Three brothers and your sister dream interpretation

I had a dream where i had three extra brothers they didn't have names but each was diffrent. one i was constantly mad at and I couldn't find him the second one was cool and we would hang out together the third one was lovey dovey and he gave me advice ect. i didn't realize until the next night that these brothers in my dream was actually my sister in real life. My older sister ashli recently left for college in another state. the brother i was constant mad at and I couldn't find shows how i was mad at her for leaving and shes not here anymore. The cool one showed how much fun we had. we were always going out. the third one showed how much i loved her because she gave me advice and cared about me. Man i hate dreams they screw with your mind….

There are many aspects and elements that compose a relationship we might have with a friend, family member, or partner. These are to be looked at, analyzed, and improved upon in order to enhance our relationships. In this dream, we see three extra brothers who each represent aspects of your relationship with your sister.

Three extra brothers: The three extra brothers, characters, or figures from your dream absolutely represent something or someone in terms of qualities and characteristics. They represent mannerisms, behaviors, likes, dislikes, and proclivities. They represent the good, the bad, and the ugly of a particular person or situation. You did well to see that and interpret that for yourself.

1st brother: constantly mad at

2nd brother: cool and you hung out together

3rd brother: lovey dovey and kind

Three brothers represent your sister and your relationship with her: Yes, the three brothers absolutely represent aspects of your relationship with your sister. You did an excellent job of recognizing that and of seeing the manner in which they symbolize key elements of your friendship and relationship.

You and your sister have some talking to do! First, if there is anything troubling you or concerning you that might cause conflict or opposition, then you should write it down. Then share it with your sister and see if she agrees. If not, you know you will have started an important conversation with her to clear the air. Be grateful that you have a trusted friend and loyal sister. You should show her you are grateful by being open and honest at all times about the way you feel.

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