Personal Birthstones

Birthstones, Gemstones, Healing Mandala & Crystals for personal Talisman according to personal Birthday, Zodiac sign & ruling Stars.
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Every living being on Earth is ruled by a planet or a star. Medieval astrologers as well as astrologers in antiquity knew which minerals, metals, herbs and animals were ruled by the different planets or stars. For example, medieval astrologers had a list of 15 fixed Stars, the so-called Behenian Stars, with their respective gemstones and medicinal plants to be used as amulets for protection against the negative influences of these fixed Stars.

Of all entities on Earth, gemstones are unique for two reasons:
  • They are the longest living beings on earth that bring with them the memories from bygone times.
  • They conduct sun and moon light, which gives them their special appeal.
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Anyone can synchronize their energies, willpower, and intent with the Divine energies of those birthstones associated with their date of birth. This in effect, is a means for joining forces with nature in order to make a wish come true. However, it is important to remember the basic universal law of fate: 'What goes round comes round". When combating negative individuals who try to cause you harm, ill wishing is not a safe means because it will harm you too. Just like the person who slings mud at someone else will also get splattered by that mud. The only safe means for defending oneself against negative individuals is by focusing one's intent on creating a metaphysical protective wall against any form of negativity. Thus, should anybody ill wish you then your protective wall will not allow this negativity to harm you and it will automatically return to its sender. Just like an undelivered parcel is returned to the sender of that parcel.

Personal Birthstones

Each day the Sun advances approximately one degree along the zodiac wheel. The placement of the Sun along the zodiac wheel on the day of your birth is the main factor, which determines your fate. This degree is the degree of your "Focus". The placement of the Sun on the day before your birth, which is the last day of your sojourn in your mother's womb, is the degree of your "Karmic Condition". And the placement of the Sun one day after your birth (following the first sunrise in your present life) is the degree of your "Quest".

Each person has essentially three birthstones - the "Focus" birthstone, which is the primary birthstone, as well as the "Karmic Condition" and "Quest" birthstones, which are secondary birthstones.
  • The "Focus" birthstone, serves as a personal talisman for healing and attracting good fortune.
  • The "Karmic Condition" birthstone, helps a person understand their karma from past lives and heal past life traumas.
  • The "Quest" birthstone supports a person in successfully reaching their goals.

How to find your Birthstones

Steps for finding your birthstones:
  • Check whether you were born in a leap year or a regular year.
  • Click on the link below with your date of birth.
Note: If your "Focus" birthstone is unavailable, then use your "Karmic Condition" and/or "Quest" birthstones until you can get your "Focus" birthstone.

How to prepare a personal Medicine Pouch

The Medicine Pouch is a personal talisman which you can either wear around your neck or keep in your pocket, handbag or purse.

Here are the steps for preparing a personal Medicine Pouch:
  • Light a candle.
  • Arrange your birthstones around the candle so that the candle light can shine through them.
  • Gaze at your birthstones as they shine with the candle light, focus your intention on infusing your birthstones with the energies of the Creators Divine Love and make a personal wish.
  • After the candles have burned down, place your birthstones into your medicine pouch.
The medicine pouch is a small bag made of either leather, linen, cotton or silk. The pouch can be sewn or crocheted - whatever appeals to you the most.
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