Corpse Cover Up Dream Interpretation


I woke up from a dream this morning, where in my dream, I went to a building, it was dark, and I had to park my car in a gage like place. Once I parked my car (seemed as if I was there for work), as I was walking to the main building, there was people coming in like there was some type of crazy sale and they wanted in on it, but once they came in, I don't know what happened to them, but they would die. The bodies were pulled up, and walls were added to the building made of the corpses. There must have been millions of corpses. It was like they knew what they were there for, but we're still going willingly. In my dream, it felt normal that this was happening. At the place I worked at, it was like a hotel, except once people checked in, something happened to them. It was like something got to them and they would die, but I never saw what it was. I would see people go in the rooms, and the door would shut by its self, then next thing you knew, they were been added to the walls of corpses. Everything felt normal... then, somehow, I guess because I was coming out of rem, I realized this was not normal and I knew it was a dream, but I could not wake up. I started looking through the rooms looking for my family, and I remember thinking "oh good, it hasn't gotten them, they'll be ok. I guess they figured it out." It was like there was some secret to not getting caught by what ever it was killing was like, once you entered, you could never life, but you could survive and live hidding. but I knew I would never find them, so I began to head to my car, but trying not to let people see what I was up to. As I was going to my car, I began looking at the corpses, trying to make sure I didn't see my mom or my sisters. I remember thinking to myself "I can't have them toss my corpse and lose it in those walls with all those people, how could they do that?,"as I was walking down the garage like building, where people were staking bodies on top of bodies as if they were sacks or stuffed animals, there was millions of bodies, and they just kept adding on. I've never seen so many corpses, not even on those zombie movies, where they are burning corpses of hundreds and thousands of bodies. And it was like no one even felt some sort of remorse for doing this. I ended up at the level where I had left my car, but it wasn't there, I looked everywhere and was going crazy looking, but I could not find it; which somehow, that ment I could not leave And somehow I could not wake up. I then felt my boyfriend nudge me and shake me to wake me up, because the alarm was going off. I woke up, but it was the weirdest dream I've had in a while.

It is very easy for the individual human mind to synchronize with collective human consciousness fibers and threads. These fibers and threads weave their way into our dreams from time to time and remind us that we are all interconnected. In the case of this dream, you tapped into the shadow and dark side of humanity's collective consciousness. This dream involves a parking garage, your car, possibly a mall, death and corpses at a hotel, the living dead, looking out for your family's welfare, racing to find your car, and being woken up from the dream by your boyfriend just as you were looking for your car inside the dream.

Parking car in garage inside a building: This is a way for your mind to compartmentalize a particular segment of the dream. Being inside a parking garage of some kind represents forward movement, breaking away from something, abundance, and escape.

Possibly a mall space, since there was a sale going on: The fact that there was a sale going on means that you were likely in a mall space or mall setting for this particular segment. This might be linked to the parking garage.

People would die upon entering: This is where the collective human shadow comes to the fore. Mass genocides are linked to the end of something major in your life. For example, if you are entering a new relationship and leaving an old one behind, or entering a new phase of your career, etc. then you may be translating the idea of death of the old ways into a mass genocide in this dream. What this means is that everything from your past is fading away, and all that remains is your new path.

Checking into a hotel and meeting one's death/fate: Hotels are places we go to take vacations away from our reality. They represent in-between places where we sometimes experience gap-time between major shifts in our life. This is linked to you entering a new phase. Once again, the concept of death is linked to the death and termination of the old ways things worked out in your life.

Walls of corpses: Keeping consistent with the interpretation up until this point, this wall is simply a way of showing that even the building is embracing a new path and new direction. The death of everything from the past is being buried in dimensions of old structures and the new structure or facade that you see accompanies your forward movement and progress in your journey. Do not be alarmed. This repeated theme simply means what is gone is gone, and you should let go.

The living dead: You mention that people could survive and live hiding from whatever it was that was killing them off. This is likely a way for your mind to translate the idea that some aspects of your past are trying to hold on for dear life and survive the massive change and shift you are going through in your life.

Making sure your family was ok and not harmed/that they figured out how to get away from whatever was killing people: This is a direct parallel to how you feel about your family's welfare in real life. You want to protect them, so lucidly in your dream, you seek them out to make sure they didn't fall victim to this massive overhaul of the past.

Making sure you did not see their bodies among the corpses: You would not see them among what has fallen into the realm of the past because they survived into the present with you and are joining you on your journey through this life, which you will make together (stronger now than ever).

Bodies upon bodies lined up and in the walls: Do not be alarmed by this appearance. It is the past being embedded in the walls of the structure. Buildings retain information for centuries. However, the past cannot harm you or tamper with you unless you let it.

Racing to find your car: You were more than likely ready to leave that zone immediately because of the harrowing images you had seen. What you were really witnessing was the death of your past, and you wanted to break away from it all right away, which is why you raced to find your car and split.

Being woken up from the dream by your boyfriend: This is fortuitous as sometimes in dreams our subconscious misses a step or we forget how to get out of the sequence. Your boyfriend should more than likely have assured you that you broke free, got out in time, and found yourself in the arms and embrace of those you love and care about.

It is really easy to become afraid of some of the images our subconscious uses to convey or communicate important messages to us. However, there is nothing to fear in this case. What you are witnessing in this dream is the death of your past. Get ready to move forward and carry on with renewed inner strength.

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