Dream Interpretation

Dreams are humanityís access to the collective subconscious. They offer each of us an opportunity to reflect upon and renew aspects of our lives in the dreamtime. This contemplation in the dream worlds ultimately manifests as healing and restoration here, in 3-D waking consciousness. Dreams shatter the barriers that surround our rigid intellects. They replace tired programming and uninspired patterns with healing pathways and limitless freedom. They are our truest form of expression because they emerge from the deepest realm of our unadulterated inner self. Dreams create doorways to a higher evolution and grant us access to sources of wisdom that are ancient and sacred.

Archetypes and symbols found in dream sequences are linked to a myriad of possible interpretations, however, they are all connected by universal themes and human experiences. We have the potential to tear down the walls around the subconscious and set ourselves free to learn more about the inner self and its divine true nature. We share a common ground in the dreamtime, and discovering more about its symbols and messages establishes a deeper sense of interconnectedness with all life. Dream interpretation also induces a profound respect and gratitude for life experiences and transitions. We begin to see the sacredness in every act of life, no matter how great or small.

Dreams are responsible for some of the greatest works of art, music, and poetry. Because they are linked to the universal subconscious and collective unconscious, they have a direct connection to the raw, imaginative power which gives rise to great inventions, problem solving, and ingenious creative ideas. If you are an artist of any kind such as a painter, musician, or author, and you find yourself at an impasse, look no further than your dreams for guidance and assistance. If you seek to resolve some conflict in your life whether it be personal or interpersonal, then check in with your dream journeys for sound advice regarding the best course of action. There is no question that a dream cannot answer, because dreams are born of humanityís deepest truths and innate wisdom.

If you are just now learning to decipher between fact and fiction in your dream messages, your immediate feelings are the most accurate judge. If you feel you need extra assistance, then please do reach out to me with your recent dream and I will interpret based on the information you provide. I am happy to analyze your dream for you using the following method: I will explore your dream segment by segment and interpret each unique, individual element or symbol of the dream. Finally, I will synthesize the interpretation into one cohesive whole so that the explanation I offer will provide you with the most information to bring you healing and resolution.

It is important to note that much peace, solace, and wisdom can be sourced from othersí dreams. If you have time, peruse the archive here and discover the meaning of symbols and sequences which others have endured in their journeys. We are linked by these universal themes and archetypes, which are humanityís truest expression of its shared soul.

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