Dream interpretation Murder and Killing

Dream interpretation Murder and Killing


When you read about something distressing in the news, or someone makes you angry, it may well go through your mind that you would like to commit murder. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that dream murders and killing reflect deep and powerful emotions and issues. While these dreams may be disturbing, you may also find that they can be some of the most valuable keys for tapping into areas of your internal landscape that you may not have had much success accessing before.

General Dream Meaning: Murder and Killing

No matter whether you dream of murdering someone or being killed, the person dying may represent some aspect of yourself. If you know the person in question, you may also be symbolically killing a trait that you have in common. In some cases, a dream of killing or being murdered can also indicate some kind of closure or ending. Unfortunately, in most cases, you may be conflicted about that ending, or feel angry towards those who are causing it to happen.

How Dream Symbol Murder and Killing May Fit in Your Life

It can be said that the most graphic dreams are your mind's way of doing everything possible to get your attention. While you may believe that you are always open to your own thoughts and feelings, this dream is a clear indicator that you need to start listening to your internal signals. At the very least, if someone that you know is involved in the dream, paying attention to your stress elves, tone of voice, and other factors during interactions can help you decipher what is going on. From there, you may find it much easier to make changes in the relationship, as well as how you view it.

A Sample Dream, Murder Dream Interpretation

Consider a situation where you dream of a friend that is also associated with your romantic partner. In the dream, it may be a cloudy day, and you are not feeling very happy to begin with. As the dream progresses, you get into your car and begin driving across a parking lot. You see your friend, and suddenly become overwhelmed by rage. Even though you don't know why, the name of your romantic partner flashes across your mind. Once you are close enough to your friend, you suddenly slam on the gas and run them over. Once you get out of the car and find out they are dead, you seem to feel much better.

In this dream, the cloudy day is indicative that problems will occur in a relationship. Since the person being killed is someone that your significant other associates with, you may want to interpret this dream as one about your love life. Even though a parking lot is a place of rest, in this dream it suddenly becomes the location where a violent crime is committed. In that respect, you may want to interpret it as symbolizing your romantic relationship.

From here, you can interpret the dream in one of two ways. First, you can acknowledge that there may be feelings between your significant other and your friend. Killing that person in the dream may be your mind's way of establishing your territory, as well as cementing the idea that your relationship is sound. On the other hand, killing the other person may mean that you secretly suspect there is an illicit relationship going on, and you are feeling jealous and afraid. Either way, the calmness that you feel at the end of the dream indicates that you have combated the distress within yourself.

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Nunya 2020-11-15 16:52:02
I had a dream my brother in law (30) started strangling my 19 year old brother for no reason
Pete 2020-10-13 21:35:18
I just dreamt of my sister killing one of my classmates. We are in a caravan. My classmate calls a doctor saying she has minor pains somewhere. At the same time I scream on the phone whilst calling her that the doctors shouldnt leave her alone. When I show up, she is not there and I realise she is dead. I get this Moment of clarity where I realise who killed her and how Im certainly going to die, then she kills me and I wake up. Besides the moment of clarity, my sister really enjoying the act of murder and me not knowing how and why really got to me. IRL my sister is lovely and we dont have problems.
Still scared shitless though atm
Who Knows 2020-07-14 10:09:28
I’m on a two week hiking trip with my sister and her daughter, and twice now I’ve dreamt that my sister killed someone and that I got framed for it. In the first dream I was in a blm protest and this big man was pointing his gun at my head for protecting these two black girls, and then my sister choked the man to death with a piece of string. In the second dream I had last night, we lived in this tiny town and my sister killed a man, out of nowhere. The man fell on top of me so my white T-shirt was full of blood and there were police everywhere in the town. Both dreams my sister got away and I got in trouble. Any ideas on what this means??
Pseudonymous 2020-05-11 08:34:15
In my dream, my little brother wouldn't be quiet--he was constantly yelling and screaming, as he does in real life--(he's 3 btw) so my younger sister (13) grabbed a gun and looked at my mom. She nodded her head and my sister shot him in his ear. I simply just watched it all happen. He lived though, simply crying because of ear pain. My mom had grabbed a pair of scissors, which I thought she was tryna use to stab him, but she cut his shirt up and a piece of his hair. She had then raised it high above his chest and that's when I woke up in terror. My ear hurts and a small section of my head, right where my ear is. They were the only ones in my dream and I have 4 other siblings. It was so vivid like this was actually happening in real life that it honestly scared me. I don't know what this dream means exactly.

