Open door and vision of your mother dream interpretation


But what if it's a doppleganger of someone you know??? I had a nightmare today about my mom. I was in my room on my laptop with the door open (which already struck me weird because my door is always closed) and i could see someone from the corner of my eye standing in my hallway. i turned, and saw my mom. she was just standing there, staring at me. I was gonna ask if she needed anything, but she just smiled at me, and left the hallway and made her way into the kitchen slowly. That was when I remembered my mom was out of town for the week and i was the only one home and woke up.

There are times when people we do or do not know simply appear under strange circumstances. They act and serve as spirit guides, channels, or mediums, and most often as forms of protection. Whether the woman you saw appear through your open door was your mother is irrelevant, but what is important is that you connected with someone who was more than likely there as a protective guide. This dream involves being in your room and working, an open door, a vision of your mother in the hallway, moving to the kitchen, and your mother's presence despite being out of town.

In your room working on your laptop: Dreaming of working is an immediate reflection of what you would normally do in 3-D. When our subconscious sets up these parameters for us to work with, it is simply to place our consciousness inside of a dimension that is familiar to us and comfortable. This is the perfect contextual setting to receive a message, no matter what the content.

Door open (when your door is typically closed): To dream of doors that are opened and closed is to speak to the degree to which you are open or closed off to others in your life. Do you allow people to enter into your sacred space and share it with you? Do you spend substantial time with people in social settings? Or are you closed off, antisocial, and not interested in spending time with others? It is likely that your guard is typically up to prevent anyone from infringing upon your personal space. If this is the case, then don't be alarmed but instead be encouraged by the fact that you opened up to allow more energy to flow into and out of your space. Opening up your door means opening up to new possibilities.

Mother in the hallway: It could be that you were seeing the imprint of a guardian spirit or some aspect of your own consciousness personified. Typically whatever and whomever we see in our dreams are mere extensions of some component of ourselves. Your subconscious could have been substituting your mother for a benevolent woman who is a friend, teacher, guide, or confidant. Do not be alarmed. She did not attack you or attempt to invade your personal space, but was simply watching over you.

Transition from the hallway into the kitchen: When she left you to your own accord, it was because she saw that you had everything you needed in that moment. She simply went to another dimensional space to tend to that area or that zone of information. The kitchen is a space of warmth, hearth, and nourishment. Perhaps she was waiting to see if you would follow her there to take a break and nourish yourself.

Mother's presence despite her physical body being out of town: Again, the subconscious works in strange ways and will occasionally use people we know well to signify or represent people we do not know as well or simply have not met yet. Also, human beings are multidimensional and we can travel through the astral plane to experience many times and places simultaneously. It could have very well been your mother's spirit or presence there watching over you and making sure you are safe.

This dream reveals the power of human beings to travel through the astral plane to look after or check up on their loved ones. As is the case with your mother, or this woman who may be familiar to you, this person appears to simply check in on you and make sure you are getting what you need. It is a blessing to have a guide, and nothing to be alarmed by. Your door was open, which signifies that on a subconscious level you welcome the guidance and protection.

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