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Horoscope - everyone knows what it means. Everyone has heard something about the Zodiac signs, although some people might know not much about planets, stars, not mention the houses, aspects, rising signs, and natal charts. However, everyone is familiar with horoscope composed according to the zodiacal sign he was born under. Ancient Greek astrologist Claudius Ptolemy has connected the 12 Signs of the Zodiac with seasons, events that occur in the nature, and growth of dryness and heat.

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Weekly horoscope gives each zodiac sign a unique opportunity to slightly lift a curtain that hides the future from us. Since time immemorial, we have been walking our life path with our inquisitive eyes fixed on the firmament. It is no surprise that ancient Mazdians and Zoroastrians, the founders of modern astrological teachings, spent that much time on studying our solar system's planets and the nearest stars. It is a solid fact that Earth inhabitants are completely dependent on the heavenly bodies and every event, no matter how insignificant it may be, has its causes and leaves a mark out there, beyond the Earth atmosphere, where in addition to the classic laws of physics something else, mysterious and frightening, exists.

Weekly horoscope is a chance for each of us to change something. Surely, stars can hardly have a direct impact on our life. However, they do have control over circumstances and the future events are within their knowledge. This means one thing - they can warn and alert. As we know, "warned" means not only "armed", but also "able" to directly influence the events that are just about to happen. Those who think that our destiny is set in stone long before we are even born should think again. Stars have a different opinion about it. They believe each of us is a creator of the world we live in and a weekly horoscope is the best proof of it.

However, you should have a clear vision of the thin line separating your own efforts from astral energy which is being generously bestowed on earth by the celestial bodies every second. On the one hand, it is you and only you who can do or choose not to do something that will help you avoid what seems to be unavoidable or, on the contrary, award your undertaking with an unexpectedly fabulous success. On the other hand, it can be real tough for us at times without stars' support, especially if we can't figure out the source of our problems or solving them seems so elusive that even the toughest of us can't help giving up. Weekly horoscopes for all the Zodiac signs are the source that gives you both a chance to learn some key aspects of upcoming events and, at the same time, keep complete independence of circumstances. That's why those of us who weekly turn to stars for help do more than a wise thing. We do the right thing.

My son thou shalt understand
That, to avoid all idleness,
This matter oft thou shalt take in hand
To read of shepherd's business;
And special of the planets seven,
Of Mars and Saturn that is full high
Also of Sol, the middle heaven,
And under him Venus, Luna, and Mercury.
For to know their natures all
In sooth it is a great conning,
And show what may befall
When every planet is reigning;
By their working oft we be moved
To look lusty and plays of jollity,
And by some of them as clerks have proved
They steer us to theft, murder, and vility.
Some be good, some be bad verily,
Some be not comfortable to man nor beast;
Some hot, some cold, some wet, some dry,
If three be good, four be worse at the least;
Saturn is highest, and coldest being full bad,
And Mars with his bloody sword, ever ready to kill;
Jupiter very good, and Venus maketh lovers glad,
Sol and Luna is half good and half ill,
Mercury is good, and evil verily.
And hereafter thou shalt know
Which of the seven most worthy be,
And who reigneth high and who a-low;
Of every planet's property-
Which is the best among them all
That causeth wealth, sorrow, or sin.
Tarry and here, son thou shall
Speak soft, for now I begin.

/from The Kalendar and Compost of Shepherds,
published in Paris 1493, translated about 1518/

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