You can add me on snap @ theyluvantoniya.
Goat car 2019-12-07 13:10:52
Two nights ago I had a dream that I took off the capsules for my wireless earbuds because you have to change them, and a lot of blood and watery puss spilled out? Last night I had a dream that was with a group of ladies and we started killing people for no reason! We were also at our local waterpark and it had a bridge separating it from California, even though we live across the country! I NEED help answering these questions. I also had a dream about my moms current boyfriend, and that he was abusive, even though he is plenty hospitable.
Sozin 2019-03-04 05:58:49
What dose it mean if you see you brother in dream i saw i killd my brother in my dream
chiaracontefl 2019-01-20 08:40:37
just woke up from the most vivid dream ..i just dreamt that i was arguing with my best friend .. i punched her twice then i reached for a hammer and started hitting her in the head with it.. when i stopped and she was on the ground she just looked at me and smiled a little .. it doesn't stop there.. i then start making my way out of her apartment and i saw that i was leaving prints everywhere and was wondering if i should clean them or anything .. everything was so vivid and clear i thought it was real... the dream eneded when i saw police lights outside where i live .. i woke up short of breath and terrified.. felt so real .. the worst part was how she looked at me and smilled and also the feeling of warm blood all over my hands
I’d rather not say 2018-09-12 08:04:59
I had a nightmare or night terror or whatever you call it. I have had several but 3 of them in general stand out more than any others. One of of them I have been having since I was a kid I’m 16 now but it’s been reoccurring randomly. It always starts off with me and my mom going outside to do something late at night and then she walks off (still in seeing distance) and starts doing something and then WOLVES show up and sometimes they corner my mom too but most of the time they corner me and start attacking me and then I guess I died or something because then I just wake up from my sleep. Another one is also about me and my mom. I keep having a reoccurring nightmare or night terror about watching my mom get in car accidents and dying later on in a hospital. And lastly this one scars me the most because it’s very graphic and gruesome it’s about me and my best friend who go to college together. It starts off with us getting dressed to go somewhere. It then escalated to me pulling into a driveway in a neighborhood with a for sale sign on the property. So then me and my best friend go aaround back to look at the garage when all of a sudden I get dizzy and my vision goes crazy and I barely see my best friend and I being dragged down the driveway to the back of a vehicle and being thrown in hitting my head where I then black out and I regain consciousness and we are inside a dark room and I see my best friend tied up a cross the room crying and Then this guy comes into the room with a mask on. And he pulls out a bunch of knifes and sharp objects and makes eye contact with me and starts slowly cutting chunks of my friends skin off. He keeps doing this until she stops moving (weakness from blood loss) and my best friend looks at me and says I love you and he starts cutting her again and then he starts sawing limbs off limb by limb each time making eye contact and then starts walking towards me and it goes black and I wake up. I don’t know what any of these dreams mean I love my mother. My best friend and I have been best friends since 4th grade and we are juniors in highschool now and we have NEVER gotten into a fight. We have silly little goofy arguments but nothing more. The wolves dream makes me really paranoid for the rest of the day once I have woken from it to the point my friends literally think I’m on something. But lately I have been having these dreams reoccurring pretty often and it’s starting to get more and more realistic feeling and looking and more graphic. Please help me.
Neli 2018-07-23 09:00:30
My boyfriend had had two dreams in the last two weeks of me being hurt or killed. The first one i actually heard him in his sleep calling out my name and then when he woke up he kept asking if i was okay cus someone in the dream was trying to hurt me. Then a few minutes ago he woke up from another nightmare and told me that there was blood everywhere, that i was bleeding everywhere. It’s terrifying me and it’s 4am and i just keep googling meanings for this. I think I’ve found some answers that i don’t want to accept.
Heavensmom 2018-07-01 21:49:20
I had a dream just now. I was walking going home and so afraid to walk becauseof the people sorrounds me. Then when i got home, i saw my brother is being killed by someone that I know(not close to me) and myhusband is killing the person thats killing my brother. What does this mean?
Help 2018-05-04 05:15:52
My best friend always dreams of killing it’s something constant should I be worried ? His a guy & I am a girl, if it makes any diferance
confused 2018-02-25 18:22:23
I had a dream last night in which I was hanging out with friends and we knew that two guys would come and try to kill us. When they arrived, I threw one of them out of the window, looked down and saw that he was lying dead in a bloody pool. When I noticed how easy it was, i did the same to the other intruder. I remember all of the people in the room being really shocked by the happening, including myself. Eventually they came back to life and I was away, running for the consequences. I am very confused by this dream, as it was cold-blooded and scary. Could anyone please help me interpret it? I did not know any of the guys, but there was some sense that they knew something they were not supposed to know.

