Dreaming about Satan


I had a dream of Satan being a beautiful strong pit bull. In my dream I walked up to him and He started licking my finger which caused arousal...what does that mean?!

To understand the possible interpretation of this dream you must first try to understand the symbolism at work in the different facets of this dream. As simple as it sounds, there are many figures at work in this dream. Being clear on each front is the only way to devise some meaning out this seemingly random dream.

Symbolism behind Appearance of Satan

Just like in the real world, in the dream world too the word 'Satan' has been synonymous with fear, restrictions, and all the destructive aspects of a human nature. Ancient mystics and astrologists symbolize viewing Satan in a dream as concealing a mental state of guiltiness. More modern interpretations of dream analysts term, it is as craving temptations that are hard to resist, despite the fact that one is aware of their adverse effects or these enticements going against your own interests.

Symbolism behind a Pitbull

All the living creatures that appear in dreams signify various elements of human nature and the environment. Some present positive influences, while other present ambiguous possibilities. A Pitbull is one of the latter symbols. The appearance of Pitbull in a dream, suggests that the dreamer is on the defensive, and may be threatened by a situation.

The Symbolism behind seeing your fingers specifically in a dream

Seeing your fingers specifically in a dream symbolize mental dexterity and manipulation. They are a source of non-verbal speech. Seeing that they are under the control of an entity other than you may symbolize you being manipulated by someone else.

The Symbolism behind feeling aroused in your dream

In the traditional sense, viewing your own sexuality indicates unraveling of the mysteries of a human lifecycle. But in many cases, this scenario may also point towards concerns regarding loss of one's sex appeal. That is if in the dream the arousal does not lead to fulfillment, but rather leaves behind a sense of unease than it means the dreamer is troubled by his or her sex life and views their personal sex life as an unsatisfactory area of life.

The Dream Interpretation

This dream may be a representation of your fear of an unfulfilling relationship or life experience. As we can deduct from the symbolical representation of both 'Satan' and 'Pitbull' in dreams, they represent all the restrictive and negative aspects of human nature. And having the Satan present itself in the form of a Pitbull further substantiates this idea. Then comes the part where the Pitbull is licking your fingers, this may represent that the restrictions that you have put on your life are manipulating you and further distancing you from accomplishing anything rewarding in your life. And finally, the feeling of being guiltily aroused may represent that you know, despite knowing that you are manipulated are remaining in this fruitless situation and further worsening your situation. This dream may be an indication for you to carefully reconsider your life choices and get away from all the negative influences in your life.

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