you’ve seen before. Study’s shown that faces you can clearly depict in dreams are of people or things you’ve seen in real life. Now, what I’m trying to get at is, unless you’ve actually seen a little girl with white/red/black eyes with a white face or whatever you claim was the “demon child”, there is no possible way you can see it’s face in a dream. If it’s from a movie then you just fear the movie, but if no face is shown and you’ve never seen her/it in your life, there’s probably something wrong or you’re missing some kind of info.
India Smith 2018-09-18 12:28:33
Like for me they would turn into someone I knew but have black eyes so I don’t know that dream had me in tears and up the rest of the night...
Dante 2018-07-11 17:04:46
Not true. Yesterday I had a dream of being watched from below so I looked down and saw a doll with blonde hair,brown eye brows, blue eyes and a creepy smile. I’ve never seen a face like that before.
Jesus 2018-06-18 17:21:11
What do you mean there's something wrong?
Smoll 2017-12-03 23:51:40
So, my dream is short but I'd like to share it.
I was in a basement it looked like mine...there were afew candles lit i think two or three...but it was bright enough to see this demon like girl she was pale...and she didn't have eyes just empty sockets...now thinking of it it's sad she couldn't see much...but anyway she had a creepy smile i still remember it...she was about my age, her hair was long and it covered most of her face like me, she had a white gown on it looked like it was stained and in her hand was a doll, just silence came from her as i told her she wasn't welcomed in the house and that she had to leave and then i woke up.
Cassie 2017-11-04 18:32:45
My family and I, my mom, dad, brother, and a friend of mine, all went on a trip to Montana. When we got there I asked where we were because I slept the whole car ride and my mom told me we were in Montana and she forgot that I had never been there. When we got to the house we were staying in it was night and my parents were outside with my friend and I walked into the dining room to find a family friends daughter in there. I didn't think anything of it and walked away. Then I randomly jump to me walking by myself in a road to town then I realize I forgot my money so I turn around and there is a little girl (about 7/8) that appears behind me. I let her follow me then we pass a bus stop and she asks if I will wait with her. So being the 16 year old that I am I freak out and yell "hell no I won't!" And ran away. She followed me all the way to the house I was staying at and I told the family friends daughter to watch her while I look for my friend to tell her about it. When I walk back to the door to go inside the girl is on one side of the room then when I open it she is right in front of me. I freak out and start screaming at her that she's scaring me. I tell my friend to go out and tell my parents what's going on then when she leaves I hear these 2 voices (adult male and female) over like an intercom. I walk outside and look to my left and see another little girl (around 4/5) talking in the same adult voices I heard inside. I ran to my parents and was telling them and apparently my friend took pictures of the girl on the ground because that's what they were looking at. My dad then said "I lived here for 5 years and think something is going on here". Then I woke up.

George 2017-10-19 08:30:06
I had a dream last night which took place in my place of work, a bookstore to be specific. The weird part begins when an unknown person speaks to me about random things and then a ''customer'' like a black eyed demonic girl teleported in front of me and she was floating closer and closer to me. I screamed and i was yelling one of the Lord's prays. The girl then was shouting and as she wwas yelling like she was in pain, i clearly saw a white light trying to get away from her head.

After i woke up from this nightmare i saw a black figure stalking me out of my room, in the balcony.

Can someone explain what on earth is happening ?
Annalicia 2017-10-18 13:50:33
So just right now I had a very disturbing dream .. I was in my same house , decorated for Halloween in everything, only there was 5 rooms not 3. It was like a home for girls. All I can remember was I was changing with my roommates. And I had to change my under layer of close .. and so I went to the room across the hall. Once I closed the door a little girl was there she locked it. She kinda scared me so I ran to the door and left. Later for some reason I had to change again. So I went into the messy room next to the one I was last in, she slowly opened and closed the door.. yelled out , “ dirty mirror, dirty room, for dirty girl” her face turned all black and her eyes were all white.. I ran to the door but no matter how loud I tried banging on the door or yelled no one heard me. Somehow I blinked and I was in the kitchen. All the girls were sitting down about to eat. But then I called one of the girls outside to ask her if there was anything off about the house. She said yes that there was a little girl locking her in rooms too. She said the little girl kept yelling out “1652” . Then as soon as you know it the little girl opens the door that lead to outside of the house and her face turns all black but her eyes. She locks us outside. And from the inside out the door had 1652 all of it. Like if she were to scratch it from the inside. The girl outside next to me told me to save myself and that I can leave but she can’t. So then I woke up ..
Mira L. 2017-10-16 12:11:25
Gods... Uhhh... What happened in the beginning...