Shea 2017-12-12 04:54:17
I went to bed with my bf and had a dream that was very vivid and scary. I dreamed I was trying to smother him with a pillow, I have no idea why. And it was like I was watching the dream almost like there were two of me, and one was watching from outside of my body or something. And I wasn't upset or angry at him. And in my dream it didn't phase me at all. I had no feeling towards it.
Holly 2017-11-18 15:01:58
I dreamt my husband and I took our two daughters to a Christmas party at a friend's house. They were wearing these little red dresses that we actually have. After being there for a little while I started looking for my youngest who was about 3 years old at the time just to check on her. I saw her being dragged downstairs and into a room by someone dressed as Santa Claus. The door was locked when I tried to open it and I could hear her screaming and crying as he was murdering her. It was horrible. I could hear her dying and couldn't get to her. I was pounding on the soor, screaming and trying to break it down. I woke up in tears. Ive not taken them to see Santa since. This dream was about 9 years ago. I still cry when I think about it. This is one of many dreams I've had where one of my kids either gets hurt or dies, but this was the worst by far. Usually it's getting into an accident or something. Also of my 6 kids she is the one I see hurt or killed most often. I put her in karate when she was 6 and now
9 years after this dream she's 12 and a black belt in 3 forms of karate.
Dakota 2017-10-26 04:25:47
I keep having dreams about killing my self and other people and i wake up happy. In my dreams i’m just overjoyed to kill someone i guess? and whenever i die, i’m ok with it and i just come back somehow to kill myself again. idk what this means. also, not sure if it’s related, but i keep waking up in the bathroom, having drawn a pentagram on the mirror in my own blood. just tryna understand.
i'm not okay... 2017-10-14 14:00:18
ok so in my dream, there was a group of saad looking kids in like a small gated area and one was given a cross bow and he had to shoot one of the other kids and he shot this little black girl in the group, and she was crying and 2 arrows in he shoulder already, she was crying more as the 3rd on came, and then she was out of the cage, her ribs were a;; visible, and out of nowhere knifes were thrown at her, like kitchen knives, then butcher knives, all hitting her, until her body was not even recognizable, she didn't fall until she was no longer recognizable, and then there was a cgi air conditioner looking creature floating around to people and he said something about how we'll be seeing his face on a clock every time, and then his face got close to a screen which turned out to be a tv screen I think? and I was freaking out, saying "why?! why would you do that to a child??" (I was also wondering why was this was happening to one of the only 2 black kids in the group) and a girl next to me paused the tv and I flipped off the tv with the cgi looking creature's face, and she wasn't bothered at all by what we saw, while I was still totally freaking out, and we decided to go to bed, I was still trying, and failing miserably, to calm down. then I woke up, and cried for like 10 minutes before coming on here. I feel like I need mental help, why would I dream such a thing? I'm not okay with this... the image of the little girl's dead body is still in my head, why, just WHY? is there an actual meaning to any this shit? am I mentally disturbed? is this awful ass dream saying I need a damn therapist? I feel so dumb asking that...
Alyssa 2017-08-04 13:50:36
I had a dream that I was murdered once by my 'bf' (I dont have a bf in real life) and this girl told me to go with him and then kill him. I just decided to escape and I fell in love with my parallel self (weird). My parallel self was dating a purple haired girl but broke up with her on good terms. Me, parallel self, and the girl decided to steal some magical transfprming bowl thing but in the middle of it we were stopped by 'heros' and there were also dogs that were helping us. I ended up getting arrested but I didnt go to jail and I just kept asking prisoners questions.
Sreeni 2017-08-01 20:57:33
I've been seeing myself involved in a murder scenario.i saw everyone plotting plans till getting it done and the scenes afterwards.since I'm weak in the dream,I'm walking away from the scene without having the mind to see it happening. But my dreams end in a situation where there are lots of people and the usual scene on how a house is filled with people n arranging the funeral. Later that, I feel damn bad about the whole scenario n wakes up with a negative,dead mind. I am unable to find answers.please help. Seeing this continuesly for the past few days.
James Cardoso 2017-06-11 15:09:31
I had a dream that I was in the living room and heard people laughing that they were going to do some killing tonight and then I remember in my dream trying to lock the door but being unsuccessful then hearing laughing meaning the people got inside the house. In my dream I ran into my brothers bedroom and opening the window and jumping out. Then running and grabbing my phone and calling my grandparents who live down the street. The next thing I hear are gunshots and a light turning on in each room or my house. I then remember crying in my dream because my brother and parents were sleeping in their rooms when the gunshots occurred. I ran over to my grandparents house and told them to call 911. Then I woke up from my dream and got out of my bed and lcoked the door to our house. I am scared because it felt so real. Like in my dream everything was so realistic.
Yashee 2017-06-10 13:32:02
I had a dream in which a famous celebrity was driving the car and trying to save me from a murderer. What does this dream mean?
Noah 2017-06-06 22:52:55
i had a dream where me and my school class watched two guys throwing a man of the balcony of an office building
i dont know what it means but it really spooked me out
person 2017-05-14 13:27:04
I had been studying all day for a final exam I had the next day.
I fell into a nap and had a very vivid dream of people getting killed and how it was getting closer to where I was with my family outside. I noticed we just stood there, no screaming or running away. Two men walked out of the house that we last heard gunshots and were a stone's throw way from.
They apparently were looking for someone, me.
They asked me and my mother and aunt our names. I told them my name while my family members trembled in fear. They shook their heads vigorously, motioning to me that I should stop.

