Running away from dreams?


Take a glass made up of copper and fill it up with water. Before sleeping place it near the bed down on the floor where you keep your head. In morning use the water to water a plant. Do his for at least 41 days and no bad dream will ever come to you. You'll see the difference from the 1st day.

What does it mean if you have a recurring or vivid dream?

Dreams serve to remind a person of information or events or habits that need to be addressed. These messages materialize in dreams to trigger the memory of their presence. The more important the message, or the more a person tries to ignore a pressing matter, with more persistence the message will appear in the dream. If a dream recurs, or leaves you shaken by its vividness, and detail; it is perhaps due to the fact that the dream has a very important meaning for you.

Importance of Dreams in Ancient Cultures

The ancient Greek and Roman eras were deeply devout in nature. For them, dreams were a divine intervention. A religious context was given for each dream. Be it for a royalty or a member of the priests or even a layman, each member of the society took his venture into the realm of dreams very seriously.

The ancient Egypt dream interpreters held high positions in social rankings and were called "Masters of the Secret Things." These interpreters were usually temple priests and learned their craft and education was gained from the revered "Book of the Dead," one of the most important and well-known books of Egyptian wisdom.

The dreams have always been believed to be direct messages from the loved deceased or the God himself. In most ancient cultures, people reflected upon their dreams to make the important decisions in their lives. Even military and political moves were made in the light of dreams viewed by the monarchs and important militant figures. Many ancient battle accounts tell of dream interpreters that accompanied the army leaders to assist in battle strategy and decision making in the battlefield.

What Dreams Represent According To Modern Dream Analysts.

While many people consider dreams to be, a mere imagination of fancies, it has been proven by many studies that dreams can also be in fact messages from the subliminal consciousness of a person's own mind.

Dreaming is a requirement, and it benefits you by refreshing your mind and invigorating your body. Scientific studies have shown that people who are stopped or consciously try to avoid entering the dream stage or REM stage of the sleep are unable to reap the benefits associated with sleeping. Another study concluded that lack of REM stage sleep will result in over-sensitivity, the progressive deficiency in attention levels as well as cause memory loss.

Ignoring dreams is of course not a bad option, but avoiding dreams may be degenerative for your health.

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