Cobra striking at you dream interpretation

I had a dream that I was holding a cobra. I kept ask the people around me to give me something to put the snake in, the gave me crap like a slated create or a bucket but nothing that could contains a deadly snake. Then they told me to put it in a shed or a metal box that it look like and I put it in there the next thing I know the snake was striking at me.

There are plenty of creatures with messages that appear in our dreams. We need to pay attention to them with the same attitude of respect and appreciation as we would human messengers. Animals spirits are trusted guides through the spiritual realms and dream worlds. The cobra in this case has a message about your inner will power and focused attention. This dream involves holding a cobra, a slated crate or bucket, suggesting to put it inside a metal box, and the snake striking at you.

Holding a cobra: Cobras indicate the importance of garnering all of one’s energy and attention to be directed towards a specific goal or target. Simply take everything that is distracting you or dissipating your energy and toss it to the wayside. Do not let anything obfuscate your inner vision or challenge you in your pathway to success and obtaining what it is that you desire. Cobras are steady on their attack and they never miss their target.

Slated crate or bucket: The idea to put it in a crate or bucket is wise because it gives the cobra room to move and breathe and expand itself. This is the natural way a cobra should be allowed to behave. Since the cobra represents some aspect of your inner self, you want it to have the most freedom possible.

Suggesting to put it in a shed or metal box: Wanting to conceal or protect the cobra is a good idea, since you can’t be sure how unruly it may get. However, the cobra is only acting on instinct, and it has powerful messages to deliver to you.

Snake striking at you: When the cobra struck at you, she/he/it was giving you a gift and a blessing

Again, the cobra is a representative of one of your own inner aspects. It is linked to focus, attention, setting your intention on what you want, and striking without missing your target. The cobra brings you the gift of cobra energy—use it wisely and pick your target.

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