It was too late. The men grabbed me and I had an "aha" moment. There was a nearby river, however, it was muddy. I told them I needed to pee. They allowed me to pee and when their backs were turned after asking for privacy I dived and begun swimming as fast as I could through the waters that seemed to be against me. The last thing I heard was my mother screaming "run!" and the men arguing about my escape.

As I travelled downstream I thought about my family and why these men wanted to kill me. I was just eighteen and was in mourning. I and my family members were coming from a reading of my grandmother's will. Then it dawned on me that I had inherited land and a substantial amount of wealth from my late grandmother. They wanted the money and it was in my name. How would they know this? Was it an inside job?

I saw my grandmother's home in the distance. I found my way out of the river. I went up to large estate looking home. I couldn't enter so I climbed up the building to the second floor using a column placed for the olden day's estate aesthetic of the home. Upon reaching the balcony of the second floor. I heard two familiar voices.The two men. I heard them enter the house and realised they were slowly making their way to where I was. My heart was like the hooves of a racehorse. I tried the door to the bedroom and slowly went in. I saw a small silver handgun on the nightstand.Their voices had gotten louder. I grabbed the gun and went into the bathroom to hide, I hid behind the door with my hand covering my mouth. I heard them enter and I knew I was dead.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I heard the bathroom door open and one of the men enter.
I charged at him using my hand to cover his face and push him out of the room. He was thrown off balance and fell and begun shooting aimlessly. I shot him and his partner who was taken by surprise to see me holding a gun and his partner dead on the floor. His stunned reaction gave my bullet enough time. I ran out as fast as I could.

