Hiding from your parents & Magical Mermaids dream interpretation


I just woke up and my dream was about hiding a secret from my parents. My dream started out by moving out of my cousins house,( i don't know why, I don't live there), anyways our family was moving to this beautiful magical looking island, and the entrance of this thing was being on a cliff and viewing the entire city. The city wasn't a regular city. More like Atlantis. Anyways the house my family was moving into is the house I live in now. The weird part is my best friend was there too. We were both keeping a secret. The secret was we were both mermaids. I guess no one else was. The city had two sides. The citizens who weren't mermaids and the ones who were. Once I moved in Iv been sneaking out, and my mom has been wondering where Iv gone. My dad stayed home and watched tv all weekend long. In my dream I haven't been caught nor has both my parents got a clue.

Mystical dreams that illuminate the magic within our imagination are always fun and playful. In this case, the dream is alerting you to your Aquarian nature. You are a creature of the ocean, a sea child, with great ambitions, beautiful dreams, and the ability to dance and flow minute to minute. You have a vivid imagination, and it produced symbols such as hiding from your parents, moving out of your cousin's house, a magical island, your current house, your best friend's presence, mermaids, landlocked people vs. mermaids in the city, and evading getting caught.

Hiding from one's parents: If you were hiding from you parents it is likely that you simply knew you had something precious and valuable to keep secret. This is nothing to be alarmed by. It is simply behavior that corresponds to the heat of the moment in which you did not want anyone to know the secret you share with your friend.

Moving out of your cousin's house: Occasionally our homes overlap with those of people we love and admire. It is very common to dream of being at someone else's house or temporarily living there, because we all share spaces and purposes in the dream worlds where we are working together day and night even though our bodies go to rest in 3-D.

Magical island & Atlantis: The appearance of a magical island directly relates to the power and potential of your creative imagination to dream up a realm in which you feel a sense of wonder, awe, and magic all around you.

Current house: Your current house being the house that you moved into is simply your subconscious mind's way of using familiar space to help you acclimate yourself to this segment of the dream.

Best friend's presence: Your best friend showing up is a great sign that you two are synchronized in your dreamtime journeys and that you are loyal, committed, and dedicated to your friendship in both 3-D waking consciousness and while at rest in the dreamtime. You have a close kinship with one another that can withstand any adversity, come what may.

Mermaids: Mermaids are mythical creatures, feminine in nature, divine in their aspects, and notable for their beauty and lovely songs. They are guardians of the underworld, and therefore guardians of the most hidden aspects of your subconscious, which you happen to share with your best friend. You both have the power and capacity to swim uncharted territory and discover more about yourselves and each other separately and together. Nourish this friendship and all that you share in common with each other.

Landlockers vs. mermaids in the city: It is fascinating that your subconscious mind divided the context of the city into those who were mermaids and those who were not. This is likely a way for you to understand that some people dream and others simply do not sleep or interpret their lives deeply enough to dream.

Not getting caught: The thrill of not getting caught is likely a component of your strong connection and friendship with this person in your life. Some relationships are taboo, others are risky, and others still defy the odds of social conventions and norms. Never conform! Be brave and be unique, like a mermaid.

This is a beautiful dream which speaks to your illuminated imagination. It is calling upon you to embrace your beauty and unique, innovative aspects. Swim the deep waters of your subconscious and be free in that place or in those realms beyond your imagination which excite you and make you feel that anything you dream is truly possible.

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