Ex-Girlfriend & Staircase Dream Interpretation


I had a real crazy dream about a year ago. I don't really have dreams nor remember them, but this one stuck with me and I think about it a lot. So my ex girlfriend was older than I about 40 years and I was helping her up the stairs and said. Whyd you change and she just laughed and said in a soft voice. I don't know. And we got to a balcony than as we look up in the sky we see a planet expload and a loud boom and it started this way toards earth. And she turned into my current girlfriend and I don't recall what she said but she turned her age and I was happy and hugged her. Than I woke up real shaken and I really thought the world had ended. I'm very greatful to be where I am in my life and love my girlfriend so very much.

Your ex-girlfriend appears to you in your dream at this time to help you heal the past and move forward. This is a mutual exchange. You are both getting something that you need out of this dream and you should be thankful for the blessing of her appearance. This dream includes symbols of your ex-girlfriend and past relationship, helping your ex up the staircase, a healthy and happy conversation with your ex, a balcony, a planetary explosion, your current girlfriend, and a mystical transformation from old to young again, feelings of joy and rejuvenation, a world ending scenario, and feelings of gratitude.

Ex-girlfriend: The appearance of your ex-girlfriend should signal to you that you are still clearing up residue from your past relationship with her. If she appears to you, it is either because she is trying to make her way back to you in the dreamtime or in 3-D. In either case, you both need to work through something and resolve the past together, which is why she has appeared to you at this time in your dream.

Helping your ex up the staircase: Ascending a staircase equates to finding safety and protection or security in a purer dimension. Ascension is linked to traveling high above one's worries, troubles, fears, or anxieties. You literally rise above anything that concerns you and enter into safer dimensions or realms which you can better control and which bring out your better qualities and inner aspects. The two of you climbing the stairs together is a very good sign. It indicates that you are both working together to heal your past so that you can improve your relationships with each other or others in your lives in the present.

Conversation: The conversation that you both have is representative of you both making an effort to make peace after all this time. When you ask, Why'd you change and she simply laughs and says, I don't know, this is simply reflective of you both translating to each other via your dreams the thoughts and sentiments that you have been digesting since the break up.

Balcony: Balconies are dimensions of softness, joy, and embracing the good times life has to offer in dreams. They are the places where we go in 3-D to simply reflect on our lives, enjoy the moment, embrace the beauty of nature around us, and take in breaths of fresh air which renew our mind, body, and spirit. There is little that can trouble you or worry your mind when you stand on a balcony in good company with someone you care about deeply, such as in the case of you and your ex-girlfriend.

Planet explosion: It is interesting that the planet explodes because it stands in stark contrast to the healing that you both are establishing together. However, what this means is that one phase of your lives and your journey together has ended and you are both safely at a distance from the tumult and concern of the past. That interruption to your peaceful moment is actually a great sign that the past has ended and been replaced with renewal, healing, and triumph.

Current girlfriend: What this means is that your relationship with your current girlfriend will experience enhanced feelings of intimacy, deeper connection, and overall general feelings of peace and trust. Your loyalty to your current girlfriend has just been amplified by the fact that you resolved and properly mended a previous relationship. People forget that before we can move on to another relationship, we must first heal the past so that we can be prepared to embrace and love others wholly and completely.

Transformation of age and appearance: It could be that you were visiting your ex-girlfriend at a future place in time to when she is older than she is now at present. Sometimes, our energy travels so fast when we split up or end a relationship, that we go so far in our separate ways we age more quickly. When she returns to her present age, what has happened is that the healing you both have created has restored you both to your youth and good health and strength. The years you shaved off each other's lives by holding onto the past has been replaced with renewal, rejuvenation, and another chance at being your authentic selves.

Feelings of joy and happiness: Your feelings of joy and happiness mirror the healing that you have created together. This is a time for celebrating being young, being active, being sociable, and being there for your current partner.

World Ending Scenario: The world ending scenario is simply a reflection of one chapter of your life's story ending and a brave new start just beginning.

Gratitude: Your feelings of gratitude match your feelings of joy, elation, and happiness. You are grateful because the healing has made you pause and reflect on everything that you have to cherish, care for, and nurture in your life.

You woke up feeling grateful because of the peaceful resolution that you and your ex-girlfriend manifested together in this dream. You climbed and reached a new height together in your memory banks' friendship and connection. You have now safely healed and mended the past and can move forward with your life. Trust that your connection and intimacy levels with your current girlfriend will improve.

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kiki 2022-02-02 03:06:26
I dream about a spiral stair...i was carrying a cat and while i was going up i saw my ex friends, we looked each other for a second then we use our hand to cover each other eyes and I just keep going up with the stair,

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