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Dream interpretation Car


No matter whether you dream about being a passenger or a driver in a car, this type of dream can relate to many significant things in your life. In particular, as a mode of transport that often comes with significant risk of injury, a dream featuring a car may also indicate risky situations or emotions in your life. Therefore, when you dream of a car, you should pay careful attention to its condition, who the driver was, and other events that occur in the dream. Unfortunately, if you happen to have disturbing dream, you cannot always rule out the fact that the dream is precognitive in nature.

General Dream Meaning: Car

If you dream that you are driving a car, it actually means that you may not have very much control of your life. On the other hand, if you are a passenger, it can indicate you are in a position of power. A new car can indicate good life conditions, while a run down or malfunctioning car may indicate problems in various areas of your life. If you are in a car crash, or dream of crashing, it may be time to review your driving habits. Dreams of mechanical problems should always be followed up with paying extra careful attention to your own vehicle. Even if you do not notice anything wrong, it may be a good idea to take the vehicle to a mechanic to have it checked over.

How Dream Symbol Car may Fit in your Life

Dreaming of a car can easily represent any number of situations in your life. As a means of transport, you can always look upon these dreams as symbolizing risky ventures, as well as your role in them. Even though the difference between being a passenger and a driver is inverted symbolically, you can still use this information to help you determine how to manage various situations in your life. In fact, even if you are playing a passive role in too many situations in your life, this dream can easily help you determine how to change that.

A Sample Dream meaning and Car Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are a passenger in a beautiful red sports car. As your wife navigates along the highway, you find yourself wondering if it would be better to take a different road. As you communicate this information, your wife turns into your supervisor at work. Even though you feel that there might be a better way to get to your destination, you do not say anything. As the dream progresses, you notice that your supervisor's driving is becoming more and more erratic. Finally, you become so frightened, that you jump out of the car when it stops for a red light. While you watch the car drive off, you find yourself wondering how you will get back home. The dream ends there, leaving you feeling shaken and worried up on awakening.

Even though you are the passenger in this particular dream, it indicates that you are actually in control of the situation the dream is about. In this case, you may initially be thinking about your marriage, only to find that your work situation is of increasing interest. Since the driver turns into your boss, you can conclude that you are in control of some situation without realizing it. Unfortunately, the erratic nature of the journey also indicates that you may not be serving your own highest good by continuing on with the path you are on now. This is also confirmed by your own suspicion during the journey, as well as your decision to get out of the car. The fact that you awaken from this dream feeling frightened is a clear indicator that you should begin looking for a new job as soon as possible. While you are at your current job, you should do whatever you can to remain on good terms until you are ready to leave.

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Mia 2021-03-02 03:14:18
My boyfriend had a dream that we were in a car and I was driving while he was in the passenger seat. We came to a stop at a crossroad and out of nowhere, a van appeared and hit his side of the car and he woke up.
Obieze chikanso 2020-07-17 02:48:27
I dream where I was in an expensive Jeep with the driver, a small boy and a lady with this guy. I the man and the small boy was at the back of the motor
shea 2018-01-12 06:04:07
I keep having repeated dreams where I'm in a car and at first I'm very relaxed.. I'm sitting in the backseat of some sort of SUV, then I look around to see I'm the only one in the car. I quickly panic because I'm on a highway and have to rush to the driver seat before the car veers off. Then the dream ends before I make it to the driver seat. Most the time when this dream happens I feel like I'm falling.

I never really remember my dreams unless something small and insignificant reminds me of my dream. For some reason, anytime I think of this dream in particular I have a very eerie feeling towards it.
Julie 2017-08-23 00:06:03
I had a dream that I was in the passenger seat of a car that was going very fast (there was no driver). I was writing a book that I have been feeling like I need to write about my husband that committed suicide. There was a pillow between the two seats. I looked up and noticed that the car was going to crash...I had to get over the pillow and slam on the brakes on...the car stopped just in time. I am in a relationship now but it is rocky with much uncertainty and very little trust.
Emma 2017-06-02 09:28:44
Had a dream that my ex took my car my mum had given him the spare set and iam screaming my cars been stolen mym mum had to explain that my ex took it cause hed booked a hallowen thing for tonight and had to go get the tickets and pay for it? He came back i went mad and poked the keys in his shoulder? I was really upset? Need to know what this might mean? Thanks
nono 2016-09-05 00:05:07
I dreamt that my neighbour who we are not in good terms with had bought a beautiful car and had so much swag...its a recurring dream
Imoyi 2015-12-16 00:47:53
I dreamt that I was in a car with my mom, in fact I have never seen such beautiful car in my life, she was driving in an holdup where some of her familiar and unfamiliar friend came begging for money. Along the line I told my mom to rest so that I could help her in the driving, that is when I woke up!
Diana Obiri Anima 2015-12-08 01:28:32
Single lady dreamt that She was in a Brand New Pick-up with a driver, driving all of sudden the driver left me alone but yet still the car was moving without a driver till another driver came in with a lot of passengers. He drove well to my home. what is the meaning
kebeh gayflowu 2015-06-12 16:20:14
my dream is my present car got damage and then I got myself a new car
Elliot 2015-05-06 15:19:54
No one can understand this one...
My dream starts by skipping school and driving my little brother home. I am the driver and I am taking his girlfriend home. Along the way there are a number of distractions, bangle tiger, title wave, an area that should be familiar to me becomes strange. When I am driving I want to stop and look at these things (especially the title wave) but I realize that I am driving and so I must stay focused. Going down the unfamiliar street she (brothers girlfriend) says stay left on the road. The road cuts a 90 degree turn and we spun out, no damage was done. After the "crash" we oddly are in front of her house, where her two albino men come out to greet her. They were her neighbors and although I was somewhat disturbed by the looks of these guys she was very comfortable with them. In fact, they (two neighbors and her) had plans of going swimming later that day. The two male neighbors were in women's swimming attire...
The dream now becomes 3rd person and gets kind of freaky. There are two brothers and the oldest brothers girlfriend...

