Dream interpretation Milk

Milk in dream generally specifies emotional nourishment which can take different turns depending on the stage of milk you have observed in your dream. Milk is basically suggestive of motherly or protective feelings which are decided by the activities done with milk in the dream. It is necessary to observe carefully the exact nature of milk and other surrounding to get proper and correct interpretation.

Specific interpretations with dreams of milk

Milk can suggest different things according to its physical properties you have observed in the dream. If you dream about drinking milk then you can get the clue that true love is going to enter your life soon. The same dream can also suggest that you need to work on the ties and relationships with your loved ones. If you see your throat is chocking with excess milk then it can propose that you are overly protected by your family. If you see sour or impure milk then it implies that you are going to suffer from minute problems in domestic life. If you see yourself drinking hot or warm milk then it is indicative of comfort or peace. If you visualize that you have spilled the milk onto the floor then it signifies loss of belief on your close person. If you see yourself taking bath in milk then it means you are having very faithful friends around you. This particular dream is considered as good portent which can bring some positive change in your life. Dreams of milk are also considered as a sign of positive health changes or you are going to have a perfect health in near future.

Suggestions to take from milk dreams

Dream of milk definitely is a positive sign if is in positive formats and it is telling you to be positive and accept the sweet change coming your way. It is also telling you to concentrate on your close relationships with family and try hard to strengthen these and gain their faith. Overall milk dream is definitely a symbol of emotional change which you should heed for.

A sample dream about milk and its meaning

Imagine a dream where there is a farmer who is working hard on his farms and getting reasonable gains. Now a friend suggests him to buy a cow and start business so he purchases the cow and brings her to home which turns to be a horse. Then he decides to taste his milk to see if he can do business and drinks his milk. The end result can be anything but the main focus on drinking horse milk is indicative of gaining good reputation and success in life. If you see yourself drinking animal milk such as camel, cow, lioness or snake all is considered as good omen but the best in all is cows as it brings prosperity.
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robyn 2014-04-12 22:16:52
I had a dream about a girl singing then suddenly floating in a puddle of milk. What does it mean?

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leena 2013-12-09 00:29:34
In my dream, my sister and myself trying to pour oil in a large container and the oil spills in large quantities...

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leena 2013-12-05 05:51:39
In my dream , I saw a large can of milk in the fridge (just standing there)..I thought it was real but when I checked the fridge there was no milk, it was just a dream

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melody 2013-11-28 06:06:19
Dreaming I was with my dead brother looking alive well and happy and we were at the local market shop seated on sits chatting and another man come and he bought something and started eating and he gave us some money, my. Brother was given more than me and I got milk and I started drinking it. When I found my baby crying and has uritated on the chair.

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ken 2013-08-22 05:03:11
I had a dream I was searching in my mothers truck for change I found dimes and pennies. I then decide to put the change in a glass cup pour milk in it and I drink it

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sandy 2013-08-17 01:24:38
i dreamt of drinking more then half a glass of impure water, what does this mean?

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Alison 2013-08-13 04:15:42
I dreamed that my mom bought a whole gallon of milk and gave it to me to put in the fridge.
What could that mean ?

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Nancy 2013-04-13 06:57:12
I had a dream where I'm transferring milk into a vessel on the kitchen stove and me and my hubby are expecting guests at home. I get some left over milk in a big cover from the refrigerator and empty it into the vessel as well. I also see some used coffee cups that need wash. People present in the kitchen are me and my hubby. Can you tell me how to interpret it?

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Amina 2013-03-12 18:07:02
In my dream I saw my cousin giving me milk to drink in the middle of the night, but I refused, but she insisted, so I drank it, I kept drinking it, saying tht the milk was so sweet, and then she smiled after I finished drinking it. Any thoughts on wat this means?

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maria 2012-06-02 18:44:58
Last night I dreamed my mom gave me a quarter of gallon of milk and it tasted so good, and i was thirsty but I stopped and it was left just a lil bit.. but felt so so satisfied.

I personally dont like to drink milk.. just with cereal and in coffee...

what do u think it means?

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lisa 2013-04-03 21:54:03
well it probably means that your wishing to be a baby again.

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MES 2012-05-17 02:36:54
Today I had three milk signs. I took my children to a breakfast place and they both spilled their chai milk. They were trying to close the lid. I received a latte with curdled milk and later at work got a coffee from the cafe, again with curdled milk. Any thoughts?

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Mac 2013-09-15 12:34:18
You had a bad day. forget it and be ready for tomorrow.

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