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Dream Dictionary AZ is an ancient piece of art that has been around for centuries. As long as humans have been alive there has been mystery surrounding dream analysis interpretations, dreams in general and Dream Dictionaries which hold keys for its meaning. Ancient societies used to place much significance on dream meanings, and very important decisions were made by very important people solely on the basis of what they saw to be the meaning of dream. Since the coming of a more modern age, society places less and less significance on dreams. The Dream Dictionary AZ is seen as a tool for the superstitious. It is generally understood that while dreams are still a cognitive anomaly that are tough to explain scientifically, no special significance should be afforded to them, or any sort of dream symbol.

Discovering and pointing out symbols within your dreams that are generally connected to emotional responses can allow you to reach a level of introspection that you have never reached before. Many people attest to being confused about the way that they feel. Psychologists routinely tell people that they have trouble expressing or understanding their emotions, and with the complexity of the world and lives that we live in, it often can be truly difficult to place the way we feel. However, our subconscious allows us a direct line to our hearts and minds. The subconscious is where all of our inner feelings dwell, and it is almost impossible to get there through the conscious world, but in our dreams is where we can truly reach within ourselves and search for the meaning of dream in the Dream Dictionary.

Dream Interpretation is a lot more than just nonsense, and renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud did his best to try to prove that with numerous books and articles on the subject of dream interpretations and the meaning of dream. There may not be some kind of mystical aura surrounding the dreams of others or ourselves anymore now that humanity seems to be a lot less supernaturally inclined, but the personal psychological messages sent to us through our own dreams are extremely significant and can help to tell us things about ourselves that we never knew in the first place.

There is a negative stigma associated with dream interpretation, that it is for crazies, or whackos, but the truth is, Dream Dictionary AZ might be the best way to reach our inner selves, not just on a metaphysical level, but on a purely psychological one. Simply flipping through our Dream Dictionary AZ or searching the web, you can understand our inner motivation and desires that we may never have even been aware of. Don’t keep yourself in the dark, search through a Dream Dictionary today.
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Cedricka courtney 2017-04-22 04:53:58
What is the problem when you keep dreaming of your dead love ones

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Kfm 2017-04-10 01:34:59
Today what i could only remember was the last dream i had. A kid and a mother made little kittens and snake like animals bite me (it seems that in my dream they were my family). It was too painful and i felt it in real world. They chase me and got more animal like to bite me but I ran out seeking for help and i forcibly remove them even though it hurts too much.. and my grandmother and my older sister (w/c both i dont have in real life) came to help me and ask them to take me away with them. When i was able to leave the house and took my clothes some guys tried to snatch my things and when police came they tried pushing the our car which needed a push to start.

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Natalia 2017-04-07 12:16:01
My boyfriend dreamt that we were both at the top of the main tower in germany and I wanted to go and see something more closely, he kept advising me: don't do it, Natalia Don't do it and seems that I didnt listened to him and i fall in the air, and i was saying: oh my god David, i'm sorry. Everyone around was in shock. He dowsnt remember anything else after that

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Disturbed 2016-11-06 16:11:14
This dream I had many years ago and tonight it finally came back to me:

I woke up in my car after a car accident only to realise that I cant get out.To make things even worse, I crashed somewhere on the mountain so basically there was no one else there to help me.After a few minutes of trying to save myself, then I heard a voice telling me how I won't escape this time and how I just need to accept my fate and die.Another few minutes later I woke up next to the car but soon enough I discovered that I am actually dead.Then the voice said to me how "they" have been waiting for me a long time and thats when I woke up.

By the way, the first time I had this dream was when I was just a kid,the night after I really survived a car accident with my father but I also survived in my first dream while I died in this one...what does that mean?

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Larry 2015-12-01 17:22:32
Saw a planet with elemens slowly being drawn to it

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Edith 2015-10-05 07:02:29

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Vichea 2015-08-07 04:05:13
hi all, last night I dream about a monk walk into my house and quickly leave and didn't say anything. Please share your idea if you know the meaning. Thanks

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Confused 2015-07-01 23:27:08
I had two dreams,both of them simmilar.In my first dream my neighbor dies and few days later he died in real life.Then my second dream my grandparent dies then I woke up and after I've spent few hours with my grandparent I have left him beacuse both of us had some work to do.1 hour later he dies and everything was just like in my dream.Now I ask myself...Do I have a gift to predict the future?

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herd 2015-06-27 08:52:01
are you sure of this opinion

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usha 2015-05-03 12:15:28
I went to the templ visit with my ex boy friend..whts the meaining of it...

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ashu 2015-01-20 18:08:41
I my dream i am walking upward on steps and they r not ending

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merri 2014-09-15 18:52:55
i dream i was crying sitting in a big mansion which is not mine and i asking my brother and mother to lets go home.

