Birth and Death Dreams


So today I had a dream when I took a nap. It felt so real. I woke up with tears streaming down my face and frantic to feel movement or a kick from my belly. I had a dream that I went on vacation and had baby E out in the wilderness. He was so tiny he was no bigger than the palm of my hand. He was not breathing until one of my tears hit his cheek and I placed his tiny body on my chest. Anytime I took him of my chest his tiny heart would stop breathing. Someone found me and called 911 but it took so long to get to me he had been in and out so much. By the time the ambulance got to me he was gone. I kissed his tiny body and held him till we got to the hospital. I woke up in so much fear and heartache!!!! I dont remember having that vivid of dreams with the other two! I was scared frantic when I woke up. Had a sigh of relief when he kicked me really good in the bladder!!!

Dreams about Birth and Death

The most important thing to understand before jumping to any hasty conclusions upon viewing any emotional dreams is that dreams are not foretold future state of affairs. Rather, they are symbolic premonitions. What can seem like a very dark dream may actually point towards an oncoming dramatic yet positive change in one's life, or a reflection of change about to happen. Similarly, viewing of a mundane object might be in fact a dire warning of imminent danger.

Of course, pregnancy hormones may cause a major part in further dramatizing personal apprehensions. According to many gynecologists, dreams of having miscarriages and losing the baby are most common during the second trimester. But having this dream is in no way a trivial matter. And if you are unaware of dream symbology it is indeed a very alarming dream to experience. But rest assured that viewing the death of a living person does not predict his or her death. Let us review the symbology behind the dream discussed here by interpreting its major features.

Having A Baby

Dreaming about giving birth is the indication of anxieties about beginning of a new opportunity or venture. In this case, this is most likely the dreamer's impending motherhood. It is quite normal for pregnant women to have dreams about having their babies in most unusual places and under anomalous settings. It is never a prediction of their impending delivery.

If the dream begins with a trip to the hospital, it represents a desire to hand over the responsibility of situation to someone else, someone the dreamer considers more reliable. But as in this dream the mother had the baby in the wilderness, it denotes the dreamer's feeling of being alone in a novel venture.


Viewing tears in your dream are an extremely cathartic sign; apart from fear, tears also signify compassion, emotional healing and spiritual cleansing. Alternately a single tear drop or viewing each tear individually indicates the recollection of some previously learned wisdom. In the dream in question, the way the dreamer describes her tears indicates that she intend to use the experience learned during raising her other two children on her newborn as well.

The Arrival of Ambulance and the Consequent Death of the Baby

Seeing the arrival of the ambulance, but their inability to help the dreamer or the child indicates that she considers any help given to her regarding the upbringing of her newborn as well as the elder children useless, and relies only on herself to care of her children.

Now comes the most disturbing part of the dream, the death of the baby. The main thing to learn about the concept of death is in almost all religions and ancient lore, death does not mean 'the end,' rather it denotes 'start of something new.'

More specifically, dreaming about the death of a child signifies your own realization of the end of your immature era and your development into a more thoughtful person.

Interpretation of the Dream

This dream, symbolizes your own self-discovery, evolution, and transformation into a new phase of life, with this new baby on the way.

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