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Daily Leo Horoscope

July 18, 2024

🌟Mercury is again having words with surplus-happy Jupiter. Luckily, you've had practice since this last occurred and can easily prevent yourself from agreeing to arrangements that make you wish you'd never been asked.🌟

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Leo Daily Horoscope for Today

Jul 18th, 2024 Today Astrology, Moon Phase and Plenetary Aspects


Moon Phase

July 18, 2024

New Moon

Void of Course Moon in ♓

Affected period from 1:43 AM* Jul 18, 2021 to 6:17 AM* Jul 18, 2021 (* Eastern Time)

“Void-of-Course Moon” is known as a period when the Moon aspects planet just before it leaves the Zodiac sign it is in. This period means non-action at all stages of being. In general terms, all undertakings during this time will not come to fruition. Nothing is going to happen. But this is not necessarily a bad omen, because Void of Course Moon also stops events that can lead to negative developments.

For Leo on July 18, 2024 Void of Course Moon will happen in your 8th House of Transformation and Sexuality. Leo should expect that any action taken during this period in the Transformation and Sexuality sphere will come to the end with no result.

🔭 July 18, 2024 Moon Aspects

The trine between the planet of communication and the one of self allows great harmony between these two energies. Here we experience a balance between body and mind, and so, this is the aspect that allows for profound self-discovery. A thirst for knowledge of self is instigated by this aspect. This is also the aspect of people who define themselves by what they know instead of what they do.

You constructively use your will to guide your imagination, regenerating practical affairs and your emotional life. During this time you improve your health and stamina through the ability to renew your vitality. By getting rid of old, useless emotions and possessions, you can unclutter your life. Yet, your feelings are easily drawn to unfavorable conditions in the world around you that call out for correction and sympathy. You is emotionally more sympathetic to unfavorable conditions but is less prepared in the long run actually to do something about them beyond extending your heartfelt sympathy.

When the Moon in the Aries you have remarkable talents for attracting public attention and making a big show of everything you do. This attracts support and sympathy. Such a period usually generous in love but require a lot of affection in return.

The Moon and Venus square can bring some tension, but nothing that can't be worked around. Selfishness may be present in charts with this aspect, albeit not out of malice. The most important thing that natives with this aspect in their charts need to learn is distinguishing self-love from narcissism. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are narcissists themselves, but it could also point at a certain level of attraction towards people with these personality traits.

When the Moon is semisquare Uranus, adapting to significant world events can be difficult for the native. There's a chance for individuals with this aspect to feel like historical events do not affect them, even when they may be sensitive to triggers brought by these same events.

The Moon conjunct Jupiter blends faith and intuition together. This is an aspect of great insight into the exquisite elements of life. Natives with this aspect in their chart are caring and seek to share anything they learn with the world. These people often despise any form of discrimination as they believe everyone has the right to own their own truth.

When the Moon is semisquare Saturn, balancing the work-life and personal life can be a challenge. Integrating both of these aspects of the native's life, however, can become profitable over time.

A Pluto and Moon quintile manifests natives who see themselves in the obscure aspects of society. Gothic and horror aesthetics may be a big part of this person's life, and it may even be part of what they create in this world.

The Moon semi-sextile Mars is an aspect of adversities that go unnoticed. Natives with this aspect in their charts can often be naive and miss red-flags clear to everyone else in their lives. Learning to pay attention to social cues would be a valuable skill.

July 18th This Day in History and Famous Birthdays

🏰 On this day in History

July 18th, 2024

1921 Black Sox trial begins in Chicago

1944 Allies air raid railways at Vaires Paris

1932 US & Canada sign a treaty to develop St Lawrence Seaway

1737 Battle at Banja Luka: Turkish army beats Austrians

1980 Federal court voids Selective Service Act as it doesn't include women

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A Look at the Insights and Optimism Provided by a Daily Horoscope for Leo.

The perusal of your daily horoscope can satisfy your curiosity of the day's possible events and offer some guidance. For centuries the constantly changing planet positions have been used for generating astrological readings. Western Astrology identifies Leo with the symbol of a Lion and most Leo's are aware of this and their Sun sign. They may also be knowledgeable on the well known creative and energetic personality traits of Leo. Many people know the basics of their sign's assumed characteristics and recognize them in themselves. They will usually be able to easily and quickly find a today horoscope for their representative zodiac sign.

Measuring planet motion and charting their movements astrologically has been performed for thousands of years. Leo's are born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August. So planet and star locations during this time are calculated for the purpose of preparing a daily horoscope for Leo. The researched coordinates used to write the Leo daily horoscope are combined with the knowledge about familiar character features. This produces plenty of information for the content of a daily horoscope. Attention to planetary activity is focused on in the preparation of a today horoscope to ensure its accuracy. The influences of the planets form a big part of the messages conveyed by Astrology and it's predictive powers.

A Leo daily horoscope can be found in many publications, both on and offline, and most often within the entertainment sector. Many individual's scan their daily horoscope fairly regularly for some inspiring insight, motivation and the lifting of spirits. It can help you plan for things and is a constant reminder of the strong positive and weak negative parts of our personalities. These little looks at how well starred the day is can be very useful when planning any kind of important occasion. They can assist in determining the probability of things going well and they can give a little notice if setbacks or problems are anticipated. With this sort of horoscope assistance we have some method of predicting the likely outcome of a plan.

All Astrology horoscopes count on the reliability of the astrological data and research into people's behavior and emotional responses. So a Leo daily horoscope will be an assessment of probable planetary influenced events and this particular personalities reactions to them. The classic Leo is considered warm hearted and generous and these lovely traits are accounted for when horoscopes are written. The enthusiastic broad minded Leo is encouraged to direct his or her enthusiasm and progressiveness in the right directions. When this is reinforced on a day to day basis it can improve Leo's chances of seizing opportunities and going places in life. It can stimulate them to make the most of one of their best assets.

The daily horoscope for Leo will fixate on their expansive outlook, it will focus on the likely to happen circumstances swayed by Astrology. It can express a semi personalized evaluation of predicted occurrences for the day and give advice of a supportive kind. It considers the personal attributes of Leo's and takes them into account while explaining how best they can utilize them in current situations. Leo is occasionally regarded as being a bit intolerant and bossy. These tendencies can be warned against in a Leo daily horoscope and may discourage them from being impatient, too judgmental and domineering. It can remind them of their inclination to try and take over. So if they realize they are bossing people they can curb their impatience and take more of a back seat.

Any day of the year people are able to easily locate and read their today horoscope to discover how their day may go. These are usually brief readings summarizing likely happenings and suggesting a few advisory tips. More elaborate inspections of your exact birthday and the time you were born can be obtained in the form of special natal charts. These often make fabulous gifts that can be referred to time and time again. Checking your daily horoscope for Leo, especially around your birth date will allow you to have an idea of possible events surrounding it. The today horoscope for your birthday can tell you whether the planets are in a favorable alignment and even if you can await any surprise presents.

The unobtrusive assistance of an Astrology led today horoscope is suitable for males and females of all ages. It offers unbiased guidance at any time in a person's life and is quickly accessible. Frequent followers of the daily horoscope benefit from it's enlightening chatty predictions and suggestions. Whether you consult it regularly or just have a glance sometimes the Leo daily horoscope can become a helpful friend. For a Leo with their flexible thoughts it is a brilliant way for them to become acquainted with their inner self. It assists them to understand how they themselves and others around them view and interact with the world.

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