The girlfriend now looses interest in the older brother because he does not want to do "drugs." The younger brother and now the girlfriend start hanging out and doing drugs. The girlfriend goes home clearly high on something and wiggs out. ( her eyes flutter a couple of times before they roll back into her head and she passes out) when she wakes claiming to have been shown something by God she tells her mother and insists on writing it Down. Then she says "never mind I will just show you..." She takes her shirt off and grabs a knife. Cutting right underneath her nipple...

I think that I woke myself up at this point as I am lying in bed looking at my phone. Then my mom walks into the room asking me what I was going to do today. I noticed her face looked weird but did not really pay any attention to it. I was unable to answer her question or even blink. I was frozen...

What do you guys/girls think this means?
Stephen Amoani 2017-05-22 11:29:58
beloved sister, first of all, be vigilant in matters concerning your life if not you will become a servant to your siblings and others words your birth pride will be sold out. All the obstacles you saw, pertaining that, that your brother girl friend won't be a lucky person to your brother there will be alot of problems all the time. The albino means a bad sense of humiliation.
Pray by basing on a bible verses that's the book of psalms 54
Andre 2017-06-19 07:16:11
I think its a dream of inner conflicts; Aspects of your self are destined to collide with each other and will lead to an injury of innocence.

(I see all the family and brothers in your dream as aspects of yourself. The aquaintences seem without virtue or truthfulness. They are superficial in nature. In real life this might mean that you're hanging out with fake people that will draw you into situations of conflict)
Meia 2015-03-15 16:23:31
Y are ther NO responses to these persons dream questions?
Shanda 2014-07-13 23:24:46
For two weeks, I dreamed I was in a "driver-less" car that's driving. I panic and try to jump in the drivers side and I wake up. Re occurring 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks. Friday I get into a head on collision. No I was not driving. 🙁 I am creeped out. The panic I felt before we hit that super duty 250 (dulley truck) was the same fear and panic I had in my dream.

will 2014-05-29 12:32:45
My dream was my deceaesed cousin was driving my car at a high rate of speed on a dirt road ... I was the passenger then he spun the car around and around but had complete control of it.. then we speed down the road and made a real hard turn a t a high rate of speed almost losing it... then that scared me the spinning didn't but that did.. so I said stop since it was my car he did I took the keys and got out then walked around like I was going to drive but he didn't move so I got back in and he drove us home slowly while we talked about what just happened
tim 2014-05-07 09:38:53
I dreamt that I was seating in the front seat of a bus, eventually, we stopped a man to help us with drinks, he gave me one and 2 more to other passengers at the back. He later asked for money but we drove off because it was meant to be free.
coco 2013-10-24 12:10:15
I dreamnt that a deacon and I was in a car,he was driving and I was in the passenger seat,and there was a lake coming up,and I screamed to him and said we gatta jump,so both of us jumped out of the car before we was reached the lake..but I turned back for my lil boys babybag,and ended up in the lake,but here's the thing I came out and started to swim and push the car back to the road part. Can someone tell me what this dream means please.
yourloving.lioness@yahoo.com 2013-01-05 15:32:51
I dreamed my ex boyfriend crossing forward at a traffic pedestrian. Let's say i'm at the south road, towards north.

----gonna to precisely detail the scene----
Let's say towards right side of the north +*
Then look around and walk to left of north *+

Again he look around and cross to right of the west arm of a cross, and to left side of the west crossroad.

Then since the pedestrian was red light for vehicles, he quickly pivoted leftward straight towards center of crossroad.

Now, he faces at east direction, halting for awhile in the center because it was on green light, few people as well waiting for the go for pedestrian.

--------now here's the complexity--------
While he was at crossroad, he was the first/front person in the center island.

When the light turned red, the vehicle where I am a passenger afront, driven by the dead father, apparently stopped close to where my ex boyfriend stood up.

And yes, our eyes met perhaps my father on driver seat also saw him. But while people began to walk to east arm of crossroad, my ex bf just keep staring at me with seemingly restless and lonely eyes.

----------then i got awoke-----------
and havent gone back to sleep coz i bcame worried if my ex is in confusion about having me back or reaching/talking to me out. I messaged him of how is he, but he didnt reply. I also think it might be me who's in crossroad and confused of should i forget him being a passenger of a dead's car. But it was my father who drove it.

Could it also mean that my father actually guided me to meet my ex again? Could it mean that he wanted me to see how unstable the days of my ex bf, who is also wanting to get back to me, because he didnt find anyone to appreciate-well in all those sides of the roads?

Please help me solve and be cleared on it. And what should i do so I can comfort him if ever keep-on-crossing-roads mean trouble and hesitation to him.

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