Understand Violent Dreams


I dreamt that I had to murder someone for my mother - when I had done it and we moved the body I was feeling anxious and upset that I would be caught and unable to to look after my mother if I had to go away we dumped the body in a dumpster in a place I've never been before and a town I've never seen before but I felt I knew where I was as scared of being caught I was running all through these rooms that seemed to be hotel rooms then turning into hospital rooms to get my things so I wouldn't get caught for what I did I had stayed in this hotel with the person I had killed I didn't see myself killing her in my dream it's like she had a friend status towards me although I didn't recognize her then I woke up in a hotel room next to a man in my own wee and vomit all on my hair to be in a shower next cleaning myself.

Perhaps the reason that you had such a strong reaction to the dream is because of its distressing nature. Seeing a murder is a very painful experience, to dream that you committed the act yourself is not only painful, it can be an emotionally scarring. The thing you need to understand is, dreaming that you murder someone is not a reflection of your personality. Also, it is not a premonition of any future act or situation.

Seeing or Committing Murder in a Dream

Murder or killing in dream does not show the act itself, instead, it is a representation of the end of a relationship, a personality trait, an old habit or a specific way of thinking. To see yourself killing a person in dream is in fact your show of frustration or unexpressed anger towards that person.

In the dream realm, strangers or unknown faces symbolize your own personality traits that you refuse to acknowledge or are suppressing for some reason or are hiding from others. To dream that you killed a stranger implies that you have put to rest a habit you were reluctant to show to others anyway.

To infer in your dream that you are doing all these actions for your mother, signifies that either you hold your mother in high esteem and are modifying your personality to please her. Or you begrudge your mother and are changing your depend-on-her personality, to be more independent.


Seeing a dumpster in your dream, signifies that you are trying to rid yourself of old habits and characteristics you deem injurious to yourself, either emotionally or physically.

Seeing that you dumped the dead body in a dumpster further solidifies the idea that you are trying to rid yourself of some hidden yet unscrupulous habit, personality trait or thought process.

Hotel Transforming into a Hospital

In dreams; seeing Hotel symbolizes a strong need to escape the life you currently have. They are the literal representation of 'Escape Route'. On the other hand, seeing a Hospital in the dream symbolize the need to heal both mentally and emotionally.

You dreamt about running first through what seemed like a hotel, and then as you proceeded further into the dream, the building seeming to morph into a hospital. The locales you went through in the dream also seems to mention your first your increasing anxiety of your life status, and then you need to find a remedy for it as well.

The fact that you did not give up even in your dream and kept going on is a strong indication of your strength of character. Given your desperation to remedy your situation you will find a way to make a better for yourself.

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