Well, before I say my dream, let me put this to rest: I am not a child of the Christian God. I am a pagan, or a Wiccan, or a witch. However you wish to call me.

I, however, would like to put my madness to rest to understand what caused my hellish nightmare to come only an hour into my poorly rested night.

I don't remember how I got down... I was standing on green grass... Next to a very, very tall dark blue cliff...

>> I was in first-person perspective. When I dream, it's mostly in third-person.

Directly in front of me, I see seafoam green poles in an upside-down 'v'. Base poles for a swingset. Three connected together, but some how there were two pairs of normal swings and a pair of baby ones at the end...

As my eyes realized the area was larger, I recognized a cave, darker blue than the deepest oceans. A little girl... Maybe 6 or 7 was standing in a sky blue dress, black hair and pale skin. I asked if she wanted to swing, and she said no, but April might. As I'm swinging on the farthest swing from the cave, it strikes me. I know this scene. I know those girls. I know this place. The dream suddenly becomes lucid and I'm standing at a higher elevation. I watch the girl approach towards a 4 year old girl with long dark hair, turn around. I knew the dream was a terror like it was before.

I hate being right...

The 4 year old girl's face twisted and opened. A devillish screech. Fully black eyes, teeth - hundreds lined up in triangular shape. Almost like a great white...

As the older girl ran, I was suddenly the 4 year old's target. With a deep breath in, I hissed and howled like a beast... The noises that came out of me were unnatural... Unsettling... Suddenly, I spoke English, screaming at her to 'go away'. As she scampered off, I realized it was nightfall.

When I made a campfire to rest with the human girl, books were nearby. Bibles, and yellowish books with red ribbon on the backs. There were marks and letters that I couldn't make out, but darkness loomed off the books. My spirit assumed Satanic.

>>Although I am not a Christian follower, my family raised me as one.

When I woke up from the hellish prison, I grabbed the silver pentacle I wear and pressed it over my racing heart.
Kyle 2018-04-22 18:29:51
I am very much so Christian. So as many might know, us two are highly unlike each other. I woke from a deep sleep at 3:00am this morning. I feel like i must have encountered the same demonic being possessing the 4 yr old that was in your dream. I do not remember much of my own dream but i remember i was walking home and these 2 little girls were trailing behind me and laughing. I get a little frightened so i start picking up my pace. I turn around for a split second and one of the little girls start to morph into that same being you described. She runs at me and unhumanly fast, she pounces on me. This is when i wake up and say my Hail Marys and Our Father prayer. I still see her face when she morphed. Glowing white eyes and an unhumanly wide mouth with large teeth with a look of so much evil.
Animagnus 2017-11-22 02:38:21
I understand my sister and I have similar issues with shadows and demons both in the waking and dream dimensions. I have had dreams about "April" I had a dream that her face literally ripped that she had sharp teeth and black eyes. I had the urge to kill her in my dreams shortly after I would be walking in darkness only to be kept from her.
Cleo 2017-10-10 02:04:56
My dream was kinda dark. I was a child living alone in a run down house. And people kept coming to me asking me not to have my father kill them. Then a man in all black with red eyes came and told me he was my father, he was a demon.
cat j 2017-09-27 08:00:47
Okay so my dream is really odd, basically I was visiting some family (noone I recognise) and they said that I'd be staying on the second floor but I was welcome to have a look around, I went to the third floor and there's three rooms, I opened each door and the lights didn't work but in the third room I felt different when a tin box came flying from the other side of the room, I then spoke out asking it to gently pass me the tin which It did, I invited it downstairs where it met the granddaughter( can't be any older than 5/6) where it was real nice to her until suddenly where it seemed to posess her, she started attacking but during them her eyes would go like ice blue, and if we held her down her jaw would dislocate, I woke up after having her pinned to the floor

Anyone provide any insight please
lairdutemps 2017-10-07 05:16:38
i had the same girl with icy blue eyes, as for the meaning i think its a inporsonates our inner demons and in ur case ur on top of them. as in concouring them . hope this helps
Secret 2017-09-21 05:54:33
I dreamt of being impregnated by a creature... which I later note twin children both boy and girl.... at first I was horrified but then later on upon seeing these children I fell love for them... what does this mean?

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