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Well, I had a dream about my cousin named Brandon, we were on my bed and he kissed me on the check and then I did the same but then we would fight over who got the last kiss, and so then after that he would give me a piggy back around my room, so then we went back to lay on me bed and he was about to kiss Me on my lips but then my door opened and my friends came barging in. That's all but he isn't my blood cousin because he's on the side of my mom's boyfriend and their not even married so idk what to do and I really like him.

Dreams have a way of communicating with you, your innermost desires. Seeing yourself doing something you will never actually do in your life may reflect your desire to be more involved in that activity, or just do something about it, that you are not doing right now.

What Seeing Kissing In Dreams Represents

Seeing someone kiss in a dream implies feelings of affection, fondness, peacefulness, agreement, love, and satisfaction. To see yourself kissing different specific body parts infers different meanings. To see yourself kissing someone's hand denotes you are showing them admiration. Kissing feet denote you show them respect. Kissing the neck shows feelings of lust and love, kissing lips shows love, kissing cheeks shows politeness, friendship, and adoration.

If you have not kissed before, the anticipation of the first kiss can also lead to seeing kissing dreams.

Receiving Piggyback rides in dream

Giving piggyback rides refer to different meanings under different circumstances. For example settings of giving piggy back rides may differ, you may be carrying someone unwillingly, lovingly, under stressful conditions or under orders from a third party. Under a more romantic setting, giving a piggyback ride denotes your supportive role in the relationship.

On the other hand, if you are the one being given a piggy back ride under any circumstance, it denotes your inner feeling of lack of control over the situation. Piggyback dreams can also show your feelings of inability to control your emotional state, and lack of decision-making prowess.

Seeing Yourself Kissing a Cousin

If you see yourself seeing a cousin it may indicate that both of you understand and accept each other's personality and nature. On the other hand, the person you see yourself kissing is not any blood relation of yours, and knowing that seeing yourself kissing him may be your subconscious mind telling you to act upon your attraction.

The Interpretation of the Dream

This dream looks like a manifestation of your feelings for the person you see yourself kissing. As you know that the boy is not related to you by blood, you see yourself kissing him. But as you see yourself kissing and be kissed on the cheeks it reflects that your feeling is more of adoration and liking than anything more serious. Seeing that you both get interrupted before actually kissing on the lips may be an indication that you are not ready for anything more serious. Seeing yourself being given a piggyback ride by him may show that you want him to bear any responsibility for the relationship. If anything, this dream is a jumble of sentiments you might be feeling for the boy, without any clear indication of what you want from the relationship.

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