Resisting Brain Transplant Dream Interpretation


I had a dream in which my sister wanted me to take her brain out and put someone else's in her body in order to find out information from them. I was against it the whole time and sobbing but she seemed like it was perfectly fine and it was what she wanted even though we knew putting someone else's brain in her body would work but replacing hers after would be impossible and she was going to die.

Occasionally we will dream of bizarre things that might cause us alarm at first until we offer them further analysis. In the case of this dream in which you resist giving your sister a brain transplant, it is clear that you have strong feelings about wanting to preserve and protect what belongs to your sister's authentic inner self. Let's take a look at the following dream elements including your sister, the brain transplant, seeking information, resistance to the transplant operation, and facing the potential threat of death.

Your sister: Your sister is kindred to you. As a family member appearing to you at this time, this indicates a realm of closeness and opportunity for renewed friendship, connection, or partnership in something important.

Brain transplant: The brain transplant is seemingly a mystery on the surface, but it has undertones of identity crisis/identity transformation beneath it. What this means is that your sister could be questioning her character qualities and personality traits. Ask yourself, is your sister happy with her current disposition or status in life? Is she possibly interested in living someone else's life?

Information: The concept of gathering information from someone else's brain sounds linked to the issue of identity crisis. It could be that your sister is adamant about making lifestyle changes for herself, and in order to test the waters of another life, she is willing to go to any end or means necessary to make that transition or shift happen. This is nothing to be alarmed by, as the gathering of information is simply the gathering of knowledge and wisdom which empowers us to continue on in our journeys.

Resistance to the transplant operation: Your resistance to the transplant operation is a key element of this dream, because this presents us with a moment in which you assert yourself and assert your true feelings and beliefs to your sister. Are you particularly close in 3-D? Are you both on the same page about things for the most part, or do you often fight and argue over who is right in any given situation? Your ability to stand strong and not back down is working in your favor because you could have potentially diverted her course or stopped the transplant from happening, if in fact, it was the wrong thing to do.

Facing potential of death: The fact that you lucidly know that your sister might not come back from the operation is linked to her desire to make lifestyle changes. Typically, when we commit to lifestyle changes, we do not return to or revert to the person we once were. Instead, we become something or someone else. Whether this indicates changes for the better is determined by how you felt upon waking up from the dream

Dreams provide us further insight into our desire to change and become something or someone else. It is a common theme to put on costumes, change one's hairstyle, or simply adopt new identities in dreams. This is nothing to cause concern in general, but at times the changes either we are considering or a loved one is considering do not have our best interest at heart. Pay attention to future dream sequences to see if they help you resolve this dream, or speak with your sister and ask her if she has made any changes lately in her life.

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