I woke up with my heart racing and with heavy breathing. I breathed a sigh of relief, it was just a dream.
Were these two men symbolic of my exam which I had the next day? Will I come out victorious?
Josh 2017-04-16 00:17:34
Last semester, I had a video tech class and one night, I had this dream. We had a substitute and in the dream, I decapitated him with a shovel. I didn't feel remorse for some reason, I didn't really feel anything, I just was being taken to prison and then I woke up the next morning. I had that same substitute on that day I woke up. I'm not sure what to think of that, but I guess I just really don't like substitutes. lol.
Olivia 2017-04-15 08:42:39
All I remember is that I had a door closed behind a girl... I could hear screaming, but I didn't remember what I did. I turned around to see a mirror... I was violently shaking, while holding a knife. There was a blood splatter on my shirt. I think it took place in a mobile home (which looked like a small house on the inside). The victim had dark hair, but I didn't recognize her other than that.

Cara 2017-02-19 17:24:08
I had a dream where me my uncle and my little sister were in a parking garage and my little sister pulled a piece of the cement roof off and killed my uncle by smashing him with it she then turned towards me and smiled and right when she was gonna say something the roof caved in and smashed her, the dream switched and I was in my house laying down on the couch i tried to get up but i couldn't move then this familiar looking guy can in and said that everything was going to be fine and then he bit me and I woke up from my dream. I realized that the guy that bit me was one of my friends from school and the next day I talked to him about it and he also had a similar dream about me killing him. Please tell me what this means it freaked me and my friend out badly
Paul Stuart 2017-04-25 09:17:50
Message from Cara
I had a dream where me my uncle and my little sister were in a parking garage and my little sister pulled a piece of the cement roof off and killed my uncle by smashing him with it she then turned towards me and smiled and right when she was gonna say something the roof caved in and smashed her, the dream switched and I was in my house laying down on the couch i tried to get up but i couldn't move then this familiar looking guy can in and said that everything was going to be fine and then he bit me and I woke up from my dream. I realized that the guy that bit me was one of my friends from school and the next day I talked to him about it and he also had a similar dream about me killing him. Please tell me what this means it freaked me and my friend out badly

The dream means that you are afraid of your sister. She is more powerful and decisive than you. She displayed this to you as she nonchalantly killed your uncle who you have repressed rage against but not the courage to deal with. The dream means that you have to now accept your sister's dominance over your life and do as she commands.
Patrick 2017-02-01 10:55:46
i had a dream that my mom has been killed by her youngest brother. What does it mean?
jade 2017-01-26 02:17:29
i had a dream my bestfriend was taken and raped and assaulted but she got away from them, but everybody thought she was dead.
Melissa 2016-12-24 04:41:48
Over the past few nights I've been having dreams about violence and blood. In one I was with this large group of people hiding outside of my house from a man who later walked down to my neighbors house and we could see him forcing his daughter to shoot people in the house. He was yelling and the little girl was crying as the people fell stright to the floor.
And just a few minutes ago I woke from a dream where in the beginning it was very peaceful, we were on top of a mountain looking down at a beautiful landscape but then on the way home there was suddenly blood on my hands and face and I was with one of my friends boyfriends (not sure why? ) and he didn't know what was happening. Suddenly I was being tormented by these long and tall demon like black clothed creatures. Anywhere I went they would follow me and people started disappearing. I believe they were vampires. The boyfriend told me I had to bite someone in order to be saved from the demon vampire things.
Janeise 2017-01-07 14:38:32
I have a dream about this man being after my mom dad and sisters and my mom calls me and tells me to call the cops so i ealk onside and find my mom and dad and uncle praying in one room and in the other my sister is crying and the man comes up and slices my neck i have this dream repeatedly what can this nean?
Mal 2017-01-27 13:53:12
I've had a dream like this too. it scares me
joelle 2016-10-27 23:55:03
I just started my job 3 weeks ago and i had a dream about a girl i work with that she was murdered what does that mean
Mm y7 2016-10-21 00:47:24
I had a dream my brother killed to girls and hid their body in our house for 2 days then decides to throw them away. They had the body of models. One had blonde hair. Idk about the race. Doesn't matter. Only that they were modelike. What does that mean?

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