Starving Dog Dream Interpretation


I had a dream about a starving dog. He looked like part was all skin and bones. People, including me,were trying to feed it but it kept running away. I am thinking that the dog represents me. I am so starved for love, but for some reason I can seem to accept it when it is right in front of me. Thoughts? Anyone have another interpretation?

Animal spirits and messengers definitely have information for us about our inner selves. They are our link sometimes to the hidden aspects of our soul and sacred subconscious impulses, fears, anxieties, concerns, or hopes, and joys. They teach us about ourselves and what we need most out of life. In the case of this dream, the dog absolutely represents you in one or more areas of your life at the present moment. Let's take a look at the starving dog, the dog running away from being fed, and running away from love as a concept.

Starving dog: The dog is a symbol of your inner self. It absolutely equates to your own qualities and characteristics in the present moment. Look to those places in your life where you might feel starved not only of love and affection, but of attention or recognition

Running away from being fed: You are absolutely right to interpret this as not being able to accept the gifts that are being offered to you. We have to be careful not to fall into the traps of martyrdom when this happens. Sometimes, all too often in fact, we neglect to take what would satisfy our hunger or nourish our soul and spirit simply because we do not want others to disapprove of our actions. We feel that receiving is a bad thing, and we should instead always be giving of ourselves. The opposite is true. We need to learn to be better at receiving the gifts, blessings, and abundance that is offered to us each and every day. Try to train yourself to say yes anytime someone offers you something, whether it is mundane and simple or large and grand. The better you become at receiving, the better you will be at giving when the opportunity presents itself.

Running away from love: Yes, you are running away from what your soul and spirit need to nourish it, which is love. Even if it was food, money, raiment, shelter, or some other commodity that would make you happy and help you survive, its root source would be love. Do not run away from love and do not hide from love. Allow love to find you, meet you halfway, and revive, resurrect, and reawaken you in your journey and spiritual quest for wholeness.

Do not be dismayed to see a kicked, starving dog when its down. Yes, this represents some part of you, but it does not represent all of you. You have within you the capacity to give and receive, to give and take, to push and pull, to stand strong and to leave a situation when it gets out of hand. Know when to give and take, and trust yourself to be worthy enough to receive the boon that life is offering you.

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