Description for Birthstone: Eclogite

Eclogite is a blend of Garnet (Almandine and Pyrope) with traces other minerals including kyanite, rutile, quartz, zoisite, dolomite, corundum and rarely also diamond, on a green matrix of Omphacite. The energies of Eclogite are not the sum of the minerals' energies comprising it; just like the energies of the color green is not the sum of the energies vibrated by the colors yellow and blue. Eclogite has a unique frequency of its own.

Eclogite's surface resembles a bed of green grass with red flowers growing on it. Green is the color of Venus and Red is the color of Mars; hence, the stone's energies combine the masculine with the feminine. Moreover, red and green are complementary colors facing each other on the color wheel, just like Mars and Venus vibrate the complementary male and female energies.

Eclogite is a stone of balance that bridges and integrates opposing forces into one unified energy. This stone is useful in meditation to balance the Yin/Yang energies.

Eclogite is a powerful emotional healer. It's soft and loving energies help to heal a broken heart, when mourning a loved one who has passed over, when going through a divorce, or after being jilted by a lover. Its energies will cleanse one's psyche from all traces of pain and trauma to make way for renewed hope and love to come into one's life.

Eclogite is particularly helpful when going through drastic changes in life, especially in personal status: from being single to being a couple or vice versa. The stone's vibrations aid in synthesizing between "me", "you" and "the two of us".

Mentality, Eclogite helps one to identify patterns and see the whole picture. This stone teaches us that in reality the whole is never the sum of its parts but an independent entity in its own right. People, who tend to focus only on the details, yet fail to see the whole picture should wear or carry this stone to gain a more balanced perspective of reality.

Eclogite is the lucky stone for creating positive changes in one's life path, which will lead to expansion and abundance as well as spiritual growth. The stone stimulates one's mental flexibility to think outside the box. This is very helpful for finding new solutions to old dilemmas.

Writers and artists who are experiencing an artistic block can meditate or sleep with a piece of Eclogite. The stone's vibrations will inspire them with fresh ideas and imbue them with renewed creative energies.