4 Ways Out of a Room Dream Interpretation


I also had a very strange dream. My dream started off at a small mall area. I saw my ex and his now ex about 15 ft away from each other in the store. He was trying to reach her. And I was trying to reach him. Next thing I know I'm in a room with 4 ways out. I tried the first one and instantly got washed away in a raging river. I awoke at that point and said I have got to save David and fought the pull of the river. I kept hearing "your never going to save him just give up" an that pushed me more so finally I was moving against the current and next thing I knew I was back in the room. I tried the other door, next to the river was a giant sloth with a bamboo mill type thing. Anyone who tried to pass was immediately squashed by his enormous hands. I looked towards the third way out, not a door but a hallway. It had a table on it's side and a circus type bear. I was not as fearful of the bear but I still couldn't get out. The last door is what gets me. I turn to my left look at the opening and through it comes a black shadow or mist. The mist stops and a bald demon with grey hair on the sides and red eyes come out. It's screaming at me and as it screams it's as if it's squeezing my left side. In the midst of the scream I heard "help me" very faintly. I prayed since I was awake in the dream and understood what was happening. The more I prayed the more it squeezed and picked on my biggest fear. Finally I forced myself to wake up and for about 10 seconds after I woke up I still had the pain in my side. I'm not 100% what it means I mean obviously it had something to do with my ex but I've never dreamed of a demon and I listen to my dreams quite well. If anyone can interpreted that from an outside perspective feel free to reply.

Some dreams have us in the palm of their hand or on the edge of our seat in suspense. It is on these occasions that every detail is remembered, every feeling or sensation felt is something we wake up with (as was the case with your side pain), and every potential outlet is taken (such as when you woke yourself up purposely). These dreams are epic sagas with great messages in our lives from our subconscious. This dream involves a mall setting, your ex and his ex in close proximity, reaching for your ex, a room with four ways out and four attempts at escaping to save your ex, David, facing off with a demon, and praying inside of the dream.

Mall setting: Malls relate to feelings of relaxation, taking a break, and venturing out to do some sort of leisurely activity. This is an important overtone placed upon the dream at the onset.

Your ex and his ex in close proximity: Sometimes we substitute other people for who is really standing near us. The ex girlfriend you saw was possibly you. Keep that in mind. Our subconscious sometimes substitutes other people as if we are watching ourselves in a movie. She is more than likely you, yourself, standing opposite your ex.

Reaching for your ex in a triangle/web of communication: The fact that you are trying to reach your ex and assume that he is trying to reach his ex means that in 3-D waking consciousness you feel there is a tug of war in communication. Are they in touch with each other? If so, insecurities of your own might be resurfacing for now. Do not let them get the better of you, but instead, focus on reaching David.

Room with 4 ways out: Four is a number of balance. It is also the life path number of the earth. Four exits from one room point to four corners and four walls. Pay attention to the number four and see if it has meaning for you in any other area of your life.

1st attempt: rushing river

Fighting the river to save David: Your resistance to the river displays your loyalty and commitment to David. You refuse to back down, no matter what the adversity, when something you believe in preserving is on the line. This is an admirable trait.

2nd attempt: giant sloth

3rd attempt: hallway and circus bear

4th attempt: black shadow/mist

Facing the demon: The demon is an aspect of the black mist. It is like a thick blanket of pent up anger, betrayal, distrust, and darkness that a bad spirit has carried with himself to the afterlife. Do not be alarmed. These energies can collect anywhere. It may just be that your soul is big enough for the task of helping people who have died and lost their way. The living are often asked to help with such transitions. Simply stand your ground and demand that the energy leave you alone. If, in 3-D waking consciousness, you should ever confront this energy you will know it immediately in your feelings. Shoo it away by saying, Please leave. I cannot help you. Thank you and good luck.

Praying inside the dream: We pray or meditate for answers, guidance, wisdom, and some benevolent force to enter to help alleviate our pain and suffering inside of a dream. Praying inside the dream means that you knew exactly what powers to evoke to ease your suffering and grant you guidance, wisdom, and protection in that hour of trouble. No doubt they rushed to your aid—these energies which we pray to, whether we are asleep or awake in 3-D, are always at the ready to be of assistance.

This dream is showing you that you have many options before you in this situation. There are different ways you can choose to manage the circumstances. Look inside yourself and find out what is true for you, what is most valuable, and what is most worth preserving. Fight for it with all your strength, but remain even-tempered and even-keeled. Stand your ground against dark and negative influences and be ready for the next step.

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