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General overall Horoscope

Aquariuses are promised a lot of exciting situations this year. You will be quite a grateful spectator and listener - if you are not too lazy to visit at least a couple of concerts or theatre performances, you may become a habitue of concert halls, clubs, or a genuine theatre-goer. The effect produced on you by other arts will be no less, so one shouldn't neglect anything. And your own creative abilities will be on a rise - in this respect children will benefit as well as those people who hate thinking they are not gifted, and are always ready to try themselves in something new, at least for the sake of interest.

Aquariuses will be seeking for knowledge and experience and perhaps some grey hair as a usual result. You shouldn't be surprised if this year you will get an unexpectedly big number of elder friends and acquaintances. You will also give great importance to historical values, and some antiques may find their place in your home; while undertaking travels you'd better choose such tourists' routes where you can see enough of various antiques.

Business and job

Business sphere will not be very stable this year: Aquariuses as well as many others are expected to have ups and downs. On the whole the change of the situation will not be too dramatic for you, and at the end of the year the state of your well-being will be almost the same, as it was at the beginning of the year. Some options are possible of course; however, if you wish something more - more pure and more important - you will have to work at that substantially.

In autumn it will be a bit difficult. You shouldn't have to change your strategy of handling matters - even a small step aside, insignificant in your opinion, may seem quite critical to conservative partners, and there is even a danger to lose them. Not to say about the attempt of carrying out global changes. But you will be yielding new ideas like a horn of plenty. Just don't forget to coordinate your decisions on putting them into practice.

Family, Love, Romance

This year will bring a lot of new affairs to young and light-minded people but will demand extreme diplomacy instead. There is no certainty that you will succeed, therefore you'd better be prepared for break-offs. Those who are not so young will be a little quieter in this respect, while already existing family relations will be getting even stronger.

The period from March to September should be devoted to planning of family life (both at the initial and any other stages). This time is also favourable for family holidays and entertainments. The problem of communication with children is quite important - they will need your close attention and may cause concern in spring.

Aquariuses will be unrivalled in sex this year (it's not quite correct though, the first place still belonging to Scorpio, and if a couple is made of representatives of those two zodiac signs, it would be better to refrain from any remarks, at least out of modesty).

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