Monkeys on the Playground Dream Interpretation


I had a dream that i was in a playground near my grandparents home where there was alot of monkeys and i was hiding under a tree and pulling down the branches to get some form of protection or safety and by then i could also see sort of a soliouhette of my future wife and i had a sort of a book in my hand..can you please help me to understand what this means?..Thank you

Our inner child exists within every one of us. Rarely do we listen to its guidance or counsel. Instead, we try to keep up with other adults and our peers in life. We tend to forget that within us there is an innocent child who seeks to be playful. This dream includes a playground setting, your grandparents house, monkeys, hiding under a tree, branches, a silhouette of your future wife, and a book.

Playground setting: The playground setting is indicative of your subconscious carrying you through a period of reminiscing about your childhood. The fact that it is near your grandparents home should signal to your waking consciousness that this is an inner child memory recall. It could be that your inner child is yearning for you to be more playful, or act more innocent and free in your day to day waking life. Often, the child within us simply seeks attention. This can be handled by being more open, awake, aware, and lighthearted in your waking life, day to day, moment to moment.

Grandparents house: Your grandparents house nearby represents a kind of familiarity and sense of security. You know that you are safe at your grandparents house, or at least, the inner child within you who is signaling to you knows she/he is ok and safe nearby your grandparents. This is a positive sign that no matter what you encounter, you have a safe place to go to for protection.

Monkeys: Monkeys like to goof around or monkey around, as they say. Monkeys are representative of playful attitudes. They are often tricksters and con-artists who create silly ploys to taunt and tease others. The term monkeying around is literally translated to playing around, and since you find yourself on the playground, this should signal to you that you are simply being playful and carefree. It could also be a call to be more playful, just as the inner child within you is goofing around in a playful setting.

Hiding under the tree: You seek protection from an experience that you cannot know the limits or parameters of completely. When we cannot predict the outcome of something, we tend to hide ourselves away from it. You could be timid or tepid about your desire to be more carefree. This could be something that you hesitate to do in your daily life or waking consciousness. Perhaps you are too reserved, too afraid, or too anxious about branching out. It is good that your subconscious is revealing to you your coping and controlling mechanisms. However, in this case, there is no need to run and hide from what you prefer to do, which is to laugh it off and have a good time.

Branches: Although you use these for protection, it can translate to branching out and allowing yourself room to grow and expand further. Let yourself be free. Let yourself laugh. Let yourself enjoy the good times life has to offer with lightheartedness of spirit. Surrender, allow, and let go.

Silhouette of your future wife: This is significant, especially if you are not presently in a relationship. The woman could be defined only by her shadow if you have not met her yet. Your subconscious cannot make out the features of a woman you have not yet met. This is a fortuitouss sign, especially if you know and translate in the dream that this woman is your future wife. Be on the lookout in dreams to come for this person to reappear, and absolutely be ready to meet them in 3-D waking consciousness. People never appear by accident in our dreams. They are a part of our greater dream, calling upon us to wake up and invite them into our lives.

Book in your hand: The book in this case could be another symbol of your childhood, of studies, or simply of writing the next chapter of your life. Many people see themselves carrying books in their dreams, because each of us is an author to our life story. Be prepared to make the changes you desire to your journal or your life's story, and watch those changes manifest safely and soundly in 3-D.

You are the author of your own life story. You hold a book in your hand representing the fact that you are in power and control of the pen that writes the story of your life. You can write into your life that you are now carefree, lighthearted, pure in spirit, and in touch with your inner child who seeks to play and have fun. You can also write your future partner into your life if you so wish.

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