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MillieSkittles 2014-08-27 03:58:47
I had a dream and I was hoping someone could tell me what it meant...
It started out where I went to LA with a friend of mine, Matt. we went to their friend's house, someone I didnt know. (Not unusual for Matt, he likes dragging me around) In the dream, He left. He said he'd Be right back but. He didnt come back. His friends were potsmokers, getting high, so I wound up hanging out with their kids instead. (They were like, a teenager, a preteen, and an eightish year old.) and they gave me a 3DS (Gameboy). I hung around until it started getting dark, and decided to leave. My friend Josh (Another IRL friend, He works in China, but he technically lives here so he flies back and forth, IRL) Was leaving that day, so since I was already in LA I decided to see him off at the airport, and I did, but afterwards I ran into my dad who was up there in LA at the airport TOO, dropping off some chick he picked up (Its not unusual, Irl he meets online chicks left and right, so its something I am used to) He saw me walking down the street just outside the airport and pulled up in one of his psycho pissed off moods, so he picked me up. and we're driving. and next thing I know Im like... wheres my phone?" and Im stumbling along. and I take out my phone. and the case is gone, and the screen is shattered and bent.... And then I took out the 3Ds that the kids gave me... and it was just, twisted and mangled, unusable, too. Not like I dropped them, like, shattered and bent backwards and metal twisted, just destroyed, They looked like they got run over by a car... and I was so confused, and just stumbling, and It slowly hit me Im like "Did I get hit by a car...?" and Im like, it took me like... a long time to realize I was walking. Like I swear I was in the car and we were driving, and it took to Rosamond blvd (Rosamond is the town I live in, about an hour to an hour and a half from LA depending on traffic and which part) (in my dream I was cognizantly phasing in and out so it didnt seem like very long.. not because I was dreaming but as part of the dream) to realize I was walking... and Im like... "Did the car get hit by a car???" and I stumbled along, trying my phone despite being completely destroyed, of course, it didnt turn on, nothing. and I got all the way home before I realized* "Wheres my dad?"

I think he died in the car...

And I got home...
And for some reason it was...
It was definately my mobile home, even in the mobile home park and all.. but there was bales of Hay and chickens in our yard for some reason amongst our junk.
And I just collapsed in the Hay, and my 13 cats all ran to me, (I have 13 cats irl) and I petted them (And some chicks ?) and passed out/Woke up irl...

The last part.... Firstly, I live in a mobilehome. my Mobilehome park isnt minutely farmish at all, and I don't think I walked more than an hour from LA. I think in the dream that I was hallucinating so badly that morelikely I stumbled onto someone else's property thinking that it was my house, and collapsed in someones yard with a horse stable (Also not unusual, and fairly farmlike) , which explains the hay and chickens..., and that it was THEIR cats (and chickens.) That had come to me and I just hallucinated they were my cats because my cats are a comfort to me. Also, not sure if I passed out or died.

I also think it might be important that I should add that My father and I are NOT on good terms. He lives here, and he is... Walking hell. When he walks in its like a bad aura... he's extremely psychotic and violent. No love there.

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Lauren 2014-06-05 09:23:08
I had a dream I was laying in bed asleep next to my husband, when I woke up and started convulcing like seizure but it was extreme (like fish out of water flapping around) so I wake him up amd hes like what next thing I know I am asleep and waking up again doing the same thing so I wake him up again and this time hes alittle irratated and say what again and I told him I can't breathe meanwhile im still flopping around he laughs forba second and I say its not funny I am serious. Than all of a sudden I start to throw up projectile vomit but right before/as. I am he screams blood! I didn't see the color of the vomit tho.. Than I really actually woke u and I am shaking and my heart is racing. And am scared to go back to sleep cuz I am scared I was really having a seizure and my dream just made it worse to try and wake me up...anyone have any ideas??????

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Anna 2013-12-31 15:03:27
Last night I had a bizarre dream which I've never had before & would like to know its meaning. I was a camerawoman/director for a discovery channel type tv show and I was with a presenter. We were making a series about Navajo people and their beliefs etc. The old Navajo woman showed us she had prisoners all trapped under a big rock, and it was pretty much like a cell. Try and imagine a big rock with cave-type holes on the side and the "door" to these cells was just heavy rocks piled on top of each other. Anyway then she showed us the prisoners and I remember feeling great apprehension because inside these "cells" were creatures and monsters, not people. In one cell was a giant wasp and it made lots of huffing noises but it didn't try to attack us or anything it was just lying on the ground in a small compacted space and I was wary and scared incase it attacked. I really want to know if there's a meaning for any of this.. for example the giant wasp?! And these creatures being held prisoners? Does it signify anything? thankyou x

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